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The Mirror Filter-A New Basis for Linear Equalization and Nonlinear Distortion Reduction of Woofer Systems
A Cell-Based Approach to Analog and Mixed Signal Audio IC Design
Scalable Digital Audio System
Transparent Coding of a Monophonic Audio Signal at 100 Kb/s
A New Routing Switcher Hybrid for Switching Analog and Digital Signals
New Principle for Digital Audio Power Amplifiers
A Sigma Delta Modulated Switching Power Amp
Limiter of Digital Stereo Signals
A Four-Channel Decode-Only Audio Playback System
New Techniques in Analyzing the Digital Audio Interface
An Operational Amplifier Architecture with a Single Gain Stage and Distortion Cancellation
Power Response Measurement in Non-Reverberant Environments
A Method for Extending the Measured Response of a Loudspeaker towards the Low Frequencies, with the use of Cepstral Analysis
Improved Low Frequency Microphone Testing
New Aspects of Pop Measurement
The Austrian Pfleumer Invented and Introduced Magnetic Tape
Study of Corrosion Stability on DAT Metal Tape
Is It Really Necessary to Create a Particular Longtime Storage Type of Sound Carrier for Archival Purposes?
Optical Fibre Turntable for Archive Records
Noisy Audio Signal Enhancement Using Subjective Spectra
Empirical Methods in Restorative Processing of Historical Recordings
Digital Mastering of the Mercury Living Presence Recordings for Compact Disc Release
Modal Analysis of Sound Fields of Musical Instruments
Dead Spots as Resonance Effects of Electric Guitars
Echo Suppression for Loudspeaker-Microphone System Measurements
New Methods of Adaptive Sound Reinforcement in Car Environment
Adaptive Filtering for Noise Reduction in Audio Signals
SODOP Algorithm as a Principle for the Design of the Ambient Noise Controlled Amplifier
Using Interference Tube Microphones in the Reel World
Obtaining the Best Performance from Wireless Microphones
More Advanced Models for Silicon Condenser Microphones
Frequency Dependent Hybrid Microphone Arrays for Stereophonic Sound Recording
Wireless Microphone Systems with a High Channel Density
A Matrixed Pressure Triplet for Full Surround Stereophonic Pickup
Microphone Arrays Optimized for Music Recording
Modeling of the Nonlinear Behavior of a Horn Loaded Compression Driver System
A Wide Dispersion Constant Directivity Dual Concentric Driver
Time for Digital Audio within Television
Multi-Compatible Stereo Techniques for Television
Buried Data in NICAM Transmissions
Directional Masking Coders for Multichannel Subband Audio Data Compression Systems
A Reporter Console Using the ISDN
New Method of Failure Masking for DAB
Error Concealment Strategies for Digital Audio Broadcasting
A Conditional Access for DBS, Cable, and Terrestrial TV Systems
Computer Modelling of the Pipe Organ Valve Action
Isolation of Rhythmic Patterns in Musical Signals
Ideas for Applying Incoherent Signal Alignment to Practical Sound System Design
Sound Fields Radiated by Multiple Sound Sources Arrays
Impulse Measurement of Acoustic Impedance of Horns
Phase Problems in PA-Systems
Dynamic Amplitude Shading of Electronically Steered Line Source Arrays
Design Aspects and Applications of Modular Audio Processing System
Digital Audio Storage System Using Data Streamers
Digital Mass-Storage for Automatic Broadcasting of Radio Commercials
Vision 1250-The Sound System for HDTV Production
Approaches to Audio Editing in a Mixed Disk- and Tape-Based Environment
The Influence of Digital Equipment over the Recording Industry
Concept and Technology of New AES/EBU DIO Chips Based on AES3-199X: For Professional Digital Audio Applications
Optical Diffraction Methods for Analysis and Control of Pit Geometry on Optical Disks
Error Correction by Interpolation in Digital Audio
Practical Considerations on Overload-Distortion of Analog-to-Digital Converters
