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Hearing Aids-High-Technology Solutions for the Hearing Impaired
Application of Curved Arrays in Wave Field Synthesis
Wave Field Synthesis with Horn Arrays
Virtual Reality by Sound Reproduction Based on Wave Field Synthesis
Prediction of Wave Fields Synthesized by Speaker Cluster-Needs and Limitations
Modification of the Auditory Feedback Loop-Effects on Hearing and Speech Production
Testing Some DSP Algorithms for Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants
Technical and Audiological Factors in the Implementation and Use of Digital Signal Processing Hearing Aids
Perception of Amplitude Modulation in Harmonic Complexes
Singing Pitching Accuracy in Children Aged 7 to 11
Simulation of Individual Listeners with an Auditory Model
Fundamental Aspects of the Binaural Recording and Synthesis Techniques
Localization Experiments in Three-Dimensional Sound Reproduction
Using a Typical Human Subject for Binaural Recording
Sound Radiation from a Grand Piano
Applied Delay on Support Microphones in Multi-Microphone Recording Technique
Acoustical Perspective for the Spoken Voice
24-Bit, 48-Channel Multichannel Recorder
Direct Stream Digital Audio System
Very High-Capacity Digital Multimedia Storage System
Objective Reading of Loudness of a Sound Programme
Implementation of Dynamics Section in a Digital Console Design
In-Studio Field Testing of a 32-Bit Fixed-Point Digital Recording Console
Synthesis of Complex Audio Spectra by Computer Simulation of Chua's Circuit
MIDI Database for the Automatic Recognition of Musical Phrases
Digital Waveguide Modeling Versus Mathematical Modeling of Organ Flue Pipe
Acoustic Characteristics of the Saxaphone Family
Analysis of Dissonances in Carillon Chords
Study of Parameter Relations in Music Instrument Patterns
Cascading of Different Audio Codecs
Subjective Assessment of Codecs and Bitrates for Broadcast Purposes
The Role of International Masking and Perceptual Streaming in the Measurement of Music Codec Quality
Perceptual Coding of Harmonic Signals
ARCO (Adaptive Resolution COdec): A Hybrid Approach to Perceptual Audio Coding
ASAC-Analysis/Synthesis Audio Codec for Very Low-Bit Rates
Noise Reduction in Old Musical Recordings Using the Perceptual Coding of Audio
The Excess Phase in Loudspeaker/Room Transfer Functions: Can It Be Ignored in Equalization Tasks?
The Analysis of Spatial Distribution of Signals Emitted by a Loudspeaker System
Fundamentals of Diffraction
Finite Baffle Dipole Speakers with Electrodynamic Drivers: Design, Implementation, Measurements, and an Experiment of Digital Equalization
Modeling the Directivity of Loudspeakers
Vertically Symmetric Two-Way Loudspeaker Arrays Reconsidered
The Use of Computer Simulation in Electroacoustic Transducer Teaching
20 Years of the Delta Stereophony System-High-Quality Sound Design
DSP and MIDI Applications in Loudspeaker Design
How to Take Absorptive Surfaces into Account When Designing Outdoor Sound Reinforcement Systems
Optimum Dimension Ratios for Small Rooms
Time/Frequency Response of a Room with Active Acoustic Absorption
Room Mode Excitation of Dipolar and Monopolar Low-Freqency Sources
Room Modes and Low-Frequency Responses in Small Enclosures
Perception of Reproduced Sound: Audibility of Individual Reflections in a Complete Sound Field, III
Scalability in MPEG Audio Compression: From Stereo via 5.1-Channel Surround Sound to 7.1-Channel Augmented Sound Fields
Multi-Dimension Vector Quantization in High-Fidelity Audio Coding
Intra-Channel Prediction: A New Tool for the Subband Coding of High-Quality Audio
A Low-Delay Encoding Scheme
Predictive or Perceptual Coding-apt-X and apt-Q
Audio Spectral Coder
J.52: A New Standard for Digital Transmission of ISO/IEC 11172-3 Coded Audio
Broadcast Signal Processing and Audio Coding: Are We Trying to Mix Oil with Water?
