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Voice Coil Impedance as a Function of Frequency and Displacement
Dynamical Measurement of Loudspeaker Suspension Parts
Modelling Acoustic Room Interaction for Pistonic and Distributed-Mode Loudspeakers in the Correlation Domain
Compensating the Acoustical Loading of Small Loudspeakers Mounted Near Desktops
Image Source Model for Loudspeaker Enclosure
MPEG-4 Scalable to Lossless Audio Coding
Improved Transient Pre-Noise Performance of Low Bit Rate Audio Coders Using Time Scaling Synthesis
Subjective Evaluation of MPEG Layer II with Spectral Band Replication
Spatial Audio Coding: Next-Generation Efficient and Compatible Coding of Multi-Channel Audio
Coding of Spatial Audio Compatible with Different Playback Formats
Do Higher Order Modes at the Horn Driver's Mouth Contribute to the Sound Field of a Horn Loudspeaker?
Investigating the Potential Benefits to Both the Objective and Subjective Performance of a Two-Way Loudspeaker Obtained by Using a Wide-Band “tweeter” to Place the Cross-Over at a Lower Than Usual Frequency.
A Multiple Regression Model for Predicting Loudspeaker Preference Using Objective Measurements: Part II - Development of the Model
Compact Magnetic Suspension Transducer
Comparative Analysis of Nonlinear Distortion in Compression Drivers and Horns
Maximum Efficiency of Compression Drivers
Analysis and Modeling of the Bi-Directional Fluid Flow in Loudspeaker Ports
Comparison of Inverse Filter Real-Time Equalization Methods for Non-Minimum Phase Loudspeaker Systems
Introduction to Dolby Digital Plus, an Enhancement to the Dolby Digital Coding System
Ultra Low Delay Audio Coding with Constant Bit Rate
An Analysis of Tandem Error During Audio Transcoding
aacPlus, Only a Low-Bitrate Codec?
Efficient Bit Reservoir Design for MP3 and AAC
Design of MPEG-4 AAC Encoder
Frequency-Domain Additive Synthesis with an Oversampled Weighted Overlap-Add Filterbank for a Portable Low-Power MIDI Synthesizer
Virtual Air Guitar
Visually Controlled Synthesis Using the Sonic Scanner and the Graphonic Interface
Mana, a Tool for Human-Supervised Statistical Analysis in Audio-Content Extraction
Nonlinear Projection Algorithm for Evaluating Multiple Listener Equalization Performance
An RTP Payload Format for MIDI
Network Time Delay and Ensemble Accuracy: Effects of Latency, Asymmetry
Practical Issues in Objective Speech Quality Assessment with ITU-T P.862
Integrated High-Performance Multi-Channel Audio Interconnection
An Internet Protocol (IP) Sound System
Wow Detection and Compensation Employing Spectral Processing of Audio
Correction of Wow and Flutter Effects in Analog Tape Transfers
Computationally Efficient Blind Dereverberation of Audio Signals
Audio Fingerprints: Technology and Applications
A New Digital Measurement for Distortion of Acoustical Devices
Measurement of Small-Size Loudspeaker Units by New Acoustical Loads
Extending Quasi-Anechoic Measurements to Low Frequencies
Efficient AAC Single Layer Transcoer
Effective Tonality Detection Algorithm Based on Spectrum Energy in Perceptual Audio Coder
Audio Patch Method in MPEG-4 HE AAC Decoder
Bit-Weighted Inter-Channel Prediction for Subband Audio Coding
Establishing a Reference Playback Level for Video Games
Can Playing a Computer Game Affect Perception of Audio-Visual Synchrony?
Customization for Personalized Rendering of Motion-Tracked Binaural Sound
5.1 and 22.2 Multichannel Sound Productions Using an Integrated Surround Sound Panning System
Examination of Multichannel Sound Field Recomposition Utilizing Frequency Dependent Interaural Cross Correlation (FIACC)
Modeling Auditory Localization of Subwoofer Signals in Multi-Channel Loudspeaker Arrays
Identification and Discrimination of Listener Envelopment Percepts Associated with Multiple Low-Frequency Signals in Multichannel Sound Reproduction
Multichannel Sound Recording Using 3,4 and 5 Channels Arrays for Front Sound Stage Coverage
Designing High Spatial Resolution Microphones
Capturing Manipulation and Reproduction of Sampled Acoustic Impulse Responses
Preferred Listening Levels and Acceptance Windows for Dialog Reproduction in the Domestic Environment
Evaluation of Different Loudness Models with Music and Speech Material
Level Detection Tunings and Techniques for the Dynamic Range Compression of Audio Signals
A New Objective Measure of Perceived Loudness
Training of Listeners for Evaluation of Spatial Attributes of Sound
Development of a Sound Quality Evaluation System
The Effect of Room Acoustics on MP3 Audio Quality Evaluation
The Restitution of Timbre by Loudspeakers in a Listening Room: Perceptual and Physical Measurements.
