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Modeling and Controlling Excursion-Related Distortion in Loudspeakers
An Advanced Model of Nonlinear Parametric Vibrations of the Electrodynamical Loudspeaker Diaphragm
Nonlinear Adaptive Controller for Loudspeakers with Current Sensor
Modeling of Magnetic Hysteresis and its Influence on Harmonic Distortion in Electrodynamic Loudspeakers
Application of the Reactance Transformation Method for the Design of Loudspeaker Band-Pass Systems
Development of a Loudspeaker System with a Unidirectional Radiation Pattern in a Speech Frequency Range
Application of the NARMAX-Method for Modelling of the Nonlinearity of Dynamic Loudspeakers
Central and Peripheral Masking and their Relations with Perception of Amplitude Modulation
Designing Waveguide Elements of a Hearing Aid Using the Physical Modeling Techniques
GuineaPig - A Generic Subjective Test System for Multichannel Audio
Loudness: A Study of the Subjective Difference between DML and Conventional Loudspeaker
Perceptual Measurement of End-to-End Speech Quality Over Audio and Packet-Based Networks
Sound Quality Measurements in Headphones
Frequency Selectivity of the Auditory Nerve Determined by the Electric Stimulation
Subjectively Perceived Sound Quality in Audio Systems as a Function of Distribution and Number of Loudspeakers Used in Playback
State of the Art Speech Processing for Broadcasting
Digital Peak Modulation Control: An Alias Free Limiting/Filtering Method Utilizing 48 kHz Sampling and No Overshoots
A Digital Television Receiver Constructed Using a Media Processor
Where's Clip 7? (Data about Content - the Missing Link)
A Signal Processing Digital Microphone
Interactions in a Multiple Voice Coil Digital Loudspeaker
High Performance Computing Network Techniques for Vibroacoustic Analysis: Audio Applications
Sound Carriers for Scientific Audio Recording and Analysis 1857-1957
The "Wiener Archivphonograph"
Preserving the Facts for the Future: Principles and Practices for the Transfer of Analog Audio Documents into the Digital Domain
Technical History as an Aid to Archiving and Restoration
The Suedwestfunk (SWR) and the Mass Storage Systems in its Radio Sound Archives: Concepts and some Performance/Cost aspects
From Single Carrier Sound Archive to BWF Online Archive - A New Optimized Workstation Concept
Azimuth-Correction: Digital Solutions in the Time- and Frequency-Domain
Passive-Radiator Loudspeaker System Design Software Including Optimization Algorithm
The Effect of MaxxBass Psychoacoustic Bass Enhancement on Loudspeaker Design
Virtual Shifting of Speaker Array Components
Non-linear Distortions of Loudspeaker Radiators in Closed Enclosures
Implementation of a new Method to Digital Audio Equalization
Target Functions and Preprocessing Techniques in Digital Equalization Design
Digital Filters for Low Frequency Equalization
Experimental Validation of Loudspeaker Equalization Inside Car Cockpits
Real Time Pitch Shift Algorithm and Enhanced Tone Controls for Deejay Applications
Artificial Reverberation Based on a Pseudo-Random Impulse Response II
A Novel Approach to the Echo Cancellation
Influence of the Sound Effects on the Sound Quality
A Generalized Model-Based Analysis/Synthesis Method for Plucked-String Instruments by Using Recurrent Neural Networks
Recognition and Prediction of Music - A Machine Learning Approach
Robust Time-Quantization for Music, from Performance to Score
Wide-Band Pitch Estimation for Natural Sound Sources with Inharmonicities
DSP Equalization of Electret Film Pickup for Acoustic Guitar
High Quality Multichannel Audio: Trends and Challenges
Multichannel Level Alignment, Part III: The Influence of Loudspeaker Directivity and Reproduction Bandwidth
Inter-Channel Cross-Correlation Using Wavelet Transforms
Audibility of All-Pass Components in Binaural Synthesis
An Investigation of Microphone Techniques for Ambient Sound in Surround Sound Systems
Acoustical Simulation for Post-Production
A Multichannel Audio Codec System for Multichannel Audio Authoring
New Radio Broadcasting Studio with Disc Based Mixing Facility for 3-2 Multi Channel Audio Dramas
Design of Cross-Talk Cancellation Networks by Using Fast Deconvolution
Paralleled Phase Shifted Carrier Pulse Width Modulation (PSCPWM) Schemes - A Fundamental Analysis
Neural Network-Based Spatial Filtration of Sound
Analysis and Simulation of Non-Linear Audio Processes Using Finite Impulse Responses Derived at Multiple Impulse Amplitudes
Sample Clock Jitter and Real-time Audio Over the IEEE1394 High Performance Serial Bus
Spatial Presentation of Sound in Scene Description Languages
