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An Integrated Three-Way Constant Directivity Loudspeaker Array
Classical Large-Scale Open Air Concert Using an Integrated Concept of Stage Acoustics, Sound Reinforcement, and Virtual Acoustics
Personal Sound
Low-Input Impedance Current-to-Voltage Conversion Circuit for Current-Output Digital-to-Analog Converters
A Simple Non-Feedback Switching Power Output Stage
A High-Efficient Pulse-Density Modulation Audio Power Amplifier
Computer-Aided Design and Analysis of Class B and Class H Powr Amplifier Output Stages
Performance of Horn Systems: Low-Frequency Cut-Offs, Pattrn Control, and Distortion Trade-Offs
Polar Radiation Characteristics of Harmonic Distortion in Loudspeakers
Quantitative Analysis of Low-Frequency Component Nonlinearities
Minimizing the Amplitudes of Transverse Modal Waves in Diaphragms
Exact Input-Output Linearization of an Electrodynamical Loudspeaker
What's Really New in Loudspeakers?
Peculiarities in Swinging Bell Sounds
Parametric Representation of Musical Phrases
Simultaneous Noise Reduction and Data Compression in Old Audio Recordings
Measuring the Characteristics of "Expert" Listeners
Subjective Evaluations of Automotive Audio Systems
Simulating the Perception of Audio by Hearing-Impaired People
Beyond Bandwidth: Sound Design in Interactive Systems for Multimedia and the Net
Human Factors and the Acoustic Ecology: Considerations for Multimedia Audio Design
Designing Sound for an Interactive Experience
A Real-Time PC-Based High-Quality MPEG Layer II Codec
Digital Audio and Performance Data Transmission Protocol Over IEEE 1394
Distributed Connection Management for Electronic Musical Environment Using IEEE 1394
Beyond MIDI: XMidi, An Affordable Solution
Audio Content Delivery Over Narrow-Band Internet Connection
The Multimedia Network for the Italian Basket League
Stars to Buses to Stars-The Evolution of Remote Studio Access Topologies
Virtual Acoustics, Aeronautics, and Communications
What Perception Implies About Implementation of Interactive Virtual Acoustic Environments
Virtual Reality Perspective on Headphone Audio
Acoustic Simulatin and Visualization Using a New Unified Beam Tracing and Image Source Approach
Unusual Applications of Noise-Shaping Principles
Breaking the Sound Barrier: Mastering at 96 kHz and Beyond
Lossless Coding for DVD Audio
A Fast Integer-Based, CPU Scalable, MPEG-1 Layer 2 Audio Decoder
Real-Time Equalizer Coefficient Realization with Minimized Computational Load and Distortion
Digital Parametric Equalizer Design with Prescribed Nyquist-Frequency Gain
Multi-Channel High-Definition Digital Audio Systems for High-Density Compact Disk
A Real-Time, Multichannel Dolby AC-3 Audio Encoder Implementation
An Optimum Linear-Matrix Stereo Imaging System
An Assisted Reverberation System for Controlling Apparent Room Absorption and Volume
Sound System for Telecommunication with a Large Screen Display
An Integrated Audio Conversion System for Automotive and Home Theater Systems
Integration of Automatic Microphone Selection with Acoustic Echo Cancellation
An Inaudible Buried Data Channel in Digital Audio: A Development Using Advanced Software Tools
DSP Strategies for Faster Polynomial Interpllation
Old and New Techniques for Artificial Stereophonic Image Enhancement
A New Balanced Audio Input Circuit for Maximum Common-Mode Rejection in Real-World Environments
An Objective Method for Sound-quality Estimation of Compression Systems
A New Noise Injection Model for Audio Compression Algorithms
On the Algorithm of Audio Information Processing in the Human Auditory System and Compression Systems
Current Status of the MPEG-4 Audio Verification Model Development
Transform-Domain Weighted Interleave Vector Quantization (TwinVQ)
Multitone Testing of Audio Systems
The Futility of Quantifying Subjective Audio Measurements
Differentiating Between Sound Isolation and Sound Treatment
Measurement of Spatial Characteristics of Sound Reproduced in Listening Spaces
ISO/IEC MPEG-2 Advanced Audio Coding
MPEG-2 NBC Audio-Stereo and Multichannel Coding Methods
Enhancing the Performance of Perceptual Audio Coders by Using Temporal Noise Shaping (TNS)
The WorldStar- Sound Format
Realtime Implementation of an ISO/MPEG Layer 3 Encoder on Pentium PCs
Maintaining Audio Quality in Cascaded Psychoacoustic Coding
Digital Audio Broadcasting in Operation
Wavetable Matching Synthesis of Dynamic Instruments
Analysis of Musical Instrument Sounds Using Discrete Energy Separation Algorithms
A New Model for Segmenting the Envelope of Musical Signals: The Relative Salience of Steady State Versus Attack, Revisited
Compatible Resolution Enhancement in Digital Audio Systems
A New CD Mastering Processing Using Direct Stream Digital
The Ergonomic Challenge of Dynamically Automating All Controls on a Digital Audio Mixer Without Clutter
Effect of Panel Damping on Loudspeaker Enclosure Vibration
Evaluating Small Impairments with the Mean Opinion Scale-Reliable or Just a Guess?
Issues for Consideration in the Development of an Acoustical Design System Supporting Interactive Auralization
Guitar Top-Plate Modelling Using Finite-Element Method Techniques
An Investigation of the Sonic Differences Between Numerically Identical Compact Discs
Wavetable Synthesis 101, A Fundamental Perspective
Spaciousness and Envelopment in Musical Acoustics
Multichannel Matrix Surround Decoders for Two-Eared Listeners
Beyond MLS-Occupied Hall Measurement with FFT Techniques
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