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Recording Technology and Practices

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The committee offers the expertise of its international members, representing the professional studio community, to the research, development, and manufacturing segments of the Society. It aims to collaborate with other technical committees in establishing equipment evaluation and testing procedures that reflect the real-world conditions of professional use. It seeks to evaluate and recommend procedures and practices relevant to production, as well as to suggest new tools and areas of investigation essential to the advancement of professional audio production. The committee intends to become a forum that networks members of other professional organizations.

Resources & Events

The TC on Recording Technology and Practices helps to maintain a Topic Website on Recording Technology and Practices.

Areas of Concentration

  1. Professional Studio and Product R&D /Manufacturing Relationships
  2. Real - World Equipment Evaluation and Testing Procedures
  3. Evaluation / Recommended Procedures for Production
  4. New Tools to Advance Professional Audio Production
  5. Networking Links to Related Professional Organizations

Current Areas Of Work

The Technical Committee of Studio Practices and Production is currently collaborating with the Producer's and Engineers Wing of the Recording Academy in several areas.

In the area of Master Delivery Recommendations, we support a best-practices document that is released to both the AES and the NARAS constituencies.

Also, we are currently developing high-resolution, surround demonstrations for the upcoming AES Convention in San Francisco in the fall of 2006. These demonstrations will be hands-on with broad interaction between the audiencees and well-known practitioners in the field.

Technical Report:

1999-10-28     Requirements for multichannel mix room
Description: Requirements for multichannel mixing room new ver


Description: We have identified the problem of the degradation of bass sound from the main channel, caused by the influence of LFE, and we have proposed a solution.

1999-10-23     An Integrated Approach to Metering, Monitoring, and Levelling Practices
Description: by Bob Katz For the last 30 years or so, film mix engineers have enjoyed the liberty and privilege of a controlled monitoring environment with a fixed (calibrated) monitor gain correlated to a metering level of 0 VU. The result has been a legacy of feature films, many with exciting dynamic range, consistent and natural-sounding dialogue, music and effects levels. In contrast, the broadcast and music recording disciplines have reached a state of chaos at the end of the 20th century. The author proposes an integrated system of metering and monitoring that will encourage more consistent levelling practices among the three disciplines. This system handles the issue of differing dynamic range requirements far more elegantly and ergonomically than in the past. On the threshold of the introduction of a new, high-resolution consumer audio format, we have a unique opportunity to implement a 21st-century approach to levelling. Such a system will also aid production personnel in creating meta-data.

Committee Members

 Akira Fukada  Al Schmitt  Bob Katz 
 David Ackerman  Elliot Scheiner  Doug Sax 
 Dietrich Schuller  John Klett  Kunimaro Tanaka 
 Francis Rumsey  Hiroaki Suzuki  Kimio Hamasaki 
 Shawn Michael  Craig Anderson  Tom Scott 
 Wieslaw Woszczyk  Stanley Lipshitz  Mick Sawaguchi 
 George Massenburg  John Spencer  Vincent A. van Haaff 
 Jim Anderson  Lars Gaustad  Richard King 
 Toru Kamekawa  John Oh  John Sorensen 
 Thomas Lund  Hank Williams  Nicolas Hans 
 Johnny Bregar  James Sullivan  Anand ├«yer 
 Chris Goosman  Rob Toulson  James J McTigue 
 Jim Kaiser  Jonathan Wyner  Stefan Shibata 
 Jamie Angus  Alex Case  Kyle Lehning 
 Carlos Garza  Glenn Lorbecki  Andres A. Mayo 
 Helmut Wittek  Maureen Droney  Alison Booth 

To request membership in this Technical Committee please email the Chair by using the link above.

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