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Model-Driven Development of Audio Processing Applications for Multi-Core Processors
Real-Time Additive Synthesis with One Million Sinusoids Using a GPU
A GPGPU Approach to Improved Acoustic Finite Difference Time Domain Calculations
Digital Equalization Filter: New Solution to the Frequency Response Near Nyquist and Evaluation by Listening Tests
Audio Equalization with Fixed-Pole Parallel Filters: An Efficient Alternative to Complex Smoothing
Rapid and Automated Development of Audio Digital Signal Processing Algorithms for Mobile Devices
Simultaneous Soundfield Reproduction at Multiple Spatial Regions
Verification of Geometric Acoustics-Based Auralization Using Room Acoustics Measurement Techniques
Analysis Tool Development for the Investigation of Low Frequency Room Acoustics by Means of Finite Element Method
Subwoofers in Rooms: Experimental Modal Analysis
Subwoofer Positioning, Orientation, and Calibration for Large-Scale Sound Reinforcement
Live Measurements of Ground-Stacked Subwoofers' Performance
21-Channel Surround System Based on Physical Reconstruction of a Three Dimensional Target Sound Field
Real-Time Implementation of Wave Field Synthesis on NU-Tech Framework Using CUDA Technology
Investigation of 3-D Audio Rendering with Parametric Array Loudspeakers
Robust Representation of Spatial Sound in Stereo-to-Multichannel Upmix
Ambisonic Decoders; Is Historical Hardware the Future?
Localization Curves in Stereo Microphone Techniques—Comparison of Calculations and Listening Test Results
Investigation of Robust Panning Functions for 3-D Loudspeaker Setups
Classification of Time-Frequency Regions in Stereo Audio
A Comparison of Computational Precedence Models for Source Separation in Reverberant Environments
Converting Stereo Microphone Signals Directly to MPEG-Surround
Modification of Spatial Information in Coincident-Pair Recordings
Unitary Matrix Design for Diffuse Jot Reverberators
Sound Field Indicators for Hearing Activity and Reverberation Time Estimation in Hearing Instruments
Stereo-to-Binaural Conversion Using Interaural Coherence Matching
Linear Simulation of Spaced Microphone Arrays Using B-Format Recordings
Micro Loudspeaker Behaviour versus 6½-Inch Driver, Micro Loudspeaker Parameter Drift
Modeling a Loudspeaker as a Flexible Spherical Cap on a Rigid Sphere
Closed and Vented Loudspeaker Alignments that Compensate for Nearby Room Boundaries
Point-Source Loudspeaker Reversely-Attached Acoustic Horn: Its Architecture, Acoustic Characteristics, and Application to HRTF Measurements
The Low-Frequency Acoustic Center: Measurement, Theory, and Application
Prediction of Harmonic Distortion Generated by Electro-Dynamic Loudspeakers Using Cascade of Hammerstein Models
Characterizing Studio Monitor Loudspeakers for Auralization
Automated Design of Loudspeaker Diaphragm Profile by Optimizing the Simulated Radiated Sound Field with Experimental Validation
Study and Evaluation of MOSFET Rds(ON)-Impedance Efficiency Losses in High Power Multilevel DCI-NPC Amplifiers
Modeling Distortion Effects in Class-D Amplifier Filter Inductors
Multilevel DCI-NPC Power Amplifier High-Frequency Distortion Analysis through Parasitic Inductance Dynamic Model
How Much Gain Should a Professional Microphone Preamplifier Have?
