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AES Journal

The Journal of the Audio Engineering Society — the official publication of the AES — is the only peer-reviewed journal devoted exclusively to audio technology. Published 10 times each year, it is available to all AES members and subscribers.

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Papers: Scaini and Arteaga, Howie et al., Vowels and Mason, Pòˆrschmann and Arend, Bauck. Standards: Summary Reports. Articles: Rumsey on Engieering XR. Section News: PNW, Argentina, AES-TAMABA, Aural Escuela, CRAS. Products: Yamaha Unified Communications, Subwoofer Pros, Prism Sound, Kemper GmbH, Acustica Audio, DS Audio


2020 September - Volume 68 Number 9

This issue includes:
Paper: Wavelet-Based Spatial Audio Format
Paper: Effect of Skill Level on Listener Performance in 3D Audio Evaluation
Paper: Comparison of Pairwise Dissimilarity and Projective Mapping Tasks With Auditory Stimuli
Paper: A Method for Spatial Upsampling of Voice Directivity by Directional Equalization
Paper: Generating Continuous Deterministic Band-Limited Test Signals With Nearly Laplace Distribution
Feature: Engineering XR
Standards and Information Documents
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