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A Perceptual-Coding Technique Offering the Best Compromise between Quality, Bit Rate, and Complexity for DSB
Unequal Error Protection for Digital Sound Broadcasting-Principle and Performance
Evaluation of Concealment Techniques for Compressed Digital Audio
New Contribution on Noise Reduction Using Wavelet Techniques: Application to the Restoration of Old Recordings
PC-Controlled Psychoacoustic Audio Processor
Digital Dynamic-Range Processor for Car Audio Applications
Efficiency of Impulsive Noise Detection in Audio Recordings Using the Adaptive Filter Method
Error Concealment for DSB: Impact on Channel and Source Coding
Modulation Schemes for Digital Sound Broadcasting Mitigating Rayleigh Fading Impacts
Enlarging the Sweet Spot for Stereophony by Time/Intensity Trading
Spectral Ear Training
Subjective Intelligibility in Monaural Listening
Noise: Methods for Estimating Detectability and Threshold
The Influence of Environmental Noise on the Intellibility of Music
Unix Workstation Software for Analysis,Graphics,Modification,and Synthesis of Musical Sound
Temporal Decay: A Useful Tool for the Characterization of Resolution of Audio Systems?
Audio Technology in the United States to 1943 and Its Relationship to Magnetic Recording
Audio Technology in Berlin to 1943: Microphones
Audio Technology in Berlin to 1943: Development of Vacuum Tubes
Audio Technology in Berlin to 1943: Amplifiers
Audio Technology in Berlin to 1943: Headphones and Loudspeakers
Audio Technology in Berlin to 1943: Recording and Playing Equipment
Audio Technology in Berlin to 1943: Optical Sound
Audio Technology in Berlin to 1943: Magnetic Sound Activities
A Proposed Hardware and Software Standard for Digital Audio Signal Processing
A Multiprocessor DSP System for Digital Audio
Parallelizing High-Qualtiy Audio Compression Algorithms
Layer-III-A Flexible Coding Standard
Computer Simulation Adaptive Lattice Equalizer to Compensate Nonlinearity of Digital Satellite and Digital Microwave Radio Systems with Multipath Propagation
A Disk-Based System for the Subjective Assessment of High-Qualtity Audio
Real-Time Binaural Listening Simulation
Psychoacoustic Noise-Shaped Improvements in CD and Other Linear Digital Media
Data Streamers Used in Digital Audio Playback and Editing
Physical and Virtual Tracks in Helical Recording Systems
Digital Audio Workstations-Different Design Approaches to Operational Control
Band-Pass Loudspeaker Enclosure with a Long Port
Construction of Equivalent Electrical Circuits for a Loudspeaker Moving System
Moving Boundary Condition and Nonlinear Propagation as the Sources of Nonlinear Distortion in Loudspeakers
Nonlinear Least Squares Estimation of Thiele-Small Parameters from Impedance Measurements
A Computational Model of Horn Loudspeakers
Z Language: A New DSP Dedicated Programming Environment
Dithered Noise Shapers and Recursive Digital Filters
ICE (Identification Coding, Embedded)
File-Format Compatibility in Mass-Storage Archives and Digital Audio Networks
An Understanding and Implementation of the SCMS Serial Copy Management System for Digital Audio Transmission
Rapid Prototyping with the IRCAM Signal-Processing Workstation
Acoustical and Recording Techniques of the First Broadcasting Studios in Germany
Walter Weber's Technical Innovation at the Reichs-Rundfunk-Gesellschaft
Early Stereo Recordings on Magnetic Tape (1943/1944) and Their State of Preservation
New Acoustic Sensors
The Model of a Highly Directional Microphone
Control of Loudspeaker Directivity by Mechanical Optimization of the Diaphragm
Acoustical Flow in Microscopical Structures
Smart Battery Pack
A Novel Loudspeaker Enclosure and System
Philips DSS 930: A New Concept in Active Loudspeaker
A New Negative-Emittance Approach to the Analysis of Sound-Generation Mechanism Labial Pipes
Coupling between Simultaneously Sounded Organ Pipes
Computer Modeling of Bowed-String Oscillations
The Musical Restoration of the -Joueuse de Tympanon-
Musical Applications Derived from the FracWave Sound Synthesis Method
A Fast Method for Measuring the Vibrations of Violins
Detection of Musical Pitch from Recorded Solo Performances
A Sound-Retrieval Index Based on Two-Dimensional Similarity Maps
A New Approach to the Design of Control Room Acoustics for Stereophony
Electroacoustical Simulations by Using PSPICE
Further Developments in EASE and EARS-In Computer Acoustic Design and Auralization
