Technical Committees: Upcoming Meetings

The AES Technical Council has been described as the “CTO of the AES”. Comprised of 20 expert committees overseeing audio disciplines such as Spatial Audio, Audio for Games, and Sound for Cinema and Television, the “TCs” bring the world’s top experts together to chart a course for the future in each area. Many convention events (workshops, tutorials, etc.) are organized by TCs to stimulate activity and to educate the industry.

Most of the TCs will hold meetings during the convention to discuss activities and to facilitate networking between experts. Stay tuned for the meeting schedule, to be announced soon...

Coordinated by the AES Technical Council, the technical committees track trends in audio in order to recommend to the Society special papers sessions, workshops, standards, projects, publications and awards in their fields. The TC meetings are open to all convention registrants (all badge colors).
For more information about the Technical Council and the scope of individual Technical Committees, click here.
For more information about the 140th AES Convention, click here.

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Saturday, June 4

Saturday, June 4, 10:00 — 11:00
Recording Technology and Practices

Saturday, June 4, 11:00 — 12:00
Hearing and Hearing Loss Prevention

Saturday, June 4, 13:30 — 14:30
Semantic Audio Analysis

Saturday, June 4, 14:30 — 15:30
Perception and Subjective Evaluation of Audio Signals

Saturday, June 4, 17:30 — 18:30
Audio Forensics

Sunday, June 5

Sunday, June 5, 09:00 — 10:00
High-Resolution Audio

Sunday, June 5, 10:00 — 11:00
Broadcast and Online Delivery

Sunday, June 5, 11:00 — 12:00
Loudspeakers and Headphones

Sunday, June 5, 12:00 — 13:00
Spatial Audio

Sunday, June 5, 13:00 — 14:00
Coding of Audio Signals

Sunday, June 5, 14:00 — 15:00
Sound for Digital Cinema and Television

Sunday, June 5, 15:00 — 16:00
Automotive Audio

Sunday, June 5, 16:00 — 17:00
Microphones and Applications

Sunday, June 5, 17:00 — 18:00
Signal Processing

Sunday, June 5, 18:00 — 19:00
Network Audio Systems

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