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A Single-Chip DSP with D/A Converter for Broadcast Audio Decoding
Twisted-Pair Cables for AES/EBU Digital Audio Signals
Tandem Coding of Digital Audio Data Compression Algorithms
The Layer III PC Card
ISDN Audio Applications in Broadcasting and Postproduction Applications
The Audio and Video Systems for the Arena of Verona
Listening Conditions for Subjective Assessment of Sound Quality: The Status of International Standardization
A Monitor System Based on Wave Synthesis
A Monitor System Based on Wave Synthesis
The Structure of Natural and Synthetic Musical Instrument Sounds
Compatibility Matrixing of Multichannel Bit-Rate Reduced Audio Signals
Applications of High-Quality Digital Audio Coders
Results of a Differential Perceptual Audio Coding Technique
Data Reduction for Speech Transmission
AC-3: Flexible Perceptual Coding for Audio Transmission and Storage
Objective Perceptual Analysis: Comparing the Audible Performance of Data Reduction Schemes
A Real-Time ISO/MPEG-2 Multichannel Decoder
Intensity Stereo Coding
Modeling a Cognitive Aspect in the Measurement of the Quality of Music Codecs
A Perceptual Objective Measurement System (POM) for the Quality Assessment of Perceptual Codecs
A Theoretical Approach to a Generalized Auditory Model for Audio Coding and Objective Perceptual Assessment
NMR Measurements on Multiple Generations Audio Coding
A System for the Development and Evaluation of Complex Crossover Systems
Single-Chip Implementation of an ISO/MPEG Layer III Decoder
Digital Audio Processor IC for Consumer Products Using Bit-Serial Signal Processing on a Microcoded Architecture
A New Principle/IC for Audio Sampling-Rate Conversion
Field-Programmable Gate-Array-Based 32-Times Oversampling Eighth-Order Sigma-Delta Audio DAC
All-Digital Power Amplifier Based on Pulse-Width Modulation
A Modified Design of Dithered Noise Shapers Including Input Resolution
Dynamic Jitter Filtering in High-Resolution DSM and PWM Digital-to-Analog Conversion
The Wave-Field Synthesis Concept Applied to Sound Reinforcement Restriction and Solutions
The Wave-Field Synthesis Concept Applied to Generation of Reflections and Reverberation
The Wave-Field Synthesis Concept Applied to Sound Reproduction
Design and Simulations of Sound Reinforcement Systems and the Influence on the Subjective Quality
A Linear-Phase 512-Band Graphic Equalizer Using the Fast-Fourier Transform
A Frequency-Domain Noise Gate Using Psychoacoustic Criteria
Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) Coding of Audio Signals Using Psychoacoustic Criteria
Modeling and Compensation of Nonlinear Distortion in Horn Loudspeakers
Reduction on Nonlinear Distortion in Loudspeakers with Digital Motional Feedback
Equalization of Loudspeaker Low-Frequency Response in a Room
Artificial Intelligence Approach to the Detection of Events in a Musical Signal
An Extended Model for Impedance and Compensation of Electro-Dynamic Loudspeaker Units and an Algorithm for Their Determination
Using Interference Tube Microphones in the Reel World
Phase relation in stereo signals from dual microphone set-ups
4-Canal Headphone for In-Front Localization and HDTV- or Dolby-Surround Use
A One-Dimensional Model of Loudspeaker Enclosures
An improved transmission line model for visco-thermal lossy sound propagation
Beam Width Change of Transducer Array Directional Patterns
A 3-D Stereo Processing Tool
A Multiprocessing Digital Sound Generator for High-Polyphony Wavetable Music Synthesis
VLSI Implementation of a Fully Digital Asynchronous Audio Sample-Rate Converter
A Variable-Bit-Rate Buried-Data Channel for Compact Disc
Integrating Filters for Professional and Consumer Applications
Design and Implementation of a Sound Column with Exceptional Properties
A Digital Control Unit for Loudspeaker Arrays
Advances in Computer Modeling of Ribbon Loudspeakers
A Novel Design Technique for High Quality Audio Power Circuits
Optical Microphone
Planar Loudspeaker Technology - Applications in the Real World
Computer Analysis and Restoration of Reproducing Piano Rolls
Recording Low-Flutter Measurement Tapes: An Experimental Approach
On the Application of Automatic Waveform Editing for Time Warping Digital and Analog Recordings
Wide Band and Wide Dynamic Range Recording and Reproduction of Digital Audio
Performance Comparison of CD, Noise-Shaped CD and DCC
The Removal of Impulse Noise in Music Signals Using Higher-Order Spectra
Learning Algorithms for the Cancellation of Old Recordings Noise
An Exact Model of Acoustic Radiation in Enclosed Spaces
Perception of Reproduced Sound: Audibility of Individual Reflections in a Complete Sound Field
Some Aspects of Control Room Acoustics
The Effect of Acoustic Diffusers on Room Mode Density
The Distribution of the Low Frequency Sound Field and its Relation to Room Equalization
Early Reflections in Studio Control Rooms: The Results from the First Controlled Image Design Installations
Acoustics of the Old Russian Tent-Shaped Church
Virtual Reality Applications in Mixing Consoles Design
A Computer-Aided System for Timbral Ear Training
Architecture of a Digital Mixing Desk and Related Operational Features
ARTOS - Audio Real-Time Operating System
Nonlinear Effects in AF-Amplifiers Caused by Thermal Power Feedback
The Use of a Digital Audio Mainframe for Room Acoustical Auralization
Measurement of the Effective Radiating Surface Area of a Loudspeaker Using a Laser Velocity Transducer and a Microphone
Binaural Auralization, Comparison of FIR and IIR Filter Representation of HIRs
Binaural Auralization, Simulating Free Field Conditions by Headphones
EMC and the Professional Audio Video and Lighting Industries
Improved MPEG-2 Audio Multi-Channel Encoding
Some Acoustical Aspects for Sound Design in Churches
Perceptual Coding of Matrixed Audio Signals
The Diagnosis and Solution of Jitter-Related Problems in Digital Audio Systems
Hearing Loss & Music
Impulsive Noise Detection & Reduction using Adaptive Processing
Dynamic Range Enhancement Using Noise-Shaped Dither Applied to Signals with and without Pre-emphasis
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