AES Historical Committee Officers


Co-Chairs:  Bill Wray and Gene Radzik
Chair Emeritus:  Jay McKnight
Secretary:  (open)

Projects and Project Leaders
Audio Patents: 
George Brock-Nannestad
Audio Timeline:  Jay McKnight
Audio Transfers: 
Tom Fine
Historical Committee Website Design: 
Gene Radzik
Historical Events, 137th Convention  
(Los Angeles, 2014-10-09): 

 Mark Gander
History of the AES:  (open)
History of Audio Engineering  
as Told Thru the AES Journal

Jay McKnight
History of the AES Japan Chapter:  Takeo Yamamoto;  "Steve" Sohma, Secretary
History (Early) of Ampex Corp
Larry Miller
Museums Coordination and Links Myles Cochran Davis
Oral History Video Project:
Irv Joel, Harry Hirsch, John Chester,
Thiele-Krause Online Archive: 
Cornelius Bradter
Technical Advisor to the
Historical Committee: 

John K. Chester
Webmaster:  Jay McKnight
Email reflector host:
Howard Sanner
Email reflector provider: 
David Josephson

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