Equalizing Force Contributions in Transducers with a Partitioned Electrode
Low-End Device to Convert EEG Waves to MIDI
Implementation and Development of Interfaces for Music Performance through Analysis of Improvised Dance Movements
Violence Prediction through Emotional Speech
FoleySonic: Placing Sounds on a Timeline through Gestures
A Computer-Aided Audio Effect Setup Procedure for Untrained Users
Theoretical and Experimental Comparison of Amplitude Modulation Techniques for Parametric Loudspeakers
Improvement of Sound Quality by Means of Ultra-Soft Elastomer for the Gel Type Inertia Driven DML Type Transducer
Electrical Circuit Model for a Loudspeaker with an Additional Fixed Coil in the Gap
Measurement of the Nonlinear Distortions in Loudspeakers with a Broadband Noise
The Fundamentals of Loudspeaker Radiation and Acoustic Quality
Analysis of Low Frequency Audio Reproduction via Multiple Low-Bl Loudspeakers
Circular Loudspeaker Arrays with Controllable Directivity
Automatic Detection of Audio Effects in Guitar and Bass Recordings
Time Domain Emulation of the Clavinet
Polyphony Number Estimator for Piano Recordings Using Different Spectral Patterns
String Ensemble Vibrato: A Spectroscopic Study
Influence of Psychoacoustic Roughness on Musical Intonation Preference
Music Emotion and Genre Recognition Toward New Affective Music Taxonomy
Perceptually-Motivated Audio Morphing: Warmth
A Novel Envelope-Based Generic Dynamic Range Compression Model
On the Air Absorption Effects in a Finite Difference Implementation of the Acoustic Diffusion Equation Model
A Comparison of Two Diffuse Boundary Models Based on Finite Differences Schemes
Considerations for the Optimal Location and Boundary Effects for Loudspeakers in an Automotive Interior
Acoustics of the Restored Petruzzelli Theater
Identification of a Room Impulse Response Using a Close-Microphone Reference Signal
Acoustic Impulse Response Measurement Using Speech and Music Signals
Evaluation of Late Reverberant Fields in Loudspeaker Rendered Virtual Rooms
Finite Difference Room Acoustic Modelling on a General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit
Cellular Automata Sound Synthesis with an Extended Version of the Multitype Voter Model
Stereophonic Rendering of Source Distance Using DWM-FDN Artificial Reverberators
Separation of Music+Effects Sound Track from Several International Versions of the Same Movie
A Differential Approach for the Implementation of Superdirective Loudspeaker Array
Improving the Performance of Pitch Estimators
Reverberation Analysis via Response and Signal Statistics
An Investigation of Low-Level Signal Descriptors Characterizing the Noise-Like Nature of an Audio Signal
Algorithms for Digital Subharmonic Distortion
A New Technology for the Assisted Mixing of Sport Events: Application to Live Football Broadcasting
Recovery Time of Redundant Ethernet-Based Networked Audio Systems
Upping the Auntie: A Broadcaster’s Take on Ambisonics
Audio-Video Synchronization for Post-Production over Managed Wide-Area Networks
A Proxy Approach for Interoperability and Common Control of Networked Digital Audio Devices
Network Neutral Control over Quality of Service Networks
Relative Importance of Speech and Non-Speech Components in Program Loudness Assessment
Loudness Normalization in the Age of Portable Media Players
Analog or Digital? A Case-Study to Examine Pedagogical Approaches to Recording Studio Practice
Monolateral and Bilateral Fitting with Different Hearing Aids Directional Configurations
Acoustic Echo Cancellation for Wideband Audio and Beyond
Adaptive Noise Reduction for Real-Time Applications
Active Noise Reduction in Personal Audio Delivery Systems; Assessment Using Loudness Balance Methods
Mapping Speech Intelligibility in Noisy Rooms
Further Investigations into Improving STI’s Recognition of the Effects of Poor Frequency Response on Subjective Intelligibility
