Volunteer to Work on a Historical Project

Volunteer for an AES Historical Committee Project

We welcome volunteers to work on projects for the AES Historical Committee. We use the internet for our communication, so you will need to have an email address with which we can communicate.

Our projects are driven by the volunteers' own personal interests in the history of audio engineering. Several active projects are listed on our Home Page, and you should contact the Project Leaders if you want to help them with those projects.

The ideas suggested so far for historical projects are listed in our Guidelines , in Section 2, "Purposes". We hope that one of those topics interests you, but we are also open to suggestions for other historical projects -- email your ideas to the Historical Committee Chair (see eddress here).

Many historical projects result in a "Report" which we will post on the HC website -- there are some seven "Reports" now on our web page.

We have also organized historical exhibits at recent conventions -- "When Vinyl Ruled" at the 109th Convention in LA; "Old Chaps Cafe" (see the convertion report)at the 110th Convention in Amsterdam, for instance. See the Active Projects list to volunteer for a current project.

We hope that this gives you some idea of ways you could contribute to the AES Historical Committee.

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