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Evaluation of Artificial Heads in Listening Tests
Controlling Early Reflections Using Diffusion
The Perceived Performance of Spech Spatialized Using a Spherical Harmonic Model of Head-Related-Transfer Functions
The Automation of the Subjective Measurements of Logatom Intelligibility
Absorption Coefficient Measurements Using a Sound Intensity Technique: A Preliminary Work
Measurement of the Sound Absorption Coefficient of Materials with a New Sound Intensity Technique
Practical Limitations of Objective Speech Intelligibility Measurements of Sound Reinforcement Systems
The Use of Subwoofers in the Context of Surround Sound Program Reproduction
Computer Simulation of Loudspeakers in Rectangular Rooms
The Effect of Rooms on Multiple Loudspeaker Loading at Low Frequencies
Lossless Transform Coding of Audio Signals
Lossless Compression Using IIR Prediction Filters
Cascadable Lossy Data Compression Using a Lossless Kernel
Measuring the Coding Margin of Perceptual Codecs with the Difference Signal
Formal Subjective Testing of the MPEG-2 NBC Multichannel Coding Algorithm
New Improvements in ARCO (Adaptive Resolution COdec)
WLPAC-A Perceptual Audio Codec in a Nutshell
The Behavior of Rooms at Low Frequencies
Low-Frequency Room Simulation Using Finite Difference Equations
The Application of the Finite-Element Method to the Prediction of Soundfields of Small Rooms at Low Frequencies
Acoustical Properties of Control Rooms
Improvement of Listening Conditions in Control Rooms for Stereo and Multichannel Reproductions
One-Year Experience with a Rebuilt Control Room in Maribor
Acoustics of Russian Classical Opera Houses
Multichannel Audio Dramas: A Proposal
Coincident Microphone Techniques for Three-Channel Stereophonic Reproduction
Programme Origination of 5-Channel Surround Sound
Matrixed Surround Sound in an MPEG Digital World
The Influence of Stereophonic Width on the Perceived Quality of an Audio-Visual Presentation Using a Multichannel Sound System
Calibration of Relative Level Differences of a Domestic Multichannel Sound Reproduction System
Dynamic Range Control (DRQ) for Multichannel Audio Systems
Dynamic Range Control in a Multi-Channel Environment
Phase Compensation Based Crossover Design
Comparison of Loudspeaker Equalization Methods Based on DSP Techniques
A Study of Simple Diffraction Models
Direct Feedback Linearization of Nonlinear Loudspeaker Systems
Special Material-Cellulose Acetobacter Xylinum (CAX) and Ecologically Pure Technology for Diaphragms of Electro-Acoustical Transducers
Multiple Driver Modeling with a Modern Lumped Element Simulation Program
Experimental Investigation of Backman's Low-Frequency Loudspeaker Enclosure Modelling
A 120-dB Dynamic Range, 96-kHz, Stereo 24-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter
Research on Cascadable Filtering, Equalization, Gain Control, and Mixing of 1-Bit Signals for Professional Audio Applications
Filtering Sigma-Delta Audio Signals Directly
A Review and Comparison of Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) Methods for Analog and Digital Input Switching Power Amplifiers
Parallel Phase-Shifted Carrier Pulse-Width Modulation (PSCPWM)-A Novel Approach to Switching Power Amplifier Design
A Sigma-Delta Power Amplifier for Digital Input Signals
Digital Audio Processing in a Scalable System
Adaptive Noise Cancellation of Speech Signals in a Noise Reduction System Based on a Mircophone Array
Optimization of Sensor Placement for Microphone Arrays
Towards a New Generation of Audio Systems for the Analysis and Synthesis of Sound
Multi-Channel Wave Field Analysis as a Specification Tool for Wave Field Synthesis
In Situ Measurements on a Wave Field Synthesis System for Sound Enhancement
Generation of Diffuse Reverberation by Plane Wave Synthesis
Design and Implementation of an Audio Reproduction System Based on Wave Field Synthesis
