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A 3D Ambisonic Based Binaural Sound Reproduction System
Conveying Spatial Sound Using MPEG-4
Design and Testing of a Graphical Mapping Tool for Analyzing Spatial Audio Scenes
Determination of Sound Source Obstruction in Virtual Scenes
Distributed Internet Reverberation for Audio Collaboration
Elevation Perception: Phantom Images in the Vertical Hemi-sphere
Evaluating Spatial Attributes of Reproduced Audio Events Using a Graphical Assessment Language - Understanding Differences in Listener Depictions
Frequency Domain Multiplexing for Simultaneous Impulse Response Measurement of Multichannel Acoustic Systems
Hierarchical Lossless Transmission of Surround Sound Using MLP
Reproducing Spatial Impression With Multichannel Audio
Adaptations of Stereo Microphone Techniques for Surround Sound
The IEM-Cube, A Periphonic Re-/Production System
Implementation of a 3D Ambisonic Based Sound Reproduction System
Internet Archive for Electronic Music IAEM-iARS (Internet Audio Rendering System)
Modelling Spatial Sound Occlusion and Diffraction Effects Using the Digital Waveguide Mesh
Multichannel Audio Reproduction of an MPEG-4-Based Interactive Virtual 3D Scenery
Multichannel Microphone Support System
Multichannel Recording Techniques for Reproducing Adequate Spatial Impression
Multichannel Sound Recording Practice Using Microphone Arrays
A New Low-latency, Discrete Multichannel Virtualization Technique
Advanced Recording and Reproduction Paradigms Using 5.1 Media
A New Low-latency, Discrete Multichannel Virtualizer
Objective Measures of Listener Envelopment in Multichannel Surround Systems
Optimization Criteria for Distance Coding in 3D Sound Fields
Parametric Coding and Frequency-Domain Processing in Multichannel Audio Applications
Pitch-Tracking of Reverberant Sounds, Application to Spatial Description of Sound Scenes
Potential Wavefield Synthesis Applications in the Multichannel Stereophonic World
Psychoacoustic Evaluation of a Perceptual Spatial-Audio Coding Technique for Speech and Noise
Radio in 5.1 - The True Experience
Recording Concert Hall Acoustics for Posterity
Ambiophonics 2D (ITU 5.1 Compatible) & 3D Full Sphere Surround Sound Demontration Room
Room Acoustic Design for Small Multichannel Studios
A Spatial Audio Interface for Desktop Applications
Surround Ambiophonic Recording and Reproduction
Systematic Evaluation of Perceived Spatial Quality
Unidimensional Simulation of the Spatial Attribute 'Ensemble Depth' for Training Purposes
Verification for Spatial Sound Systems
Vertical Localization and Image Size Effects in Loudspeaker Reproduction
Wave Field Syntheses in Combination with 2D Video Projection
An Approach to Listening Room Compensation with Wave Field Synthesis
Audio Aspects When Using MPEG-4 in an Interactive Virtual 3D Scenery
Computer Games and Multichannel Audio Quality - The Effect of Division of Attention between Auditory and Visual Modalities
Continuous Surround Panning for 5-Speaker Reproduction
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