AESHC Guidelines 2002-12-15

AESHC Guidelines 2002-12-15 The AES Historical Committee is organized under an Operating Structure that has been approved  by the AES Board of Governors. It gives us control over the details of our organization and operation, as stated in this section of the Operating Structure:

"  The AES HC, under the direction of its Chair, shall formulate, approve, and follow more detailed guidelines, under this Operating Structure, detailing the projects and officers of this committee."

Guidelines for the AES Historical Committee
Revised 2002-12-15

1 Name

The name shall be the Audio Engineering Society Historical Committee (hereafter AES HC).
2 Purposes (Projects)
The AES HC shall:

2.1 Unite persons interested in the history of audio engineering and its allied fields.

2.2 Serve as a link between recording studios, radio stations, manufacturers, and others who wish to discard old equipment; and museums, libraries, archives, and private collectors who wish to preserve it.
2.3 Serve as a link between recording studios, radio stations, manufacturers, and others who wish to discard documents relating to the history of audio engineering; and museums, libraries, archives, and private collectors who wish to preserve them.

2.4 Collaborate with the AES Standards Committee, SC-03 Subcommittee on the Preservation and Restoration of Audio Recording, and other AES committees and subcommittees, as appropriate.

2.5 Organize and maintain an archive relating to the history of the Audio Engineering Society itself. The AES HC shall not create any other archive, nor any museum or library of its own.
2.6 Cooperate with existing libraries, archives, and museums; and with other professional organizations with related interests [e.g., Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC), International Association of Sound Archives (IASA), Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), Verein Deutscher Tonmeister (VDT)].
2.7 Contact important figures in the history of audio engineering and encourage them to donate historical papers to existing museums, archives, or libraries to ensure their long-term preservation.
2.8 Organize appropriate sessions on the history of audio engineering, or a display on an appropriate historical subject, at Conventions, in cooperation with Convention Committees; and at Local Section meetings, in cooperation with Local Sections.

2.9 Create and operate two AES HC email reflectors: a Steering Committee Reflector for discussions of purely administrative matters of the Committee; and a general Historical Reflector for discussions of actual historical matters.

2.10 Create an AES HC web site and an FTP site on which to publish the information compiled in the following sections.
2.11 Create a directory of museums, libraries, archives, and private collections that contain historic audio equipment or documents about the history of audio engineering.
2.12  Devise a catalog for classifying the inventions and developments made in audio engineering, based on the work of HK Thiele.
2.13 Record oral histories (sound only, sound with video, and/or sound with still photographs) of important figures in the history of audio engineering
2.14 Collect, write, publish, and otherwise disseminate accurate historical information about the field of audio engineering.
2.15 Translate into English and publish important historical books and articles with the original and the English-language text on facing pages. The AES HC shall choose items to be translated.
3 Officers
3.1 AES HC officers should be members of the AES. They shall be specialists in one or more areas of audio history, and have the knowledge to identify, locate, and contact other specialists, or in other important ways contribute to the work of the AES HC. The officers serve as unpaid volunteers, not AES employees. Expenses will be reimbursed at the discretion of the Chair. Advance arrangements must be made for any sizable expenditures. Travel and related expenses on committee business are reimbursable contingent upon the AES HC budget that has been approved by the Board of Governors.
3.2 The officers shall consist of a Chair,  a Vice Chair, a Secretary, and Project Leaders as appropriate for fulfilling the "Purposes" in Section 2.
3.3 Appointment:
(a) The AES President, with the approval of the Board of Governors, shall appoint the chair of the AES HC.

(b) The Chair will in turn appoint the Vice Chair, the Secretary,  and the Project Leaders.

3.4 Terms of Officers:
The officers shall serve for one year, their terms to be concurrent with that of the Board of Governors. Officers shall be eligible for reappointment.
3.5 Duties:
3.5.1 Chair
(a) To foster the development of programs and projects that further the purposes of the AES HC.
(b)  To administer the AES HC.
(c)  To chair the meetings of the AES HC.
(d)  To report to the AES Board of Governors regarding the activities of the AES HC.
(e)  To submit an annual budget request to the Board of Governors.
(f)  To approve reimbursements for authorized expenses, and submit them to the Headquarters Accounting Services.
3.5.2  Vice Chair
 (a) To assume the duties of the Chair in the event of his absence or incapacity, and otherwise assist the Chair.
(b)  To prepare, under the direction of the AES HC Chair, press releases about the AES HC for the Journal and other media, to be issued following established Headquarter's practices.
(c) To prepare a budget request annually for submission to the AES HC Chair.
(d) To manage the AES HC budget, in coordination with the AES Controller and the AES HC Chair.
3.5.3 Secretary
(a) To record the minutes of AES HC meetings.
(b) To prepare and maintain a HC membership list.

3.5.4 Project Leaders

(a) To administer their respective Projects.
(b) To prepare an annual budget request and submit it to the AES HC Vice Chair.
(c) To prepare a report on the status of their project, and submit it to the AES HC Chair five weeks before each of the two AES Conventions.
Note on expenses:
The Historical Committee officers and members are unpaid volunteers, not AES employees. Authorized expenses will be reimbursed  on approval by the Chair. Travel expenses to Conventions are not usually reimbursed.Major expenses (more than 500 $) for Historical Committee projects  must be submitted in the annual budget requests, and approved as part of the AES HC budget.
4 Membership
Membership in the AES HC is open to any person interested in the history of audio engineering and its allied arts.
5 Meetings
The AES HC shall meet at least once annually, normally in conjunction with an AES convention. The meeting shall be open to the public.

Credits: This draft is based on the "Proposal for the Reconstruction of the AES Historical Committee" by Wilms and van der Hilst of 1998-09-23, "with ideas and concepts from" Doesburg, Engel, Joel, Schueller, and Thiele; with minor changes by Bosi; approved (with minor changes) at the AES HC meeting 1999-05-10 at the 106th Convention in Munich; further revised by Robinson and McKnight, with comments by Sanner and Wilms, and comments from AES HC meeting 1999-09-26 at AES 107th Convention.

J. McKnight, Chair, AES HC

Numbering simplified 2000-01-18  J. McK

Revision 2000-04-05, J. McK, without objection: Introductory para referencing Operating Structure added; Office of Vice Chair (Sec 3.5.2) deleted; following Secs renumbered; (new) Sec 3.5.5 added; duty to preside over Regional meetings reassigned from Chair to Regional Vice-Chairs.

Draft Revision 2001-01-18, based on Chair's proposal at the meeting at the 109th Convention (Los Angeles), 2000-09-24 : Reword Secs 2.5 and 2.8; in Sec 3.1, text on expenses moved to note at end; Sec 3.2...3.5, Secretaries and Regional Officers deleted; Vice Chair established. Appedix on the "History of the AES" project deleted.

Draft Revision 2001-02-01  Incorporated comments from Ted Sheldon.

Draft Revision 2001-02-08  Corrected.

2002-04-24 Corrected "Revision of 2001-02-08": "AESHC" changed to "AES HC"; changed title of 2 from "Purposes" to "Purposes (Projects)"; spelling correction; 3.5.3 c corrected from "three AES Conventions" to "two AES Conventions".  jm

2002-12-14 & 15 Re-established office of Secretary; moved duties of taking minutes from VC to Sec'y; added to Sec'y, "membership list". Budget management (3.5.2 (d) changed from Treasurer to Controller. In "note on expenses", changed "officers" to "officers and committee members" are volunteers.    jm

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