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The Evolution of the Speech Transmission Index
Prosody Generation Module for Macedonian Text-to-Speech Synthesis
The Influence of Transmission Channel on the Admissibility of Speech Sample for Forensic Speaker Identification
Optimizing the Acoustic and Intelligibility Performance of Assistive Audio Systems and Program Relay for the Hard of Hearing and Other Users
Sound Reproduction within a Closed Ear Canal: Acoustical and Physiological Effects
Can We Compare the Sound Quality of Noise Reduction between Hearing Aids? A Method to Level the Ground Between Devices
Vibrations in the Loudspeaker Enclosure Evaluated by Hot Wire Anemometry and Laser Interferometry
Losses and Coupling in Long Multiwire Loudspeaker Cables
Subwoofers in Rooms: Modal Analysis for Loudspeaker Placement
Losses in Loudspeaker Enclosures
Comparison of Measurement Methods for the Equalization of Loudspeaker Panels Based on Bending Wave Radiation
The Effect of Finite Sized Baffles on Mobile Device Personal Audio
Localization of Multiple Speech Sources Using Distributed Microphones
Detection of "Solo Intervals" in Multiple Microphone Multiple Source Audio Applications
A Real-Time Sound Source Localization and Enhancement System Using Distributed Microphones
Binaural Moving Sound Source Localization by Joint Estimation of ITD and ILD
Perceived Level of Late Reverberation in Speech and Music
Reverberation Enhancement in the Modal Sound Field
An Advanced Implementation of a Digital Artificial Reveberator
Evaluation of Spatial Impression Comparing 2ch Stereo, 5ch Surround, and 7ch Surround with Height Channels for 3D Imagery
3D-Sound in Car Compartments Based on Loudspeaker Reproduction Using Crosstalk Cancellation
Design of a Compact Cylindrical Loudspeaker Array for Spatial Sound Reproduction
A New Multichannel Microphone Technique for Effective Perspective Control
Experimental Analysis of Spatial Properties of the Sound Field Inside a Car Employing a Spherical Microphone Array
Improved ITU and Matrix Surround Downmixing
Spaciousness Rating of 8-Channel Stereophony-Based Microphone Arrays
Frequency Weighting and Ballistics for Program Loudness Modelling
Evaluation of Live Meter Ballistics for Loudness Control
Adaptive Dynamics Enhancement
Describing the Transparency of Mixdowns: The Masked-to-Unmasked-Ratio
The "Digital Solution“—The Answer to a Lot of Challenges within New Production Routines at Today’s Broadcasting Stations
Automatic Mixing and Tracking of On-Pitch Football Action for Television Broadcasts
High Quality "Radio" Broadcasting Over the Internet
Study and Analysis of the Carrier Distortion Sources in PWM Analog DCI-NPC Modulator
Experimental Verification of an Electrostatic Transducer with a Partitioned Back Electrode
Capacitor “Sound” in Microphone Preamplifier DC Blocking and HPF Applications: Comparing Measurements to Listening Tests
1W 104dBA SNR Filterless Fully-Digital Class D Audio Amplifier with EMI Reduction Technique
Ultra-Low Power Audio Architecture for Portable Device
Design of a Passive DGRC Column Loudspeaker with Wave Front Synthesis
Design and Realization of a Reference Loudspeaker Panel for Wave Field Synthesis
Study and Analysis of Demodulation Filter Losses in DCI-NPC Multilevel Power Amplifiers
User Driven, Local Model, Reclassification of Drum Loop Audio Slices
Kick-Drum Signal Acquisition, Isolation, and Reinforcement Optimization in Live Sound
Development of a Virtual Performance Studio with Application of Virtual Acoustic Recording Methods
Interactive Audio Realities: An Augmented / Mixed Reality Audio Game Prototype
Signal Level and Frequency Dependant Losses Inside Audio Signal Transformers and How to Prevent Those
Diaphonic Pump: A Sound-Activated Alternating to Static Pressure Converter
Scanning the Magnetic Field of Electro-Dynamic Transducers
Comparison of Anemometric Probe and Tetrahedral Microphones for Sound Intensity Measurements
Prediction of Perceived Width of Stereo Microphone Setups
Synthesis of Polar Patterns as a Function of Frequency with a Twin Microphone: Audio Examples and Applications within the Creative Process of Music Mixing
Digital Microphones—What’s It All About?