Qualification of Sound Generated by Wave Field Synthesis for Audio Reproduction
Using Auralization Techniques to Render 5.1 Surround to Binaural and Transaural Playback
On the Loudspeaker Directivity Considerations for 5.1-Channel Audio-Visual Reproduction: A Subjective Appraisal
Limitations of Dynamically Controlling the Listening Position in a 3-D Ambisonic Environment
Review of Digital Filter Design and Implementation Methods for 3-D Sound
Objective Assessment of Phantom Images in a 3-Dimensional Sound Field Using a Virtual Listener
The "Stereo Dipole": Binaural Sound Reproduction Using Two Closely Spaced Loudspeakers
Robustness of the Performance of the "Stereo Dipole" to Misalignment of Head Position
Multi-Channel Sound Reproduction Using a Four-Ear Dummy Head
Piezopolymer Horn Loudspeaker
Apparent Apex
Non-Linear Error Correction of Horn Transducers Using a Volterra Filter
Nonlinear Modeling of Low-Frequency Loudspeakers-A Practical Implementation
A Versatile Digital Audio Processing Engine for Loudspeaker and Room Equalization
Computing the Mechanical and Acoustical Resonances in a Loudspeaker Enclosure
Parameters of Distance Perception in Stereo Loudspeaker Scenario
Parametric Inversion for the Prediction of Sound-Pressure Distributions in Small Enclosures
Call Detection from Digital Audio
Analysis and Design of a Blind Statistical SNR Estimator
Digital Signal Processing in a Direct Stream Digital Editing System
Real-Time Internet Audio-Problems and Solutions
Sonic Exploration of Thematic Information
Audio Equipment on Aircraft
A Preliminary Study on Greek Esophagael Speech and a Method for Voice-Quality Enhancement
Roughness Effect as a Result of Amplitude or Frequency Modulation of Single Components inM. J. Harmonic Complex
New Methods of Intelligent Filtration and Coding of Audio
Subjective Assessment of the Error Performance of the Eureka 147 DAB System
Sound Characterization of Urban Environments: An Approach Based on Ecological Validity
Spectrography by Human Hearing Modelling
Investigation of the Pitch of the Vocal Tone for Stuttered Speech
Multimedia Catalogue of Hearing Impairments
Digital Mixing Console Based on a Single Low-Cost DSP
New Concepts for Control Data Manipulation, Storage, and Reproduction in a Modern Studio Environment
A Method of Reproducing Concert Hall Sounds by "Loudspeaker Walls"
Optomechanical Method of Edison Cylinders Sound Reproduction
Error Correction and Non-Switching Power Amplifier Output Stages
Methods of Tape Recordings Authentication
7-kHz Audio Transmission Over One Analogue Telephone Line
A New Supra-Aural Dynamic Headphone System for In-Front Localization and Surround Reproduction of Sound
Automated Digital Audio Archives in the Broadcasting Environment
Archival Access to Historical Sound Recordings via the Internet Using the Real Audio Data Reduction Concept-Possibilities and Limitations with Inherently Noisy Material
A System for Musical Sound Parameter Database Creation and Analysis
Application of Chebychev Polynomials to Calculation of the Nonlinear Characteristics of the Digital Waveguide Model of the Organ Pipe
From the Eternal Sound Carrier Towards the Eternal Audio File: Digital Mass Storage Technology in Radio Sound Archives
A New Swinging-Bell System Applicable to Carillon Bells or Change-Ringing Peals
Application of Algorithms Dealing with Time Domain Uncertainty for the Automatic Recognition of Musical Phrases
A Complete Single-Chip /general MIDI (GM) Wavetable Synthesizer
Digital Audio Interfaces for Professional Applications: Flaws and a New Solution
Spread Spectrum Technology Wireless Links for Digital Audio
Realization of Linear-Phase Sound Processing Filters Using Zero-Phase IIR Filters
Subjective and Objective Evaluation of Listening Rooms Acoustics
Bridging the Gap: Extending MPEG Audio Down to 8 kbit/s
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