A Study on Personal Difference in the Transfer Functions of Sound Localization Using Stereo Earphones
Concha Excitation as a Means of Introducing Individual Cues for Spatial Hearing
Identification of Perceived Spatial Attributes of Recordings by Repertory Grid Technique and Other Methods
Towards Optimal Soundfield Representation
Cluster Design with EASE for Windows
Auralization of Sound Fields by Wave Field Synthesis
Virtual Surround Speakers with Wave Field Synthesis
MPEG-4 Low Delay Audio Coding Based on the AAC Codec
Noise Reduction in Audio Employing Auditory Masking Approach
A Combined Measurement Tool for the Objective, Perceptual Based Evaluation of Compressed Speech and Audio Signals
Joint Source and Channel Coding for Internet Audio Transmission
Some Guidelines for Tuning an Audio Coder Given a Partially Fixed Structure
Perceptual and Near-Lossless Audio Coding Based on a Signal-Adaptive Wavelet Filterbank
The ATLANTIC Audio Demonstration Equipment
Acoustics of the New Opera Houses in Moscow
A Simple Acoustic Room Model for Virtual Production
The Effects of Specular Versus Diffuse Reflections on the Frequency Response at the Listener
Acoustical Design Criteria for Surround Sound Control Rooms
Subwoofers in Small Listening Rooms
A New Concept for High Performance Class-D Audio Amplification
Digital Pulse Modulation Amplifier (PMA) Systems Based on PEDEC Control
Seeing Sound
Multimedia Perception
Multimedia Approach to Cochlear Implant Fitting
The Development of 3D Sound Signal Editor "SoriWave" for Multimedia Contents
The Audio System for the Wroclaw Opera Theatre
The Audio Reinforcement System for the Main Hall of the Gorizia Branch of the University of Triest, Italy
The Analysis, Interaction, and Measurement of Loudspeaker Far-Field Polar Patterns
Sound System of Otopeni International Airport, Romania
Digital Audio System in a Convention Center
Sound System for a Cathedral with Long Reverberation Time
Comparison of Data- and Model-Based Simulation Algorithms for Auditory Virtual Environments
Objectivisation of Peceptual Evaluation of Speech Transmission Quality
Applying Blind Source Separation and Deconvolution to Real-World Acoustic Environments
Jither: The Effects of Jitter and Dither for 1-Bit Audio PWM Signals
Implementing Lossless Audio Signal Processing with Finite Field Transforms
Methods for Separation of Harmonic Sound Sources Using Sinusoidal Modeling
Loudspeaking Dialog System by Small Acoustic Echo Canceller
Architecting a Versatile Multi-Channel Multi-Decoder System on a DSP
A New 24-Bit Digital Audio Analyzer Based on Advanced Statistical System Modeling and Data Processing
A Stereo 24-bit Audio Digital-to-Analog Converter with 120 dB Dynamic Range
A 116 dB SNR Multi-Bit Noise-Shaping DAC with 192 kHz Sample Rate
DTS Multichannel Audio Decoder On a 24-Bit Fixed-Point Dual-DSP Architecture
A Monolithic 24-bit, 96-kHz Sample Rate Converter with AES3 Receiver and AES3 Transmitter
Anti-Alias Filters: The Invisible Distortion Mechanism in Digital Audio?
Reduction of the Room Effects in Loudspeaker Measurements
Dynamic Measurements of Low-Frequency Loudspeakers Modeled by Volterra Series
Measuring Loudspeaker Voicecoil Temperature
Measurement Aspects of Distributed Mode Loudspeakers
Aliasing Distortion in Digital Dynamics Processing, the Cause, Effect, and Method for Measuring It: The Story of "Digital Grunge!"
Moment-Enhanced Spectrograms for Audio Signal Analysis
Partial Tracking and Onset Localization in Single Channel Audio Signal Mixes
Realisation and Calibration of a Novel Half Inch P-U Sound Intensity Probe
High-Speed Transfer From Analogue Tape to Digital Files: A Practical Solution for Large Audio Archives & Libraries
Design and Applications of a Data-Based Auralization System for Surround Sound
MPEG-2 AAC Multichannel Realtime Implementation on Floating Point DSPs
Improvements in Acoustic Feedback Margin in Sound Reinforcement Systems
Theory of Acoustical Resistance Enclosures
Improving Piezoelectric Speakers with Feedback
A New Laboratory and Methodology for the Subjective Evaluation of Workstation Audio Systems
Absorptions and Reflections: Useful and New Tools in Room Acoustical Design
32-Bit SIMD SHARC Architecture for Digital Audio Signal Processing Applications
Air Motion Transformer Principle Loudspeaker Drives
Digital Audio at 96 kHz Sampling Frequency - Pros and Cons of a New Audio Technique
On the Movement of a Horn's Acoustic Center
Distributed-Mode Loudspeakers (DML) in Small Enclosures
Legal Distribution of Music Through the Internet
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