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Additional AESSC spring meeting reports are online

More reports of the May AES Standards Working Group meetings are now online.  

SC-03-06 on Digital Library and Archive Systems
SC-04-08 on Sound Systems in Rooms
SC-05-02 on Audio Connectors


Additional reports will be posted as they become available.

View the reports here

Posted: Tuesday, August 24, 2021

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AES Standards Webinar materials are now available for download

The AES Standards webinar series has been a huge success.  Some attendees have asked for copies of the presentation materials.  Presentation materials from past AES Standards webinars will be available for download.  These are copyrighted and are for individual educational use only. Reproduction or any other use requires written permission of the AES Standards Manager.

Download them here

Posted: Thursday, August 5, 2021

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AESSC Spring meeting reports are online

Some reports of the May AES Standards Working Group meetings are now online.  

SC-02-01 on Digital Audio Measurements
SC-02-02 on Digital Audio Interfaces
SC-04-03 on Loudspeaker Modeling and Measurement


Additional reports will be posted as they become available.

View the reports here

Posted: Monday, June 21, 2021

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Standards Sustainer program renews for 2021-2022

The AES Standards Sustainer program is a way for companies to financially support the AES Standards Committee activities. Unlike other technical societies with standards programs, the AES does not charge participation fees. The Society believes that a completely open process ultimately produces better and more widely accepted standards. Consequently we depend on other sources of revenue.

In the past year, Standards Sustainer's generous contributions helped fund ongoing Standards activities and our liaison relationships with other societies.  It also allowed the AES to launch new standards development projects, including new projects in networked audio, forensic audio, and the restarting of our working group on Digital Library and Archive Systems.  We could not have accomplished these things without that support.

Besides enabling the development of standards that underlie fundamental technology in the audio industry, the program offers significant exposure and valuable marketing / public relations avenues.

Renewal invoices will be sent to existing Standards Sustainers June 1st.  Other interested parties are encouraged to become Standards Sustainers as well.

More Information

Posted: Saturday, May 15, 2021

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Fred Morgenstern appointed new chair of SC-05-02

Fred Morgenstern has taken over as chair of SC-05-02.  Anthony Kuzub will continue to serve as vice-chair.  Fred is a long time AES member and is a Product Director for Neutrik.  The group is currently working on a review of AES59 – Audio application of 25 way D-type connectors in balanced circuits, updating it with respect to grounding and EMI.  The groups last project was AES42 which standardized the application of RJ45-type connectors for professional audio applications.  

If you have an interest in connectors for audio and ancillary applications please join the group using the link below.   Once you have joined the group you will have access to the groups documents and relevant supporting materials.

Join the group

Posted: Saturday, May 15, 2021

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AESSC - MIDI Association Liaison reestablished

The AES Standards Committee has re-established its liaison relationship with the MIDI Association (formerly MIDI Manufacturers Association) standards working groups.  They have recently adopted MIDI 2.0 and are now looking at network transports.  The MIDI has assigned Chris Grigg as the technical liaison with AES.  MIDI is a crucial part of many audio devices.  We look forward to building on our long relationship with the MIDI technical team to ensure maximum interoperability of our respective standards.

To receive the MIDI Association's MIDI Message newsletter

Posted: Friday, April 30, 2021

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Marisa Dery appointed new chair of SC-03-12

Marisa Dery has taken over as chair of SC-03-12 and Thomas Lago has agreed to serve as vice-chair.  The group is working on project AES-X253 “Speech Collection Guideline for Speaker Recognition: Audio Collection at a Temporary Location”.  The group is reviewing a draft document and will be making revisions to incorporate feedback they receive.

If you have an interest in Audio Forensics please join the group using the link below or by emailing the Standards Manager.  Once you have joined the group you will have access to the draft document and all the supporting materials used in its development.

Join SC-03-12 here

Posted: Monday, April 19, 2021

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The spring AES Standards meeting schedule is online

The spring meetings of the AES Standards Working Groups have been scheduled for May, prior to the AES Spring convention.  Since the convention will be held online the standards meetings will also be virtual.  Unlike prior conventions, the meetings have been scheduled for a total of 8 days (12 - 14 May and 17 - 21 May) so that all meetings can take place between 15:00 GMT and 17:30 GMT.  This time window provides the most convenient access for AES members across the widest possible span of time zones.  Each day has only two scheduled meetings.  One of the meeting times will be used for the May Standards Webinar on the work of SC-02-12-M.  The last day, Friday 21 May, will be the plenary session where individual working groups report their progress in summary form.

All standards meetings will be held using Zoom and are open to all interested parties.  Membership in AESSC working groups is open to all individuals.  AES membership is not required.

The meeting schedule and agendas are posted here

Posted: Monday, April 19, 2021

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New AES Standards Webinar Series off to a roaring start

The first AES Standards Webinar, presented by SC-04-03-A Task Group co-chairs Merlijn Van Veen and Roger Schwenke on Loudspeaker maximum SPL measurement garnered over 250 attendees.  A recording of the webinar is available for viewing, though registration is required.  See the link  

These webinars will not assume a high level of familiarity with the technical topic being presented and so will be suitable for a wide audience.  Whether you work in the field and want to understand the emerging standard, you want to keep abreast of cutting edge developments in the audio industry or are merely curious about new things, this series should not be missed. 

The second in the series will be at 16:00 GMT on May 17th when Nicolas Sturmel will present the work of SC-02-12-M which is developing a standard for operating AES67 networked audio over wide area networks.

The third in the series will feature Bill Whitlock discussing issues in the analog interface work being done by SC-05-05.  The fourth webinar will be hosted by Anthony Kuzub, chair of SC-05-02, who will present its work on sending analog and AES-3 audio over quad twisted pair cabling.

A recording of the loudspeaker measurement webinar is available for viewing here

Posted: Monday, April 19, 2021

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AES Standards Webinar on measuring max SPL of loudspeakers using random noise that simulates music

The first presentaton in the AES Standards webinar series will take place on March 29 at 12:00 noon, ET, and will feature Merlijn Van Veen and Roger Schwenke, co-chairs of the SC-04-03-A Task Group, discussing measurement of loudspeaker maximum SPL using random noise that simulates music. 

Van Veen and Schwenke will discuss the work of the SC-04-03-A Task Group developing a procedure for loudspeaker test and measurement using a test signal called MNoise. It is unique in that its crest factor as a function of frequency mimics that of real music, better simulating what transducers encounter in use than previous methods using pink noise. They will briefly explore the background and impetus for this project and the challenges it may solve. The standard’s procedure will be explained and demonstrated using readily available equipment. Included will be a discussion of challenges that arose during the standard development, but also how it inspired different applications within other standard bodies. The presentation will review the timeline for remaining work and describe how you can get involved.

AES members may register for the Zoom webinar to enjoy live interaction with the presenters, while non-members may watch a live stream of the event on the AES YouTube channel:

Register for the webinar at the link below.


Register for the event here

Posted: Friday, March 19, 2021

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