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Microphone Selection
Localization of Sound in a Room with Reflecting Walls
The Minimum Integration Time of the Auditory System
The Definition of Sound-Image Quality and Its Influence on Sound Engineering Concepts
Frequency Domain Statistics of High Quality Stereo Signals
Design of an Optimum Filterbank for High Quality Subband Audio Coding
VLSI Implementation Aspects of Low Bit Rate Codecs for High Quality Audio Channels
Data Reduction in High-quality Audio Signals
The Sound Particle Simulation Technique-An Efficient Prediction Method for Room Acoustical Parameters of Concert Halls
Defects in Studios-Consequences for Recording and Control
Acoustical Comfort by Introducing Background Noise (Noise Conditioning)'Sound Systems and Acoustical Consequences
Design of a High Power Active Control Room Monitor
Loudspeaker and Room Correction Using Digital Signal Processing
Simple to Operate Digital Time Varying Filters
Auto Regressive Modelling and Synthesis of Acoustic Instruments
'M'-A Proposal for a 'Musical Instrument Remote Control Language'
Computer Aided Audio Access-Editing Methods for Automated Broadcast Operation
A New CD(V) Subcode Channel R-W Format Proposal
An IC Chip Set for 20 Bit A/D Conversion
A Consideration for Improving Sound Quality in Digital Audio
Efficient Filter Design for Loudspeaker Equalisation
Loudspeaker Cluster Design: A Different Point of View
The Total Surround Sound System (TSS System)
Speech Intelligibility in German Sport Stadiums
Audio Signal Processing and Error Concealment in Digital Recorders Using General Purpose DSP's
Is R-DAT a Recording Format for Professional Use?-Measurements and Considerations
Recording, Editing and CD Mastering Entirely in the DAT Format
A Compact Digital Signal Processing System Consisting of DSP Modules
Digital Audio Gain Controller
Theory and Real-Time Implementation of Time Varying Digital Audio Filters
Telephone Hybrid with an Automatic Dual D.S.P. Feeback Canceller
Mechanical Equalising-On the Design of Loudspeaker Diaphragms
An Empirical Model for Loudspeaker Motor Impedance
Radiation Impedance Calculations for a Rectangular Piston
Equalization of Loudspeaker Drive Units Considering Both On- and Off-Axis Responses
Analysis of the Nonrigid Behavior of a Loudspeaker Diaphram Using Modal Analysis
The Dual Coil Inductively Coupled Loudspeaker System Performance Optimization and the Application of an Acoustic Phase Correction Plug
Audio Applications of Electrothermomechanical Film (ETMF)
Design and Applications of a Creative Audio Processor
Problems Concerning Implementation of a Digital Remix System on a Standard Console
Serial Control Bus for Complex Devices
Contactless Flaw Detection Based on the Doppler Effect
In Situ Technique for the Measurement of Acoustic Surface Impedance
Dependency of Microphone Pop Data on Loudspeaker Properties
An Improved Stereo Microphone Array Using Boundary Technology: Theoretical Aspects
Increasing Coverage of International Shortwave Broadcast Through Improved Audio Processing Techniques
Digital Bit-Detection in Compact Disc
Practical Field Recording Applications: An Improved Stereo Microphone Array Using Boundary Technology
Diffraction Effects in High Quality Studio Microphones
High Fidelity Multiband Hearing Aid
Individual Risk of Hearing Damage Caused by Noise
Spectral Properties of Audio Signals and Masking with Aspect to Bit Data Reduction
An Optimized Concept of Channel Coding for Digital Audio Broadcasting with Respect to Subjective Criteria
Strategies for Distribution of Algorithms on a Multi-Digital Signal Processing Architecture
Signal Processing Tool for Audio Engineering Applications
How Can the Headroom of Digital Recordings Be Used Optimally?
Testing Digital Audio Devices in the Digital Domain
Acoustic Holography for Sound Control
The Basic Concepts and Problems Associated with Large Scale Concert-Sound Loudspeaker Arrays
Evaluating Audio Inventions and Innovations
Computer-Assisted Design and Analysis of Loudspeakers, Enclosures and Arrays with Emphasis on Training and Education
CD-Premastering-A Crucial Task?-Some More Recent Observations
MFX-A Configurable Audio Post Production System
Future Developments in Digital Audio Systems
Azimuth Precision of Compact-Cassette Shells
Headsets with Active Noise Compensation for Sound Engineers and Cameramen
Stereo Sound Recording with Shotgun Microphones
XY and MS Microphone Techniques in Comparison
Comparison of Impulse-Sound Test Measurements and TEF Measurements in Room Acoustics
Study and Evaluation of New Method of ADPCM Encoding
A New System for Interactive Sound and Picture Editing
A TV Presentation System with All-Digital Sound
Design of Sound Systems with the Lowest Possible Signal to Noise Ratio Without Sacrificing Intelligibility
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