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Room Reflections Misunderstood?
Aspects of Reverberation Echo Density
Localization in Spatial Audio—From Wave Field Synthesis to 22.2
Thresholds for Discriminating Upward from Downward Trajectories for Smooth Virtual Source Motion Within a Sagittal Plane
Headphone Transparification: A Novel Method for Investigating the Externalization of Binaural Sounds
On the Sound Color Properties of Wavefield Synthesis and Stereo
Suppression of Musical Noise Artifacts in Audio Noise Reduction by Adaptive 2-D Filtering
Perceptually Motivated Gain Filter Smoothing for Noise Suppression
A Novel Automatic Noise Removal Technique for Audio and Speech Signals
The Concept, Design, and Implementation of a General Dynamic Parametric Equalizer
Short-term Memory for Musical Intervals: Cognitive Differences for Consonance and Dissonant Pure-Tone Dyads
Multiple Regression Modeling of the Emotional Content of Film and Music
Measurements and Perception of Nonlinear Distortion—Comparing Numbers and Sound Quality
Influence of Loudness Level on the Overall Quality of Transmitted Speech
On the Use of Graphic Scales in Modern Listening Tests
A Model-Based Technique for the Perceptual Optimization of Multimodal Musical Performances
Subjective and Objective Rating of Intelligibility of Speech Recordings
Potential Biases in MUSHRA Listening Tests
Loudness Domain Signal Processing
Design of a Flexible Crossfade/Level Controller Algorithm for Portable Media Platforms
Audio Delivery Specification
Multi-Core Signal Processing Architecture for Audio Applications
Rapidly Prototyping and Implementing Audio Algorithms on DSPs Using Model-Based Design and Automatic Code Generation
Filter Reconstruction and Program Material Characteristics Mitigating Word Length Loss in Digital Signal Processing-Based Compensation Curves Used for Playback of Analog Recordings
Modeling of Nonlinearities in Electrodynamic Loudspeakers
Listening Tests of the Localization Performance of Stereodipole and Ambisonic Systems
Round Robin Comparison of HRTF Simulation Systems: Preliminary Results
Simulation of Complex and Large Rooms Using a Digital Waveguide Mesh
The Flexible Bass Absorber
The Relation between Active Radiating Factor and Frequency Responses of Loudspeaker Line Arrays - Part 2
Time Varying Behavior of the Loudspeaker Suspension
Diffusers with Extended Frequency Range
Waveguide Mesh Reverberator with Internal Decay and Diffusion Structures
Deriving Physical Predictors for Auditory Attribute Ratings Made in Response to Multichannel Music Reproductions
Interaction between Loudspeakers and Room Acoustics Influences Loudspeaker Preferences in Multichannel Audio Reproduction
Evaluating Off-Center Sound Degradation in Surround Loudspeaker Setups for Various Multichannel Microphone Techniques
The Effects of Latency on Live Sound Monitoring
A Perforated Desk Surface to Diminish Coloration in Desktop Audio-Production Environments
Perceptually Modeled Effects of Interchannel Crosstalk in Multichannel Microphone Technique
Sigma-Delta Modulators Without Feedback Around the Quantizer?