Real-Time Speech-Rate Modification Experiments
Adaptive Equalizer for Acoustic Feedback Control
The Meshotron: A Network of Specialized Hardware Units for 3-D Digital Waveguide Mesh Acoustic Model Parallelization
A Hybrid Approach for Real-Time Room Acoustic Response Simulation
Sensor Networks for Measurement of Acoustic Parameters of Classrooms
In Situ Directivity Measurement of Flush-Mounted Loudspeakers in a Non-Environment Listening Room
Measurement of Loudspeakers without Using an Anechoic Chamber Utilizing Pulse-Train Measurement Method
Acoustic Space Sampling and the Grand Piano in a Non-Anechoic Environment: A Recordist-Centric Approach to the Musical Acoustic Study
Evaluation of Virtual Source Localization Using 3-D Loudspeaker Setups
Optimization of the Localization Performance of Irregular Ambisonic Decoders for Multiple Off-Center Listeners
Vibrational Behavior of High Aspect Ratio Multiactuator Panels
Design of a Circular Microphone Array for Panoramic Audio Recording and Reproduction: Microphone Directivity
Design of a Circular Microphone Array for Panoramic Audio Recording and Reproduction: Array Radius
MIAUDIO—Audio Mixture Digital Matrix
The Perception of Focused Sources in Wave Field Synthesis as a Function of Listener Angle
Gram-Schmidt-Based Downmixer and Decorrelator in the MPEG Surround Coding
Perceptual Assessment of Delay Accuracy and Loudspeaker Misplacement in Wave Field Synthesis
Perceptual Evaluation of Focused Sources in Wave Field Synthesis
Experiments on the Perception of Elevated Sources in Wave-Field Synthesis Using HRTF Cues
Comparison of the Width of Sound Sources in 2-Channel and 3-Channel Sound Reproduction
Study of the Effect of Source Directivity on the Perception of Sound in a Virtual Free-Field
Audio Spatialization for The Morning Line
Chameleon Subwoofer Arrays—Generalized Theory of Vectored Sources in a Closed Acoustic Space
Dynamical Measurement of the Effective Radiation Area SD
Modelling Acoustic Horns with FEA
Electroacoustic Measurements for High Noise Environment Intercom Headsets
Phase, Polarity, and Delay or Why a Loudspeaker Crossover Is Not a Time Machine
Time and Level Localization Curves for a Regularly-Spaced Octagon Loudspeaker Array
Trajectory Sampling for Computationally Efficient Reproduction of Moving Sound Sources
Audio Latency Measurement for Desktop Operating Systems with Onboard Soundcards
Error Control Techniques within Multidimensional-Adaptive Audio Coding Algorithms
Object-Based Audio Coding Using Non-Negative Matrix Factorization for the Spectrogram Representation
Cross-Layer Rate-Distortion Optimization for Scalable Advanced Audio Coding
Issues and Solutions Related to Real-Time TD-PSOLA Implementation
Integrating Musicological Knowledge into a Probabilistic Framework for Chord and Key Extraction
A Doubly Sparse Greedy Adaptive Dictionary Learning Algorithm for Music and Large-Scale Data
Individualization of Dynamic Binaural Synthesis by Real Time Manipulation of ITD
Perceptual Evaluation of Physical Predictors of the Mixing Time in Binaural Room Impulse Responses
HRTF Measurements with a Continuously Moving Loudspeaker and Swept Sines
Evaluation of a Binaural Reproduction System Using Multiple Stereo-Dipoles
Sound Field Recording by Measuring Gradients
In Situ Microphone Array Calibration for Parameter Estimation in Directional Audio Coding
Conditioning of the Problem of Source Array Design with Inverse Approach
Identification of Perceptual Attributes for the Assessment of Low Bit Rate Multichannel Audio Codecs
High-Level Sound Coding with Parametric Blocks
Exploiting High-Level Music Structure for Lossless Audio Compression
Interactive Teleconferencing Combining Spatial Audio Object Coding and DirAC Technology
A New Parametric Stereo and Multichannel Extension for MPEG-4 Enhanced Low Delay AAC (AAC-ELD)