Subjective Test of Class D Amplifiers Without Output Filter
Acoustic Response Simulation of a Cone-Type Loudspeaker by the Finite Element Method
Nonlinearities Characterization
Numerical Analysis of Total Harmonic Distortion of a Loudspeaker in a Low-Frequency Range
Characteristic of Loudspeaker by a Multilayer Piezoelectric Ceramic
Radiation of Enclosed Loudspeaker in Baffle: Simulation Model and Results
Jump Resonance in Audio Transducers
Impulse Response and Frequency Response of a Line Loudspeaker Array
Real-Time Voice-Coil Temperature and Cone Displacement Control of Loudspeakers
Loudspeaker Transduers with an Alternative Tubular Form Factor
Higher Order Harmonic Signature Analysis for Loudspeaker Defect Detection
Long Range Noise Canceling Microphone
Spatial Definition and the PanAmbiophone Microphone Array for 2D Surround & 3D Fully Periphonic Recording
Advanced Simulation of a Condenser Microphone Capsule
Enhancement of Audio Signals Using Transient Detection and Modification
Design Criteria for Simple Sinusoidal Parameter Estimation Based on Quadratic Interpolation of FFT Magnitude Peaks
Raised Cosine Equalization Utilizing Log Scale Filter Synthesis
Real-Time Sound Source Separation: Azimuth Discrimination and Resynthesis
Enhancement of Audio Signals Based on Modulation Spectrum Processing
Improved Analogue Class-D Amplifier with Carrier Symmetry Modulation
New Balanced Input Integrated Circuit Achieves Very High Dynamic Range in Real-World Systems
An Ear Training System for Identifying Parameters of Artificial Reverberation in Multichannel Audio
A Novel Multichannel Panning Method for Standard and Arbitrary Loudspeaker Configurations
Multi-Source Low Frequency Room Simulation Using Finite Difference Time Domain Approximations
A Host-Based Real-Time Multichannel Immersive Sound Playback and Processing System
Optimum Loudspeaker System with Subwoofer and Digital Equalization
Determining the Peak Sound Level Capability of Loudspeakers and Sound Systems
Plane Wave Tubes - Uses and Limitations
Measurement of Audio Equipment with Log-Swept Sine Chirps
Acoustic Re-Design of the Danish National Gallery
Systematic & Common Errors in Sound System STI and Intelligibility Measurements
Phase Equalization for Multi-Channel Loudspeaker-Room Responses
Assessment of Music Audio Quality in a Sports Stadium
Line Array Performance at Mid and High Frequencies
Head-Tracked Auralization of Acoustical Simulation
Directional Measurement of Airborne Sound Transmission Paths Using a Spherical Microphone Array
Electronic Bass Trap
Moore’s Law and Digital Audio. What Have We Done with All the Transistors?
Dither Myths and Facts
Description of Limit Cycles in Feedback Sigma Delta Modulators
Implementation of "Tree" and “Stack” Algorithms for Look-Ahead Sigma Delta Modulators
Novel Subwoofer Signal Conditioner Design Using a Field Programmable Analog Array and Software Tools
Characterization of Spherical Loudspeaker Arrays
Interpolating Linear- and Log-Sampled Convolution
A Comparison of Speech Intelligibility Results Between the Callsign Acquisition Test and the Modified Rhyme Test
Adjustment of the Parameters Proposed for the Objective, Perceptual Based Evaluation Methods of Compressed Speech and Audio Signals
New Techniques Assisting Cochlear Implants Fitting
Influence of Head-Tracking on Spatial Perception
Frequency Dependence of Perceptual Sound Image Distance Using Direct-To-Reverberant Energy Ratio Control Method
Virtual Sound Algorithm for Wide Stereo Sound Stage
Audio Signal Decorrelation Based on a Critical Band Approach
A Simplified Scene-Based Paradigm for Use in Spatial Audio Listener Training Applications
Specifying the Jitter Performance of Audio Components
High-Performance Discrete Building Blocks for Balanced Audio Signal Processing
Partial Unmixing for Personalized Audio
A New Method of Applying High Levels of Dither to Delta-Sigma Modulators
Scaleable Multi-Channel DSD Coding
Perceptual Discrimination of Very High Frequency Components in Musical Sound Recorded with a Newly Developed Wide Frequency Range Microphone
High-Ordered Adaptive FIR Filters for Acoustical Echo Cancellation
Class D Amplifier with Zero Switching Ripple
FPGA Implementation of an Audio Processor
Real-Time Power Supply Compensation for Noise-Shaped Class D Amplifier
Digital Audio Power Amplifier for DSD Data Streams
Implementation of High-Order Convolution Algorithms with Low Latency on Silicon Chips
Scalability in the Modified Discrete Cosine Transform Filter Bank
Construction of a Car Stereo Audio Quality Index
Measurement of Speech Transmission Index Inside Cars Using Throat-Activated Microphone and Analysis of Its Correlation with Drivers’ Impression
High Power Step-Up Converter for Car Subwoofers
Increased Correlation in Blind Audio Watermark Detection - a Blessing in Disguise?
Comparison of Effectiveness of Musical Sound Separation Algorithms Employing Neural Networks
Distortion Audibility in Inverse Filtering
Harmonic Sound Source Separation Using FIR Comb Filters
AES Technical Committee on Signal Processing Educational CD Project
Telescopic Spatial Radio
Dynamic Cross-Talk Cancellation for Binaural Synthesis in Virtual Reality Environments
Dancing Music: Integrated MIDI-Driven Synthesis and Spatialization for Virtual Reality
Integration of Measurements of Interaural Cross-Correlation Coefficient and Interaural Time Difference Within a Single Model of Perceived Source Width
Sound Editing Workflows and Technologies for Digital Film: The Non Linear Soundtrack
5.1 Surround Sound Productions with Multi-Format HDTV Programs
PC-Based Sound Reproduction System Linked to Virtual Environments Rendered by VRML
A Headphone-Free Head-Tracked Audio Telepresence System
Subjective Comparison of Single Channel versus Two Channel Subwoofer Reproduction
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