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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

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Vice Chair:    Christian Uhle      Send Email
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The Technical Committee on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (TC-MLAI) focuses on applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence in audio, with discussions on topics such as: best practices, data, licensing, social and cultural aspects, technical innovations, and ethics. The goal of the committee is to drive discussion and exchange information by organizing and disseminating workshops, symposia, tutorials, and technical documents. The TC-MLAI acts as a point of contact and a bridge to other AES technical committees, the AES community at large, and other organizations involved in ML and AI for audio.

Areas of Concentration

  • Artificial intelligence and creativity
  • Ethical and social considerations of AI applications.
  • Best practices for data and metadata handling, e.g. data collection, labeling, and storage.
  • Best practices for workflows, e.g. when updating, deploying and assuring quality of trained models.
  • Licensing issues for data, pretrained models, and software implementations (external libraries)
  • Aspects of evaluation, both objective and perceptual
  • Explaining and understanding decisions of data driven systems
  • Security and robustness
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Algorithms
  • Documentation of evolution and history of ML and AI
  • Applications in:
  • Content analysis
  • Source separation
  • Music and sound generation
  • Automated and assistive audio production
  • Digital audio effects
  • Repair, restoration, and enhancement
  • Educational tools
  • Automatic speech recognition
  • Speech synthesis
  • Spatial audio
  • Audio coding
  • Systems diagnostics

Current Areas Of Work

  • Papers sessions
  • Workshops
  • Symposiums
  • Identify trends

Meeting Report:

These documents do not necessarily express the official position of the AES on the issues discussed at these meetings, and only represent the views of committee members participating in the discussion. Any unauthorized use of these publications is prohibited. Authorization must be obtained from the Executive Director of the AES: Email, Tel: +1 212 661 8528, Address: 551 Fifth Ave., Suite 1225, New York, New York 10176, USA.

2023-6-2     TC MLAI Meeting Minutes 2023-05-23
Description: TC MLAI Meeting Minutes 2023-05-23

2022-11-1     TC MLAI Meeting Minutes 2022-10-24
Description: TC MLAI Meeting Minutes 2022-10-24

2022-6-2     TC MLAI Meeting Minutes 2022-06-01
Description: TC MLAI Meeting Minutes 2022-06-01

2021-11-22     TC MLAI Meeting Minutes 2021-10-19
Description: TC MLAI Meeting Minutes 2021-10-19

2021-6-7     TC MLAI Meeting Minutes 2021-06-02
Description: TC MLAI Meeting Minutes 2021-06-02


2022-11-11     AES 153 - Teaching AI to hear like we do: psychoacoustics in machine learning slides
Description: Slides from the first in-person workshop organized by TC-MLAI

Committee Members

 Brent Harshbarger  Gerald Schuller  Gordon Reid 
 Marina Bosi  David Andrews  Steve Hutt 
 Anibal Ferreira  M. Lefford  J. Keith McElveen 
 Ronny Andersson  Jan Skoglund  Michelle Daniels 
 Jonathan Wyner  Jamie Angus  Jean-Marc Jot 
 Renato de Castro Rabelo Profeta  Teri Grossheim  Alexander Wankhammer 
 Christian Uhle  Christos Chousidis  Brecht De Man 
 Dave Moffat  Joseph Colonel  Christian Steinmetz 
 Gordon Wichern  Jorge Garcia  Mikus Salgravis 
 Daniel Turner  David Prince  Shahan Nercessian 
 Julian Parker  Jordan Juras  Harry Andrews 
 Dylan Flesch  Joey Stuckey  Rebecca Fiebrink 
 Matthew Pitkin  Soumya Sai Vanka  Angeliki Mourgela 
 Andy Sarroff  Robert Werner  Flavio Everardo 
 Emilia Stefanowska 

To request membership in this Technical Committee please email the Chair by using the link above.

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