The Effect of Loudness Overflow on Equal-Loudness-Level Contours
Evaluating the Use of Audio Smartphone Apps for Higher Education
A Study of Human Perception of Temporal and Spectral Distortion Caused by Subwoofer Arrays
Evaluation of the Psychoacoustic Perception of Geometric Acoustic Modeling-Based Auralization
A Comparative Perceptual Evaluation of the Timbral Variations in Choral Location Recordings Created by Four Common Stereo Microphone Techniques
Anchor Signals Validation for Two Dimensions of a Four-Dimensional Perceptive Space
Auditory Distance Perception: Criteria and Listening Room
Subjective Comparison between Stereo and Binaural Processing from B-Format Ambisonic Raw Audio Material
A Comprehensive and Modular Framework for Audio Content Extraction, Aimed at Research, Pedagogy, and Digital Library Management
Selected Playback Problems of Historical Grooved Media
Automatic Recognition of Events in Audio Data Using Supercomputer Cluster
Using Support Vector Machines for Automatic Mood Tracking in Audio Music
DTS Multichannel Audio Playback System: Characterization and Correction
Evaluating the Auralization of Performance Spaces and Its Effect on Singing Performance
Enhancing the Configuration and Design of Sound Systems through Simulation
What’s Wrong with Scattering Theory?
New Proposals for the Calibration of Sound in Cinema Rooms
Some Preliminary Comparisons between the Diffusion Equation Model and the Room-Acoustic Rendering Equation in Complex Scenarios
Spatial Room Impulse Responses with a Hybrid Modeling Method
Comparison of Speech Intelligibility in Artificial Head and Jecklin Disc Recordings
A Comparison of Speech Intelligibility for In-Ear and Artificial Head Recordings
Perceptually Robust Headphone Equalization for Binaural Reproduction
Prediction of Perceived Elevation Using Multiple Pseudo-Binaural Microphones
BRTF (Body-Related Transfer Function) and Whole-Body Vibration Reproduction Systems
HRTF-Enabled Microphone Array for Binaural Synthesis
Interpolation and Range Extrapolation of Head-Related Transfer Functions Using Virtual Local Wave Field Synthesis
A Comparison of Kanun Recording Techniques as They Relate to Turkish Makam Music Perception
Objective Measurement of Music Quality Using Inter-Band Relationship Analysis
Evaluation of a New Algorithm for Automatic Hum Detection in Audio Recordings
Interactive Mixing Using Wii Controller
The Quintessence of a Waveform: Focus and Context for Audio Track Displays
Spatial Audio Processing for Interactive TV Services
Wireless High Definition Multichannel Streaming Audio Network Technology Based on the IEEE 802.11 Standards
Spatial Analysis of Room Impulse Responses Captured with a 32-Capsule Microphone Array
Control of the Beamwidth of a Beamformer with a Fixed Array Configuration
Design 3-D High Order Ambisonics Encoding Matrices Using Convex Optimization
Principles in Surround Recordings with Height
Efficient 3-D Sound Field Reproduction
On the Scattering of Synthetic Sound Fields
Toward Mass-Customizing Up/Down Generic 3-D Sounds for Listeners: A Pilot Experiment Concerning Inter-Subject Variability
A New Robust Hybrid Acoustic Echo Cancellation Algorithm for Speech Communication in Car Environments
Speech Source Separation Using a Multi-Pitch Harmonic Product Spectrum-Based Algorithm
User-Orientated Subjective Quality Assessment in the Case of Simultaneous Interpreters
Analysis of Parameters of the Speech Signal Loudness of Professional Television Announcers
Improved Prediction of Nonstationary Frames for Lossless Audio Compression
A Lossless/Near-Lossless Audio Codec for Low Latency Streaming Applications on Embedded Devices