Efficient Combination of Acoustic Echo Control and Parametric Spatial Audio Coding
Sampling Rate Discrimination: 44.1 kHz vs. 88.2 kHz
Comparison of Multichannel Audio Decoders for Use in Mobile and Handheld Devices
Auditory Perception of Dynamic Range in the Nonlinear System
A Subjective Evaluation of the Minimum Audible Channel Separation in Binaural Reproduction Systems through Loudspeakers
Evaluation of Speech Intelligility in Digital Hearing Aids
Method to Improve Speech Intelligibility in Different Noise Conditions
Contemporary Theories of Tinnitus Generation, Diagnosis and Management Practices
Analytical and Perceptual Evaluation of Nonlinear Devices for Virtual Bass System
Complexity Scalable Perceptual Tempo Estimation from HE-AAC Encoded Music
On the Effect of Reverberation on Musical Instrument Automatic Recognition
Harmonic Components Extraction in Recorded Piano Tones
Browsing Sound and Music Libraries by Similarity
On the Development and Use of Sound Maps for Environmental Monitoring
The Effects of Reverberation on Onset Detection Tasks
Segmentation and Discovery of Podcast Content
Center-Channel Processing in Virtual 3-D Audio Reproduction over Headphones or Loudspeakers
Immersive Virtual Sound for Beyond 5.1 Channel Audio
Parametric Representation of Complex Sources in Reflective Environments
Surround Sound Panning Technique Based on a Virtual Microphone Array
Acoustical Zooming Based on a Parametric Sound Field Representation
Analysis and Improvement of Pre-Equalization in 2.5-Dimensional Wave Field Synthesis
Discrete Wave Field Synthesis Using Fractional Order Filters and Fractional Delays
SoundDelta: A Study of Audio Augmented Reality Using WiFi-Distributed Ambisonic Cell Rendering
Microphone Choice: Large or Small, Single or Double?
Improvements on a Low-Cost Experimental Tetrahedral Ambisonic Microphone
Analysis of the Interaction between Ribbon Motor, Transformer, and Preamplifier and Its Application in Ribbon Microphone Design
A Comparison of Phase-Shift Self-Oscillating and Carrier-Based PWM Modulation for Embedded Audio Amplifiers
Digital-Input Class-D Audio Amplifier
Digital PWM Amplifier Using Nonlinear Feedback and Predistortion
Beta Divergence for Clustering in Monaural Blind Source Separation
On the Effects of Room Reverberation in 3-D DOA Estimation Using a Tetrahedral Microphone Array
Long Term Cepstral Coefficients for Violin Identification
Adaptive Source Separation Based on Reliability of Spatial Feature Using Multichannel Acoustic Observations
A Heuristic Text-Driven Approach for Applied Phoneme Alignment
Speech Enhancement with Hybrid Gain Functions
Human Voice Modification Using Instantaneous Complex Frequency
Designing Optimal Phoneme-Wise Fuzzy Cluster Analysis
The Serendiptichord: A Wearable Instrument for Contemporary Dance Performance
A Novel User Interface for Musical Timbre Design
Bi-Directional Audio-Tactile Interface for Portable Electronic Devices
Tactile Music Instrument Recognition for Audio Mixers
Augmented Reality Audio Editing
Evaluation of a Haptic/Audio System for 3-D Targeting Tasks
Track Displays in DAW Software: Beyond Waveform Views
Toward a Statistically Well-Grounded Evaluation of Listening Tests—Avoiding Pitfalls, Misuse, and Misconceptions
Audibility of Headphone Positioning Variability
Objectivization of Audio-Video Correlation Assessment Experiments
A New Time and Intensity Trade-Off Function for Localization of Natural Sound Sources
Effect of Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Visual Context on Environmental Sound Identification
The Influence of Individual Audio Impairments on Perceived Video Quality
Vertical Localization of Sounds with Frequencies Changing over Three Octaves
Variability in Perceptual Evaluation of HRTFs
Determining an Optimal Gated Loudness Measurement for TV Sound Normalization
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