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A Low-Voltage Low-Power Output Stage for Class-G Headphone Amplifiers
Switching/Linear Hybrid Audio Power Amplifiers for Domestic Applications, Part 2: The Class-B+D Amplifier
Investigating the Benefit of Silicon Carbide for a Class D Power Stage
Efficiency Optimization of Class G Amplifiers: Impact of the Input Signals
Audio Latency Masking in Music Telepresence Using Artificial Reverberation
Service Discovery Using Open Sound Control
Flexilink: A Unified Low Latency Network Architecture for Multichannel Live Audio
Luciverb: Iterated Convolution for the Impatient
A Tilt Filter in a Servo Loop
Multitrack Mixing Using a Model of Loudness and Partial Loudness
Predicting the Fluctuation Strength of the Output of a Spatial Chorus Effects Processor
Computer-Aided Estimation of the Athenian Agora Aulos Scales Based on Physical Modeling
A Computational Acoustic Model of the Coupled Interior Architecture of Ancient Chavín
Simulating an Asymmetrically Saturated Nonlinearity Using an LNLNL Cascade
Coefficient Interpolation for the Max Mathews Phasor Filter
The Dynamic Redistribution of Spectral Energies for Upmixing and Re-Animation of Recorded Audio
Matching Artificial Reverb Settings to Unknown Room Recordings: A Recommendation System for Reverb Plugins
Teaching Audio Processing Software Development in the Web Browser
Distance Learning Strategies for Sound Recording Technology
Measurement of Harmonic Distortion Audibility Using a Simplified Psychoacoustic Model
Overview and Comparison of and Guide to Audio Measurement Methods
Spherical Sound Source for Acoustic Measurements
Low Frequency Noise Reduction by Synchronous Averaging under Asynchronous Measurement System in Real Sound Field
Measurement and Analysis of the Spectral Directivity of an Electric Guitar Amplifier: Vertical Plane
The Radiation Characteristics of a Horizontally Asymmetrical Waveguide that Utilizes a Continuous Arc Diffraction Slot
Analysis on Multiple Scattering between the Rigid-Spherical Microphone Array and Nearby Surface in Sound Field Recording
Calibration of Soundfield Microphones Using the Diffuse-Field Response
Higher Order Loudspeakers for Improved Surround Sound Reproduction in Rooms
A Model for Rendering Stereo Signals in the ITD-Range of Hearing
A Method for Reproducing Frontal Sound Field of 22.2 Multichannel Sound Utilizing a Loudspeaker Array Frame
Low-Frequency Temporal Accuracy of Small-Room Sound Reproduction
Experiments of Sound Field Reproduction Inside Aircraft Cabin Mock-Up
Wave Field Synthesis with Primary Source Correction: Theory, Simulation Results, and Comparison to Earlier Approaches
Limitations of Point-Source Sub-Woofer Array Models for Live Sound
Improved Methods for Generating Focused Sources Using Circular Arrays
Evaluation of trr Distorting Effects Reduction in DCI-NPC Multilevel Power Amplifiers by Using SiC Diodes and MOSFET Technologies
New Strategy to Minimize Dead-Time Distortion in DCI-NPC Power Amplifiers Using COE-Error Injection
Further Testing and Newer Methods in Evaluating Amplifiers for Induced Phase and Frequency Modulation via Tones, Amplitude Modulated Signals, and Pulsed Waveforms
Coupling Lumped and Boundary Element Methods Using Superposition
Study of the Interaction between Radiating Systems in a Coaxial Loudspeaker
Flexible Acoustic Transducer from Dielectric-Compound Elastomer Film
A Digitally Driven Speaker System Using Direct Digital Spread Spectrum Technology to Reduce EMI Noise
Automatic Speaker Delay Adjustment System Using Wireless Audio Capability of ZigBee Networks
A Second-Order Soundfield Microphone with Improved Polar Pattern Shape
Period Deviation Tolerance Templates: A Novel Approach to Evaluation and Specification of Self-Synchronizing Audio Converters
Loudspeaker Localization Based on Audio Watermarking
A Method for Enhancement of Background Sounds in Forensic Audio Recordings
Transient Room Acoustics Using a 2.5 Dimensional Approach
Multimodal Information Management: Evaluation of Auditory and Haptic Cues for NextGen Communication Displays
Prototype Spatial Auditory Display for Remote Planetary Exploration
The Influence of 2-D and 3-D Video Playback on the Perceived Quality of Spatial Audio Rendering for Headphones
An Autonomous System for Multitrack Stereo Pan Positioning
DReaM: A Novel System for Joint Source Separation and Multitrack Coding
Subjective Evaluation of Personalized Equalization Curves in Music
Thresholds for the Discrimination of Tonal and Narrowband Noise Bursts
Identification and Evaluation of Target Curves for Headphones
Consistency of Balance Preferences in Three Musical Genres
The Effect of Acoustic Environment on Reverberation Level Preference
Localization of a Virtual Point Source within the Listening Area for Wave Field Synthesis
The Relationship between Perception and Measurement of Headphone Sound Quality
On the Study of Ionic Microphones
Midrange Resonant Scattering in Loudspeakers