Theoretical and Experimental Analysis and Computer Simulation of Heat-Transfer Mechanisms in Electrodynamic Loudspeakers
Nonlinear Modeling of Low-Frequency Loudspeakers-A More Complete Model
Qualitative Analysis of Component Nonlinearities Which Cause Low-Frequency THD
Computer Modeling of a Loudspeaker Vibrating System
Horn Optimization Using Numerical Methods
Frequency and Angular Resolution for Measuring, Presenting, and Predicting Loudspeaker Polar Data
Comparisons Between the Measured and Computed Performance of Ribbon Loudspeakers
Precise Passive Crossover Networks Incorporating Loudspeaker Driver Parameters
Minimum-Phase Signal Processing for Loudspeaker Systems
Some Notes on the Walsh Functions and Its Applications
Pole-Zero Loudspeaker Response Analysis by Bandsplitting and Prony Modelling
Polar Response Errors in Digital Crossover Alignments
Digital Five-Band Equalizer with Linear Phase
A New Approach to Compensate Degeneration of Hearing Intelligibility for Elderly Listeners
Relation Between Logatom Intelligibility and SNR Enhanced Speech
Transmission of AES/EBU Time Codes in MPEG Layer II Audio Over ISDN Using ITU-T J.52
Timing in Digital Audio Systems: The Importance of AES11
Pseudo-Stereo and Surround Sound by Matched FIR Filters
HDTV Drama Multi-Channel Sound Production with 3-2, 3-1, 2 CH
The All-Digital Radio Station
The New Broadcasting Complex of the Croatian Radio
Dynamic Aspects of Auditory Virtual Environments
An Integer-Based Ray-Tracing Algorithm
Auralization, Virtually Everywhere
An Integer System for Virtual Audio Reality
CODA-COmputerizeD Auralization
Comparison of Dereverberation Techniques for Videoconferencing Applications
Audio Application-Specific DSP Development in the Multi-Processor Huron Environment
A Suite of Tools for Creation, Manipulation, and Playback of Soundfields in the Huron Digital Audio Convolution Workstation
Considerations on the Performance of Filter Design Methods for Wavelet Packet Audio Decomposition
Dynamic Range Enhancement Using Noise-Shaped Dither at 44.1, 48, and 96 kHz
Implementation of Digital Quadrature Oscillators with Reduced Roundoff Noise
Compatible Multichannel Audio Coding Techniques for DVB
Subjective Evaluation of Sound Recordings Versus Sound Spectra
From the Cone to the Cochlea: Modelling the Complete Acoustical Path
Timbral Ear Trainer: Adaptive, Interactive Training of Listening Skills for Evaluation of Timbre
Objective Speech Quality Assessment: Towards an Engineering Metric
Audible and Inaudible Early Reflections: Thresholds for Auralization System Design
Perceived Boundary Effect in an Automotive Vehicle Interior
Loudspeaker Placement for Optimized Phanton Source Reproduction
Acoustics of the Church of the Intercession at Fili (Moscow)
New Distributed Speech Reinforcement System in the Frederik's Church (the Marble Church), Copenhagen
Orthogonal Sequence Modulated Phase Reflection Gratings for Wideband Diffusion
Diffuse Versus Non-Diffuse Energy and the Effect of Acoustic Diffusors
Differentiating Between Sound Isolation and Sound Treatment
A Practical Guide to Acoustical Design of Control Rooms and Placement of Loudspeakers
Proposal for the Specification of Control Rooms for HDTV Multichannel Sound Program Production
Application of Computer-Based Training (CBT) and Multimedia in Professional Audio
Acoustics of BK TV Studio Alfa
A Statistical Study of the Variability and Features of Audio Signals: Some Preliminary Results
A High-Efficiency Class-A Amplifier with Vriable Power Supply
High-Fidelity Pulse-Width Modulation Amplifiers Based on Novel Double-Loop Feedback Techniques
High-Fidelity PWM Based Amplifier Concept for Active Speaker Systems with a Very Low-Energy Consumption
Analysis of Jitter Rejection of SRCs and DACs Using an NCO
Optimizing the Performance of 20-Bit Audio ADCs
Comparison of Two Methods for Measurement of Horn Input Impedance
Practical Modeling of Nonlinear Audio Systems Using the Volterra Series
Array Technology for Measurement and Analysis of Sound Fields in Enclosures
Maximum-Length Sequence Measurement of Room Impulse Responses with High-Level Disturbances
Errors in MLS Measurements Caused by Time Variance in Acoustic Systems
Measurement of Distributed Acoustic Systems Using Maximum-Length Sequences
ATM May Be Your Next HiFi
The Design of an Audio Multiprocessor
Method and Apparatus for Multichannel Sound Reproduction
Surround Mixing Technique on Dolby and 3-1 Discrete Quadraphonic Surround Sound for Live Broadcasting
Home Cinema Surround Sound-Acoustics and Neighborhood
Challenges in the Use of Aural Multimedia Program Material in Professional Audio and Education
Programme Material Analysis
Visual Monitoring of Multichannel Audio Signals
A Comparison Between STI and RASTI Speech Intelligibility Measurement Systems
A New Perceptual Quality Measure for Bit-Rate Reduced Audio
Measurement of a Neglected Circuit Characteristic
Comparing and Optimizing Audio Systems in Cars
Spectral Degradation of Speech Captured by Miniature Microphones Mounted on Persons' Heads and Chests
Loudspeaker Modelling and Parameter Estimation
Surround Sound-The New Phase
A Step Toward Improved Surround Sound: Making the 5.1-Channel Format a Reality
Experiences with Surround Sound
Practical Experiences and Problems with Dolby Surround Music Recording
Practical Experiences with Multichannel Postproduction
Multichannel Sound: Experiences with Programme Mixing and Low Bit-Rate Coding
The Number of Audio Channels
DTS Coherent Acoustics Delivering High-Quality Multichannel Sound to the Consumer
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