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Optical Microphone's Breakthrough
Simulated Diffuse Field Measurements
The Microphone: Between Physics and Emotion
A Computer System for Investigating and Building Synthetic Auditory Spaces-Part I
Room Simulation for Multichannel Film and Music
Sound Source Localization in a Five-Channel Surround Sound Reproduction System
Rear and Side Pairwise Evaluations of the Precedence Effect
Controlling Phantom Image Focus in a Multichannel Reproduction System
Microphone Array Analysis for Multichannel Sound Recording
24-Bit 96-kHz Digital Audio Workstation Using High Performance Be Operating System on a Multiprocessor Intel Machine
The Effect of Digital Audio Workstations and DSP Board Architecture on Sound Performance
Multichannel Audio Over Internet2 Using ATM
Developing Real-Time Motorola's DSP5636x Audio Systems Using the PC Parallel Port Interface
Implementation of the Dolby Digital Consumer Encoder on the DSP56362
The Convergence of the PC and the Audio Production Facility
Compensation of Room Acoustic Transfer Functions Affected by the Change of Room Temperature
Alarms for the Hearing Impaired
Correlation of Pseudo Random Noise to Measure Time Delay as a Function of Frequency
A New Approach to Waveguides
Measurement of Large-Signal Parameters of Electrodynamic Transducer
Toward Development of a Multichannel Audio Drama: A Case Study
Perfect Reconstruction Digital Crossover Exhibiting Optimum Time Domain Transient Response in All Bands
Loudspeakers on Damped Pipes - Part One: Modeling and Testing; and: Loudspeakers on Damped Pipes - Part Two: Behavior
Symmetrical Loudspeaker Band-Pass Systems of Eighth Order with Active Filter
The Scalability of the Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) in an Infinite Baffle
Closed and Vented Loudspeaker Enclosures as Causes of Nonlinearity
Measurement and Simulation Results Comparing the Binaural Acoustics of Various Direct Radiators
A Generalized Horn Design to Optimize Directivity Control and Wavefront Curvature
Time-Domain Auditory Model for the Assessment of High-Quality Coded Audio
Perceptual SpeechQuality Assessment from Narrowband Telephony to Wideband Audio
Level Control in Digital Mastering
Improved Loudspeaker Array Modeling
Numerical Simulation of Wave Fields Created by Loudspeaker Arrays
Modal Network Solver for the Simulation of Complex Mechanoacoustical Systems
The Measuring Method of Dynamic Force-to-Displacement Characteristics for Loudspeaker Suspension System and Driving Force
Position Dependent Amplitude Modulation in Cone Loudspeakers
A Model of Open-Baffle Loudspeakers
Introduction to Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs): Representations of HRTFs in Time, Frequency, and Space
Visualization, Editing and Spatialization of Sound Representations Using the OSE Framework
Dynamic Range Control via Metadata
Performance of Low-Order Polynomial Interpolators in the Presence of Oversampled Input
A Fast Prototyping Environment for Audio Algorithm Development
An Open Architecture for Real-Time Audio Processing Software
Audio Applications of the Sound Description Interchange Format Standard
Professional Audio Coder Optimized for Use with Video
A Scalable Three Bit Rate (8, 14.2, and 24 kbit/s) Audio Coder
Implementation of a Real-Time Audio Decoder: ASCdec
Long Term Predictor for Transform Domain Perceptual Audio Coding
Transparent Differential Coding for High-Resolution Digital Audio
48-Bit Integer Processing Beats 32-Bit Floating Point for Professional Audio: Applications
A Review and Comparison of Digital PWM Methods for Digital Pulse Modulation Amplifier (PMA) Systems
Practical Implementation and Error Analysis of PSCPWM Based Switching Audio Power Amplifiers
Class-D Audio Amplifiers: System Considerations
Television Postproduction Using Compressed Formats and Distributed Software Components on Standard Information Technology (IT) Platforms
Distributed Network-Based Broadcasting Structures
New Techniques for Audio Metadata Use and Distribution
Adaptive Loss Recovery and Adaptive Bit-Rate Scalability Using a Zerotree Audio Codec
Psychoacoustic Parametric Audio Coding Technique Using a High-Order QM Sub-Band Filter Bank
Interpolating Between Head-Related Transfer Functions Measured with Low-Directional Resolution
Auditory Model for Lateralization and the Precedence Effect
Investigation Into the Relationship Between Subjective Loudness and Auditory Distance Perception
Recent Advances in Optical Recording for Consumer Applications
Headphone Equalization Using DSP Approaches
A Real-Time Virtual Surround Sound System with Bass Enhancement
Strategy for Enhanced Computer User Interfaces Using Exaggerated Spatial Audio
Use of a 3-D Positional Interface for the Implementation of a Versatile Graphical Mixing Console
Restoration of Coarsely Quantized Audio Signals Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods
Application of Kalman Filters for Audio Signal Enhancement and Restoration
Managing Change: The Challenge of Rights Management in the New Millennium
A Brief Tutorial on Proximity Effect
The Complex Loudspeaker-Room Interface: Some Further Insight
The Effect of Diffusers on Frequency Dependent Room Mode Decay
Two Dimensional Binary Amplitude Diffusers
Optimized Planar and Curved Diffsorbors
Vocal Interfaces to Musical Material
Non Integer Based Diffusers
Distributed Mode Loudspeaker Polar Patterns
Understanding the Performance of Multi-media Communications
Results of a Round Robin Subjective Evaluation of Virtual Home Theatre Sound Systems
Efficient Bit Allocation, Quantization, and Coding in an Audio Distribution System
Implementing Lossless Finite Impulse Response Filters Using Finite Field Transforms
An Open Architecture to Support Distributed Services in a Digital TV Studio
Developing and Implementing the Standard Media Exchange Framework (Finding Clip 7)
Optical Recording Technology and Its Standardization
Digital Watermarking of Audio Signals Using a Psychoacoustic Auditory Model and Spread Spectrum Theory
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