Books and Video Tapes/DVDs


"Magnetic Recording: The Ups and Downs of a Pioneer" The memoirs of Semi Joseph Begun (available now from the AESHC Store)

"Magnetic Recording, The First 100 Years" by Daniel, Mee, and Clark, IEEE Press (1999), ISBN 0-7803-4709-9

"Paul Wilbur Klipsch the Life...the Legend", by Maureen Barrett and Michael Klementovich (2002)

"Sound Recording: Life Story of a Technology", by David L Morton Jr., The Johns Hopkins University Press (2004) ISBN 0-8018-8398-9

"“3M – Magnetic Media Maker, a history of the first four decades (1944...1985)”, by Charles L Alden, available for 20 $ per copy, directly from the publisher, Karen Eilers,  email[email protected] .


"An Afternoon with Jack Mullin" (VHS tape is out of print*)

"A Chronology of American Tape Recording" (VHS tape is out of print*)

*Please check back later -- a DVD release being prepared.

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