Acoustical Requirements and Results for Music Rehearsal Rooms
Extension of ISO/MPEG-Audio Layer II to Multichannel Coding: The Future Standard for Broadcasting, Telecommunication, and Multimedia Applications
The New Sound Format: 3/2-Stereo
A High-Rate Buried Data Channel for Audio CD
Pseudo-Quadrature Mirror Filters Designed for High-Quality Audio Subband Coding
Phoneme Recognition During a Cocktail Party
Audio Coding Based on Subjective Differences
A Method of Recognition of Parameterized Binary Representations of Audio Signals
Professional Applications for DCC
Application of Multimedia Network Technology to Audio System Design
Computer Control of a Digital Mixing Console
Country-Wide Digital Audio Networking by the South African Broadcasting Corporation for On-Line Playout of Program Material in Distributed Radio Services
The Object Network Environment
Low-Complexity Dynamic-Range Control System Based on Scale-Factor Weighting
On the Implementation of a MUSICAM Mono-Channel Coder at 128 kbits/s in a Single Fixed-Point Processor
Antialiasing Filters for Oversampling Analog-to-Digital Converters
Dynamic Excitation Pulse Allocation in MASC Coder
VHDL Implementations of Integer Noise Shapers with Floating-Point Accuracy
Theory and VLSI Implementation of Asynchronous Sample-Rate Converters
Improving the Listening Conditions in Sound Control Rooms by Mounting the Loudspeaker in a Large Baffle
Anechoic Chamber Walls: Should They be Resistive or Reactive at Low Frequencies
Automatic Echo Determination in Measured Room Impulse Responses
Convolution of Simulated Room Impulse Response with Exciting Sound Signals
At What Height Should We Make Measurements in the Audience of a Concert Hall?
Subwoofers in Recording Control Rooms
Computer Prediction of Low-Frequency SPL Variations in Rooms as a Function of Loudspeaker Placement
Review of the Low-Frequency Absorber and Its Application to Small Room Acoustics
Modular, MIDI-Controlled Audio Performance Mixing System
Studio Production Techniques for a New Arts Center in Karlsruhe-Integrated Computerized Techniques for Recording, Postproduction, and Sound Reproduction
A Futuristic Audio Network: Center for Art and Media Technology in Karlsruhe
Computer-Controlled Routing System for Sound System Applications
A Multiprocessor for Multichannel Sound Processing
Audio Data Compression Techniques
A Linear Model for Analog Sigma-Delta Amplifiers
The Integrating Finite Impulse-Response Filter
A Single-Chip Stereo 16-Bit A/D Converter and Quad 16-Bit D/A Converter for Automotive and Consumer Applications
Data Transmission on Existing Analog Audio Lines
Transmission of High-Qualtiy Audio Signals via Terrestrial Lines Using Standardized Formats
Professional Audio Equipment
A Method of Remote-Controlling the Polar Pattern of a Condenser Microphone with Standard Phantom Powering
Directivity Phase Response of Horns
Measurement Resoultion and Application of Complex Loudspeaakers Pherical Directivty Patterns for Sound Reinforcement
A High-Output, Ribbon-Type Loudspeaker for Mid- and High-Frequency Reproduction
An Interesting Centenary: The Telephone Journal
Multichannel Radio-Microphone Systems
The History of Audio and Sound Measurement
Cepstral Domain Postprocessing Leads to Better Evaluation of the Loudspeakeer Impulse Response Measured in Reverberant Rooms
Presentation and Interpretation of Loudspeaker Measurement Results
How to Graph Distortion Measurements
Directions for Qualified Loudspeaker Evaluations
The Optimal Time-Frequency Smearing and Amplitude Compression in Measuring the Quality of Audio Devices
Transient Distortion in Feedback Audio Power Amplifiers
Digital Systems and Structure Evolution
Error Correction in Audio Amplifiers
Plastic Principles--The Changing Face of Control
Entertainment Systems for Cruise Vessels
The Sound System of the Auditorium Stravinsky in Montreaux
The New Sound System in the Opera House in Chemnitz
A New Total-Difference Frequency-Distortion (TDFD) Meter Offering 135-dB Range and without Critical Filters
NMR Measurements of Consumer Recording Devices which Use Low Bit-Rate Audio Coding
Rosetta Tone Generator--Implementation of a DSP-Generated Test Signal in a Recording Setup
An Approach to the Integrated Computer-Based Audiometer
Required Signals for Test Disc Used for Audio and Acoustic Measurements
5-Channel Musicam Codec
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