The Effect of Different Metrics on the Performance of “Stack” Algorithms for Look-Ahead Sigma Delta Modulators
Evaluation of Time-Frequency Analysis Methods and Their Practical Applications
Time-Frequency Characterization of Loudspeaker Responses Using Wavelet Analysis
Equalization of Loudspeaker Resonances Using Second-Order Filters Based on Spatially Distributed Impulse Response Measurements
Pump Up the Volume: Enhancing Music Phone Audio Quality and Power Using a Supercapacitor for Power Management
Digital Audio Processing on a Tiny Scale: Hardware and Software for Personal Devices
Enhancing End-User Capabilities in High Speed Audio Networks
Sharing Acoustic Spaces over Telepresence Using Virtual Microphone Control
A Tutorial: Fiber Optic Cables and Connectors for Pro-Audio
The Most Appropriate Method of Producing TV Program Audio Focusing on the Audience
Beyond Splicing: Technical Ear Training Methods Derived from Digital Audio Editing Techniques
New Trends in Sound Reinforcement Systems Based on Digital Technology
Network Music Performance with Ultra-Low-Delay Audio Coding under Unreliable Network Conditions
A Very Low Bit Rate Protection Layer to Increase the Robustness of the AMR-WB+ Codec against Bit Errors
Trellis Based Approach for Joint Optimization of Window Switching Decisions and Bit Resource Allocation
Transcoding of Dynamic Range Control Coefficients and Other Metadata into MPEG-4 HE AAC
Advanced Audio for Advanced IPTV Services
A Study of the MPEG Surround Quality Versus Bit-Rate Curve
Quality Impact of Diotic versus Monaural Hearing on Processed Speech
A Novel Audio Post-Processing Toolkit for the Enhancement of Audio Signals Coded at Low Bit Rates
Subjective Evaluation of the Immersive Sound Field Rendition System and Recent Enhancements
Improved Stereo Imaging in Automobiles
A Listening Test System for Automotive Audio – Part 3: Comparison of Attribute Ratings Made in a Vehicle with Those Made Using an Auralization System
A Listening Test System for Automotive Audio - Part 4: Comparison of Attribute Ratings Made by Expert and Non-Expert Listeners
The Application of Direct Digital Feedback for Amplifier System Control
Generation of Variable Frequency Digital PWM
Recursive Natural Sampling for Digital PWM
Impact of Equalizing Ear Canal Transfer Function on Out-of-Head Sound Localization
A Method for Estimating the Direction of Sound Image Localization for Designing a Virtual Sound Image Localization Control System
A Preliminary Experimental Study on Perception of Movement of a Focused Sound Using a 16-Channel Loudspeaker Array
Perceptual Categories of Artificial Reverberation for Headphone Reproduction of Music
Correspondence Relationship between Physical Factors and Psychological Impressions of Microphone Arrays for Orchestra Recording
Assessment of the Quality of Digital Audio Reproduction Devices by Panels of Listeners of Different Professional Profiles
Music Structure Segmentation Using the Azimugram in Conjunction with Principal Component Analysis
Using the Semantic Web for Enhanced Audio Experiences
Content Management Using Native XML and XML-Enabled Database Systems in Conjunction with XML Metadata Exchange Standards
Music Information Retrieval in Broadcasting: Some Visual Applications
Addressing the Discrepancy Between Measured and Modeled Impulse Responses for Small Rooms
Comparison of Simulated and Measured HRTFs: FDTD Simulation Using MRI Head Data
Scattering Uniformity Measurements and First Reflection Analysis in a Large Non-Anechoic Environment
A Note on the Implementation of Directive Sources in Discrete Time-Domain Dispersive Meshes for Room Acoustic Simulation
Rendering of Virtual Sound Sources with Arbitrary Directivity in Higher Order Ambisonics
The Ill-Conditioning Problem in Sound Field Reconstruction
Analysis of Edge Boundary Conditions on Multiactuator Panels
Acoustics in Pop and Rock Music Halls
Interactive Beat Tracking for Assisted Annotation of Percussive Music
Identification of Partials in Polyphonic Mixtures Based on Temporal Envelope Similarity
Structural Decomposition of Recorded Vocal Performances and It's Application to Intelligent Audio Editing