Long Distance Induction Drive Loud Hailer Characterization
Optimal Configurations for Subwoofers in Rooms Considering Seat to Seat Variation and Low Frequency Efficiency
Modeling the Large Signal Behavior of Micro-Speakers
An Indirect Study of Compliance and Damping in Linear Array Transducers
Bandwidth Extension for Microphone Arrays
Blind Upmixing for Height and Wide Channels Based on an Image Source Method
Spatial Sound Design Tool for 22.2 Channel 3-D Audio Productions, with Height
Efficient Primary-Ambient Decomposition Algorithm for Audio Upmix
On the Use of Dynamically Varied Loudspeaker Spacing in Wave Field Synthesis
A Simple and Efficient Method for Real-Time Computation and Transformation of Spherical Harmonic-Based Sound Fields
Headphone Virtualization: Improved Localization and Externalization of Non-Individualized HRTFs by Cluster Analysis
Searching Impulse Response Libraries Using Room Acoustic Descriptors
HRIR Database with Measured Actual Source Direction Data
On the Study of Frontal-Emitter Headphone to Improve 3-D Audio Playback
Kinect Application for a Wave Field Synthesis-Based Reproduction System
Drum Synthesis via Low-Frequency Parametric Modes and Altered Residuals
Drum Pattern Humanization Using a Recursive Bayesian Framework
Procedural Audio Modeling for Particle-Based Environmental Effects
Knowledge Representation Issues in Audio-Related Metadata Model Design
High-Level Semantic Metadata for the Control of Multitrack Adaptive Digital Audio Effects
On Accommodating Pitch Variation in Long Term Prediction of Speech and Vocals in Audio Coding
Parametric Coding of Piano Signals
Real-Time Implementation of Glasberg and Moore's Loudness Model for Time-Varying Sounds
Subjective Selection of Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTF) Based on Spectral Coloration and Interaural Time Differences (ITD) Cues
Does Understanding of Test Items Help or Hinder Subjective Assessment of Basic Audio Quality?
Subjective Assessments of Higher Order Ambisonic Sound Systems in Varying Acoustical Conditions
A Viewer-Centered Revision of Audiovisual Content Classifiers
Perception of Time-Varying Signals: Timbre and Phonetic JND of Diphthong
Employing Supercomputing Cluster to Acoustic Noise Map Creation
Objective and Subjective Evaluations of Digital Audio Workstation Summing
Hong Kong Film Score Production: A Hollywood Informed Approach
Investigation into Electric Vehicles Exterior Noise Generation
Preferred Spatial Post-Processing of Popular Stereophonic Music for Headphone Reproduction
Interactive 3-D Audio: Enhancing Awareness of Details in Immersive Soundscapes?
Simulating Autophony with Auralized Oral-Binaural Room Impulse Responses
Head-Tracking Techniques for Virtual Acoustics Applications
Scalable Binaural Synthesis on Mobile Devices
Frequency-Domain Implementation of Time-Varying FIR Filters
Estimating a Signal from a Magnitude Spectrogram via Convex Optimization
Distance-Based Automatic Gain Control with Continuous Proximity-Effect Compensation
Subband Comfort Noise Insertion for an Acoustic Echo Suppressor
Potential of Non-Uniformly Partitioned Convolution with Freely Adaptable FFT Sizes
Comparison of Filter Bank Design Algorithms for Use in Low Delay Audio Coding
Balanced Phase Equalization; IIR Filters with Independent Frequency Response and Identical Phase Response
Envelope-Based Spatial Parameter Estimation in Directional Audio Coding
Approximation of Dynamic Convolution Exploiting Principal Component Analysis: Objective and Subjective Quality Evaluation
Optimized Implementation of an Innovative Digital Audio Equalizer
Automatic Mode Estimation of Persian Musical Signals
Generating Matrix Coefficients for Feedback Delay Networks Using Genetic Algorithm
Low Complexity Transient Detection in Audio Coding Using an Image Edge Detection Approach
Temporal Coherence-Based Howling Detection for Speech Applications
A Mixing Matrix Estimation Method for Blind Source Separation of Underdetermined Audio Mixture
Speech Separation with Microphone Arrays Using the Mean Shift Algorithm
A Study on Correlation between Tempo and Mood of Music
Comparing Separation Quality of Nonnegative Matrix Factorization and Nonnegative Matrix Factor 2-D Deconvolution in Audio Source Separation Tasks
Aspects of Microphone Array Source Separation Performance
A New Algorithm for Generating Realistic Three-Dimensional Reverberation Based on Image Sound Source Distribution in Consideration of Room Shape Complexity
Utilizing Instantaneous Direct-to-Reverberant Ratio in Parametric Spatial Audio Coding
Audio Signal Decorrelation Based on Reciprocal-Maximal Length Sequence Filters and Its Applications to Spatial Sound
A Downmix Approach with Acoustic Shadow, Low Frequency Effects, and Loudness Control
Direct-Diffuse Decomposition of Multichannel Signals Using a System of Pairwise Correlations
A New Method of Multichannel Surround Sound Coding Utilizing Head Dynamic Cue
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