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To change your email address, please use the instructions below to unsubscribe from your old address, then again to subscribe to your new address. Sorry, but it is not possible to "change" your email address.

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The AES Historical Committee (HC) operates an email Reflector (also called a Mail List) that we use to tell members about current  HC projects (for instance, HC exhibits at conventions), and for members to communicate with each other about historical projects and events.

When a member sends a message to the reflector, it sends that message to all members.

When you submit a request using one of these forms, our mailing list manager,, will send you an email asking you to confirm your request. If you do not reply to this email within twenty-four hours, your request will not be processed and you will have to start over.

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The digest version of the reflector has been discontinued. We have moved all digest subscribers to the regular mailing list.

If you have difficulty subscribing to the AES HC Reflector, please contact  the HC Reflector host,

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