Vibrato Experiments with Bassoon Sounds by Means of the Digital Pulse Forming Synthesis and Analysis Framework
A High Level Musical Score Alignment Technique Based on Fuzzy Logic and DTW
Audio Synthesis and Visualization with Flash CS3 and ActionScript 3.0
Improvement of One-Dimensional Loudspeaker Models
Simulating the Directivity Behavior of Loudspeakers with Crossover Filters
Intrinsic Membrane Friction and Onset of Chaos in an Electrodynamic Loudspeaker
Damping of an Electrodynamic Loudspeaker by Air Viscosity and Turbulence
Energetic Sound Field Analysis of Stereo and Multichannel Loudspeaker Reproduction
A New Methodology for the Acoustic Design of Compression Driver Phase-Plugs with Concentric Annular Channels
A Computational Model for Optimizing Microphone Placement on Headset Mounted Arrays
A Simple Simulation of Acoustic Radiation from a Vibrating Object
Sampling the Energy in a 3-D Sound Field
Multi-Source Room Equalization: Reducing Room Resonances
A Low Complexity Perceptually Tuned Room Correction System
Variable-Octave Complex Smoothing
Multichannel Inverse Filtering with Minimal-Phase Regularization
An In-Flight Low Latency Acoustic Feedback Cancellation Algorithm
Using Audio Classifiers as a Mechanism for Content-Based Song Similarity
Toward Textual Annotation of Rhythmic Style in Electronic Dance Music
Key-Independent Classification of Harmonic Change in Musical Audio
Automatic Bar Line Segmentation
The Analysis and Determination of the Tuning System in Audio Musical Signals
Experiment in Computational Voice Elimination Using Formant Analysis
Applications of ENF Analysis Method in Forensic Authentication of Digital Audio and Video Recordings
Quantifying the Speaking Voice: Generating a Speaker Code as a Means of Speaker Identification Using a Simple Code-Matching Technique
Further Investigation into the ENF Criterion for Forensic Authentication
Spatial Audio Scene Coding in a Universal Two-Channel 3-D Stereo Format
Binaural 3-D Audio Rendering Based on Spatial Audio Scene Coding
Real-Time Spatial Representation of Moving Sound Sources
The Use of Cephalometric Features for Headmodels in Spatial Audio Processing
MDCT Domain Analysis and Synthesis of Reverberation for Parametric Stereo Audio
Correlation-Based Ambience Extraction from Stereo Recordings
A Study of Hearing Damage Caused by Personal MP3 Players
Electret Receiver for In-Ear Earphone
New Generation Artificial Larynx
A Graphical Method for Studying Spectra Containing Harmonics and Other Patterns
Immersive Auditory Environments for Teaching and Learning
Dynamic Bit-Rate Adaptation for Speech and Audio
A 216 kHz 124 dB Single Die Stereo Delta Sigma Audio Analog-to-Digital Converter
Encoding Bandpass Signals Using Level Crossings: A Model-Based Approach
Theory of Short-Time Generalized Harmonic Analysis (SGHA) and Its Fundamental Characteristics
Quality Improvement Using a Sinusoidal Model in HE-AAC
Special Hearing Aid for Stuttering People
An Improved Low Complexity AMR-WB+ Encoder Using Neural Networks for Mode Selection
Real-Time Auralization Employing a Not-Linear, Not-Time-Invariant Convolver
Real-Time Panning Convolution Reverberation
Ambisonic Panning
Adaptive Karhunen-Lòeve Transform for Multichannel Audio
Extension of an Analytic Secondary Source Selection Criterion for Wave Field Synthesis
Adaptive Wave Field Synthesis for Sound Field Reproduction: Theory, Experiments, and Future Perspectives
360° Localization via 4.x RACE Processing
Loudspeaker Systems for Flat Television Sets
Loudspeakers for Flexible Displays
Software-Based Live Sound Measurements, Part 2
A System for Remote Control of the Height of Suspended Microphones
Music at Your Fingertips: An Electrotactile Fader
Concept and Components of a Sound Field Effector Using a Loudspeaker Array
A Novel Mapping with Natural Transition from Linear to Logarithmic Scaling
Real Time Implementation of an Innovative Digital Audio Equalizer
Wideband Beamforming Method Using Two-Dimensional Digital Filter
Linear Phase Mixed FIR/IIR Crossover Networks: Design and Real-Time Implementation
Convolutive Blind Source Separation of Speech Signals in the Low Frequency Bands
A Highly Directive 2-Capsule Based Microphone
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