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Acoustics and Sound Reinforcement

Chair:    Kurt M. Graffy    (Send Email)
Chair:    Peter Mapp    (Send Email)
Vice Chair:    Alan Clayton    (Send Email)
Forum:    Committee Discussion Forum

The committee's work is concerned with the following areas of interest as applied to audio engineering: general acoustics, architectural acoustics including building acoustics and room acoustics (including measurement, design, and simulation), electroacoustic systems (including virtual reality, virtual acoustics, and signal processing), psychoacoustics and physiological acoustics, noise control, sound and vibration isolation.

Resources & Events

The TC on Acoustics and Sound Reinforcement helps to maintain a Topic Website on Acoustics and Sound Reinforcement.

Areas of Concentration

  1. Auralization
  2. Electroacoustic Systems
  3. Electronic Architecture
  4. General Acoustics
  5. Noise Control
  6. Physiological Acoustics
  7. Psychoacoustics
  8. Room Acoustics
  9. Sound and Vibration Isolation

Recent/Planned Activities

Plans for the AES conference on Sound Reinforcement Engineering & Technology to be held in Montreal July 15-17 are proceeding apace. Three industry respected figures Bob McCarthy, Gary Hardesty and Rich Zwiebel are confirmed as the keynote presenters. The papers deadline has been extended to March 25 as the original deadline coincided with the Cinema & TV conference. The new headline dates now are : Paper proposals March 25, Author acceptance notification May 7 with final paper submission May 20. The conference will also host a series of Tutorials and workshops as well as a number of invited papers on specific sound reinforcement topics. For further information go to

Want to contribute?

If you are interested in participating in the committee's work please send an e-mail to one of the two chairs (Peter Mapp or Kurt Graffy) and (preferably) show up at the committee meetings. The committee communicates via e-mail but meetings are held at both US and European AES conventions.

Exciting News!

Dr Peter Mapp, Co-Chair of TCASR has been awarded the AES bronze medal in recognition of his significant and dedicated contributions to the work of the Society, including technical committees, standards activity, tutorials, British Section Committee, and conventions. Peter will receive the medal at the 137th convention in Los Angeles in October. In the meantime he is busy working on the Sound Reinforcement Conference that is scheduled to take place in Summer 2015. (More details to follow shortly)

Meeting Report:

These documents do not necessarily express the official position of the AES on the issues discussed at these meetings, and only represent the views of committee members participating in the discussion. Any unauthorized use of these publications is prohibited. Authorization must be obtained from the Executive Director of the AES: Email, Tel: +1 212 661 8528, Address: 551 Fifth Ave., Suite 1225, New York, New York 10176, USA.

2014-11-2     AES 137 Los Angeles Meeting Minutes
Description: Minutes of TC Meeting held at AES 137 Los Angeles October 9, 2014

2014-10-5     AES 136 TCASR 2014 Berlin Minutes
Description: Meeting Minutes from Berlin and Agenda for LA

2013-11-10     AES 135 TCASR NY 2013 Minutes
Description: Meeting Minutes NY TCASR 2013

2012-10-25     AES 131 TCASR NY 2011 Minutes
Description: TCASR Meeting Minutes, NYC Oct 22, 2011

2012-5-10     TC ASR 132nd minutes
Description: Minutes of the TC ASR meeting during the 132nd AES Convention in Budapest

2012-4-24     TC ASR Agenda 132nd
Description: TC ASR Agenda 132nd Convention meeting

2009-11-18     Minutes - 122nd Convention
Description: Meeting report

2007-12-5     AES 122 TCASR Vienna 2007 Minute
Description: Meeting Notes from the TCASR Meeting in Vienna May 2007

2007-12-5     AES 123 TCASR 2007 New York Minutes
Description: TCASR Meeting Notes from New York October 2007

2007-5-3     AES 121 TCASR 2006 San Francisco minutes
Description: Chairperson's minutes

2006-9-30     AES_120_TCASR_2006_Paris minutes
Description: minutes AES_120_TCASR_2006_Paris

2006-9-30     AES_117_TCASR_2004_San_Francisco minutes
Description: minutes AES_117_TCASR_2004_San_Francisco

2006-9-30     AES_114_TCASR_2003_Amsterdam minutes
Description: minutes AES_114_TCASR_2003_Amsterdam

2006-9-30     AES_112_TCASR_2002_Munich minutes
Description: minutes AES_112_TCASR_2002_Munich

2006-9-30     AES_111_TCASR_2001_New_York minutes
Description: minutes AES_111_TCASR_2001_New_York

2006-9-30     AES_110_TCASR_2001_Amsterdam minutes
Description: minutes AES_110_TCASR_2001_Amsterdam

2006-9-30     AES_109_TCASR_2000_Los_Angeles minutes
Description: minutes AES_109_TCASR_2000_Los_Angeles

1999-10-8     AES 92 TCASR San Fransisco 1992 minutes
Description: Chairman's minutes

1999-10-4     AES 92 TCASR 1992 Vienna minutes
Description: Chairman's minutes

1999-10-3     AES 107 TCASR 1999 New York minutes
Description: Chairman's minutes

1999-10-3     AES 103 TCASR 1997 New York minutes
Description: Chairman's minutes

1999-10-3     AES 99 TCASR 1995 New York minutes
Description: Chairman's minutes

1999-10-3     AES 98 TCASR 1995 Paris minutes
Description: Chairman's minutes

1999-10-3     AES 97 TCASR 1994 San Francisco minutes
Description: Chairman's minutes

1999-10-3     AES 96 TCASR 1994 Amsterdam minutes
Description: Chairman's minutes

1999-10-3     AES 95 TCASR 1993 New York minutes
Description: Chairman's minutes

1999-10-3     AES 94 TCASR 1993 Berlin minutes
Description: Chairman's minutes

1999-10-3     AES 93 TCASR 1992 San Francisco minutes
Description: Chairman's minutes

1999-10-3     AES 92 TCASR 1992 Vienna minutes
Description: Chairman's minutes

Committee Members

 Brent Harshbarger  Douglas McKinnie  Durand Begault 
 Francis Rumsey  Jan Voetmann  Jim Brown 
 Jiri Tichy  Joel A Lewitz  Peter Svensson 
 Kurt M. Graffy  Mendel Kleiner  Neil A. Shaw 
 Peter Mapp  Soren Bech  Wieslaw Woszczyk 
 Wolfgang Ahnert  Diemer de Vries  Frederick Ampel 
 Eddy Bogh Brixen  Dirk Noy  Bruce Olson 
 Christopher Barber  J M Woodgate  Kenneth Roy 
 Tapio Lokki  Bernardus Kok  Hrvoje Domitrovic 
 David Andrews  Bradford Noel Gover  Jakob Tryggvason 
 Mary E. Cook  Ronald Sauro  Larry Elliott 
 Robert Lee  Alan Clayton  Frederick Schafer 
 Adam Hill 

To request membership in this Technical Committee please email the Chair by using the link above.

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