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Spatial Audio

Chair:    Sascha Spors    (Send Email)
Chair:    Nils Peters    (Send Email)
Forum:    Committee Discussion Forum

This committee addresses fundamental production and reproduction issues of multichannel audio systems employing loudspeakers, as well as binaural techniques for creating multidirectional illusions through headphones and loudspeakers.

Areas of Concentration

This committee is associated with the following sessions at AES Paris 2016:
Main Microphone Techniques for 2.0 and 5.1
Audio Recording and Productions for Virtual Reality/360-Degree Applications
Binaural Sound in the Age of Radio and Television Broadcast: Why and How?
Creating a Virtual Acousmonium in Unity5
Perceptual Assessment of Spatial Sound: The Case of Binaural Reproduction
Applications of Binaural Psychoacoustics In Audio—Designing Spatial Audio Techniques for Human Listeners
Parametric Spatial Audio Processing: An Overview and Recent Advances
  1. Loudspeaker Production / Reproduction Issues
  2. Headphone Production / Reproduction Issues
  3. Loudspeaker / Headphone Reproduction Conversion Issues
  4. Head Related Transfer Functions
  5. Headphone Externalization Techniques

Recent/Planned Activities

Meeting Report:

These documents do not necessarily express the official position of the AES on the issues discussed at these meetings, and only represent the views of committee members participating in the discussion. Any unauthorized use of these publications is prohibited. Authorization must be obtained from the Executive Director of the AES: Email, Tel: +1 212 661 8528, Address: 551 Fifth Ave., Suite 1225, New York, New York 10176, USA.

2016-1-3     TC-SA at 139th Convention
Description: Meeting minutes of the TC-SA at the 139th Convention in New York

2015-10-28     TC-SA at 138th Convention
Description: Meeting minutes of the TC-SA at the 138th Convention in Warsaw

2015-1-2     TC-SA at 137th Convention
Description: Meeting minutes of the TC-SA at the 137th Convention in Los Angeles

2014-7-16     TC-SA at 136th Convention
Description: Meeting minutes of the TC-SA at the 136th Convention in Berlin

2013-11-19     TC-SA at 135th Convention
Description: Meeting minutes of the TC-SA at the 135th Convention in New York

2013-11-19     TC-SA at 134th Convention
Description: Meeting minutes of the TC-SA at the 134th Convention in Rome

2012-5-31     TC-SA at 132nd Convention
Description: Meeting minutes of the TC-SA at the 132nd Convention in Budapest

2011-11-7     TC-SA at 131th Convention
Description: Meeting minutes of the TC-SA at the 131th Convention in New York

2011-6-1     TC-SA at 130th Convention
Description: Meeting minutes of TC-SA in AES130

2010-11-10     TC-SA at 129th Convention
Description: Minutes from meeting

2010-6-18     TC-SA at 128th Convention
Description: Minutes of the meeting

2009-5-25     TC-SA at 126th Convention
Description: Meeting notes from TC Spatial Audio meeting held in Munich AES126th Convention.

2009-1-27     TC-SA 124 Convention Minutes
Description: Minutes of reorganization meeting at AES 124th convention, and renaming.

2006-5-23     TC-MBAT meeting at 120th Convention
Description: Notes from the TC-MBAT meeting in Paris, 120th Convention

2005-5-31     TC-MBAT meeting at 118th Convention
Description: Report of the meeting held at the 118th convention in Barcelona, 29th May 2005

2004-11-8     TC-MBAT meeting at 117th Convention
Description: Report of TC-MBAT meeting at 117th Convention, San Francisco, 28-31 Oct 2004

2004-5-21     TC-MBAT meeting at 116th convention
Description: Report of TC-MBAT meeting at AES 116th convention, Berlin, 8-11 May

2003-4-1     TC-MBAT meeting at 114th convention
Description: Notes from the TC-MBAT meeting at the 114th Convention

1999-3-24     San Francisco, Sept '98
Description: Meeting Notes for the Technical Committee on Multichannel and Binaural Audio Technologies

Committee Members

 Akira Fukada  Chris Gaunt  Christof Faller 
 David Griesinger  Douglas McKinnie  Durand Begault 
 Eric Benjamin  Floyd Toole  Francis Rumsey 
 Gerald Schuller  Gunther Theile  James Johnston 
 Jan Berg  Joel A Lewitz  Jyri Huopaniemi 
 Karlheinz Brandenburg  Kimio Hamasaki  Marina Bosi 
 Mark Ziemba  Marshall Buck  Mendel Kleiner 
 Mick Sawaguchi  Nick Zacharov  Peter Schreiner III 
 Renato Pellegrini  Robert Ellis-Geiger  Robert Schulein 
 Sean Olive  Soren Bech  Thomas Sporer 
 Tom Holman  Wieslaw Woszczyk  Michael Kelly 
 Theresa Leonard  Geoff Martin  Russell Mason 
 Samir Gupta  Scott Burgess  Nuno Fonseca 
 Rafael Kassier  Juergen Peissig  Andrew Carballeira 
 Steve Martz  Todd Welti  Tom Blank 
 Klaus Hartung  Ashish Aggarwal  Purva Gujar 
 Christian Hugonnet  Ingyu Chun  Sunmin Kim 
 Regis Rossi Alves Faria  Ville Pulkki  Judith Liebetrau 
 Dr. Jean-Marc Jot  Franz Zotter  Frank Melchior 
 Enda Bates  Damian Murphy  Francois Becker 
 Daniel Weiss  Gavin Kearney  Emanuel Habets 
 Sascha Spors  David Weinberg  Linda Gedemer 
 Florian Voelk  Brian Katz  Craig Tsung-Wei Jin 
 Ralph Kessler  Nils Peters  Janina Fels 
 Kazuho Ono  Frederick W. Umminger  Alexander Lindau, Dr. 
 James Barbour  Matthieu Parmentier  Alex Kosiorek 
 Piotr Majdak 

To request membership in this Technical Committee please email the Chair by using the link above.

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