AESHC Oral History Project Home Page

AESHC Oral History Project Home Page

Irv Joel, long-standing project leader has decided to step down after conducting many fascinating interviews internationally. We are grateful for his tremendous contribution over the years. Many of the interviews he conducted are now available for sale at the Historical Committee Web Store, with more being added regularly. East Coast project volunteers Harry Hirsch, John Chester, and Paul Gallo are conducting interviews periodically, and we would like to find interested people for conducting West Coast and European interviews. Please contact Bill Wray and Gene Radzik if you are interested in carrying on this important work.

Through the dedicated video editing work of volunteer Harry Hirsch, oral history interviews are now available at the Historical Committee Web Store.

The Guidelines of the AES Historical Committee include:

2.13 Record oral histories (sound only, sound with video, and/or sound with still photographs) of important figures in the history of audio engineering.

The Project is responsible for coordinating and recording interviews which will preserve a first hand recording and/or text transcription of the recollections of persons involved with important audio engineering inventions and/or events, for future generations.

Here is the List of Completed Interviews .

The Interview Guidelines, based on our experience, recommend procedures for recording oral interviews. The Release Form can be printed from this pdf file. 

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