Quality Criteria for New Sound and TV Studios of Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WKR) in Dusseldorf-Requirements and Realization
Converting Industrial Halls into Performance Spaces
Recording Control Rooms for Symphonic and Organ Music
A Simple Theory of Room Diffraction
Signals Simulation Based on Convolution of Room Impulse Response
Digital Equalization of Room Acoustics
Head-Related Transfer Functions: Measurements on 40 Human Subjects
Transfer Characteristics of Headphones: Measurements on 40 Human Subjects
Improved Externalization and Frontal Perception of Headphone Signals
IALF-Binaural Measures of Spatial Impression and Running Reverberance
On the Relation Between Directional Bands and Head Movements
Specifying and Designing a PPM for Digital Audio
Program Loudness Metering and Control
Classification of Music Using Neural Net
Adding Standard Digital Interface Capability to a Dolby AC1 Based Digital Audio Transmission System
FDDI-Based Digital Audio Interfaces
Use of Wave Field Synthesis for Natural Reinforced Sound
The Sound System in the New Culture and Congress Centre "Liederhalle" in Stuttgart, Germany
Geometric Considerations for Multichannel Reinforcement System Loudspeaker Placement
A Digital Routing System for Broadcasting and Studio Applications
A Digitally Controlled Automation System
Design of Virtual Conferencing Environment in Audio Telecommunication
Microcomputer Control for Small Mixing Consoles
General Metatheory of Auditory Localisation
Auditory Distance Perception in Different Rooms
The Design of Distance Panpots
Panpot Laws for Multispeaker Stereo
Determining the Psychoacoustic Factors of Loudspeaker Reproduction in Listening Rooms
A Perceptual Audio Quality Measure
Investigation of the Loud Music Exposure Hearing Loss
Standard Stereo Recording Techniques in Non-Standard Situations
Accelerated Slope Tone Control Equalizers
Non-Dispersive Studio Transducer Using Digital Filters
24-Track Hard Disk Compared with 24-Track Tapemachine
Multiplier-Free Interpolation for Oversampled Digital-to-Analog Conversion
Audio Local Area Network Chips for Cars
Alignment of a Sound Reinforcement System Supported by Computer Simulation
AUDIMIR: Directional Hearing at Microgravity
Advanced Audio Measurement System Using Psychoacoustic Properties
Integral Concept for Digital or Mixed Analog and Digital Studios
BAP Binaural Audio Processor
Apparent Apex Part IV: Direct Radiators
Measurement of a Closed Box Loudspeaker System Parameters Using a Laser Velocity Transducer and an Audio Analyzer
A Computational Model of Transmission Line Loudspeakers
Dipole Source Placement in a Room
Design, Construction, and Testing of Critical Listening Environment
Application of Automatic Audio Measurement Systems at Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR), Cologne, Germany
Digital Audio Compression for Professional Applications
The Perception of Audio Signals Reduced by Overmasking to the Most Prominent Spectral Amplitudes (Peaks)
Improved Possibilities of Binaural Recording and Playback Techniques
The Development of Analog Electronics for Digital Audio Mixing Consoles
A Search for Efficient Dither for DSP Applications
Loudspeaker Reproduction: Study on the Subwoofer Concept
The ISO/MPEG-Audio Codec: A Generic Standard for Coding of High Quality Digital Audio
MUSICAM-Surround: A Multichannel Stereo Coding Method
Computer Aided Measurement and Theoretical Models of the Interaction of Musicians and Brass Instruments
Hierarchical System of Surround Sound Transmission for HDTV
An Optical Disk-Based 32-Channel Multitrack Recorder
Utilization of Four ISDN Channels for Transmitting Full Quality Stereo Sound
"Rosetta Tone"-A Technical Quality Fingerprint for Audio Recordings
The Sound of the Orchestra
Ambisonic Decoders for HDTV
Practical Adaptive Room and Loudspeaker Equalizer for Hi-Fi Use
Acoustics of Practice Rooms
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