Low-Delay Directional Audio Coding for Real-Time Human-Computer Interaction
A New Approach to Designing Decimation Filters for Oversampled A/D Converters
Warped IIR Filter Design with Custom Warping Profiles and Its Application to Room Response Modeling and Equalization
Computationally Efficient Nonlinear Chebyshev Models Using Common-Pole Parallel Filters with the Application to Loudspeaker Modeling
Event-Driven Real-Time Audio Processing with GPGPUs
A Comparison of Parametric Optimization Techniques for Musical Instrument Tone Matching
On the Multichannel Sinusoidal Model for Coding Audio Object Signals
An Additive Synthesis Technique for Independent Modification of the Auditory Perceptions of Brightness and Warmth
Repeatability of Localization Cues in HRTF Data Bases
Dynamic Head-Related Transfer Function Measurement Using a Dual-Loudspeaker Array
Statistical Analysis of Binaural Room Impulse Responses
Spatial Sound and Stereoscopic Vision
Designing Ambisonic Decoders for Improved Surround Sound Playback in Constrained Listening Spaces
Decoding for 3-D
Real Time Reproduction of Moving Sound Sources by Wave Field Synthesis: Objective and Subjective Quality Evaluation
Assessing Diffuse Sound Field Reproduction Capabilities of Multichannel Playback Systems
Dereverberation in the Spatial Audio Coding Domain
Blind Single-Channel Dereverberation for Music Post-Processing
Joint Noise and Reverberation Suppression for Speech Applications
System Identification for Acoustic Echo Cancellation Using Stepped Sine Method Related to FFT Size
Using Spaced Microphones with Directional Audio Coding
Parameter Estimation in Directional Audio Coding Using Linear Microphone Arrays
Extraction of Voice from the Center of the Stereo Image
Directional Segmentation of Stereo Audio via Best Basis Search of Complex Wavelet Packets
System Identification of Equalized Room Impulse Responses by an Acoustic Echo Canceller Using Proportionate LMS Algorithms
Virtual Room Acoustics: A Comparison of Techniques for Computing 3D-FDTD Schemes Using CUDA
Acoustic Parameters of Chosen Orthodox Churches Overview and Preliminary Psychoacoustic Tests Using Choral Music
A Comparative Study of Various "Optimum" Room Dimension Ratios
Perception of Spatial Distribution of Room Response Reproduced Using Different Loudspeaker Setups
Modal Analysis and Sound Field Simulation of Vibration Panels in a Free Sound Field and in a Rectangular Enclosure
Simple Room Acoustic Analysis Using a 2.5 Dimensional Approach
Early Reflections Design for Natural Stereo Sound Listening
Selection of Audio Stimuli for Listening Tests
A Listening Test System for Automotive Audio: PART 5—The Influence of Listening Environment on the Realism of Binaural Reproduction
Differences in Preference for Noise Reduction Strength between Individual Listeners
Assessment of Stereo to Surround Upmixers for Broadcasting
Automatic Classification of Musical Audio Signals Employing Machine Learning Approach
Evaluation of Onset Detection Algorithms in Popular Polyphonic Music on a Large Scale Database
Using the Viterbi Algorithm for Error Correction in an Autocorrelation-Based Pitch Detector
Spectral Equalization for GHA-Applied Restoration to Damaged Historical 78 Rpm Records
Selection of Approximated Activation Functions in Neural Network-Based Sound Classifiers for Digital Hearing Aids
Development of Multiband Dynamic Range Compressor Regarding Noise Characteristics
Designing Sets of N Doubly Complementary IIR Filters
Gestures to Operate DAW Software
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