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Space Characteristics of the Microphones in Spherical Sound Wave Field
Parabolic Reflector Microphones
Microphone Techniques and Directional Quality of Sound Reproduction
Applications of a 3-D Microphone Array
Integrated Class-D Amplifier
An Asynchronous Switching High-end Power Amplifier
A Comparison of Modular State-of-the-Art Switch Mode and Linear Audio Power Amplifiers
A New Set of Fifth and Sixth-Order Vented-Box Loudspeaker System Alignments using a Loudspeaker Enclosure Matching Filter: Part I
A New Set of Fifth and Sixth-Order Vented-Box Loudspeaker System Alignments using a Loudspeaker Enclosure Matching Filter: Part II
Ambient Temperature Influences on OEM Automotive Loudspeakers
Assessment of Voice Coil Peak Displacement Xmax
Classification and Comparison of Real vs. Test Audio Signals
Improved Baffle Measurements for Loudspeakers
MPEG-7 Scalable Robust Audio Fingerprinting
Identification of Highly Distorted Audio Material for Querying Large Scale Data Bases
Mixing Natural and Structured Audio Coding in Multimedia Frameworks
Characteristics of Audio Streaming Over IP Networks Within the ISMA Standard
A Real-time Audio Streaming Method for Time-varying Network Loads
A Study of Wireless Compressed Digital-Audio Transmission
How Much Delay Is Too Much Delay ?
Digital Loudspeaker Technology: Current State and Future Developments
Suspension Bounce as a Distortion Mechanism in Loudspeakers with a Progressive Stiffness
Radiation Impedance of Cones at High Frequencies
The Application of FEM to the Analysis of Loudspeaker Motor Thermal Behaviour
Vented-box Geometry and Low Frequency Reproduction: The Aerodynamical Approach
Statistical Analysis of Musical Sound Features Derived from Wavelet Representation
PCM to MIDI Transposition
Pattern Recognition of Piano Chords Based on Physical Model
A Multi-rate Approach to Instrument Body Modeling for Real-time Sound Synthesis Applications
Pitch Locking Monophonic Music Analysis
Pitch Estimation for the Separation of Musical Sounds
Intelligent Audio Source Separation using Independent Component Analysis
Improved Time-Scaling of Musical Audio Using Phase Locking at Transients
Robust Sound Modelling for Song Identification in Broadcast Audio
The Aesthetics and Pedagogy of Analog Tape Techniques in Classic Tape-Based Electronic Music
The Influence of Recording Technology on Performers and Listeners - A Review
Equalisation for Archival Transfer: In the Analogue or the Digital Domain?
Removal of Long Pulses from Audio Signals Using Two-pass Split-window Filtering
Efficient Fault Tolerant Search Techniques for Full-Text Audio Retrieval
Foundations for Sound over Ethernet (SoE)
On Levelling and Loudness Problems at Television and Radio Broadcast Studios
A Novel Synthesis Approach to Loudspeaker Design
Effects of the Background Noise of the Perceived Quality of Car Audio Systems
Different Approaches for the Equalization of Automotive Sound Systems
Design of a Digital Audio Equalizer for Automotive Applications
Single Channel Noise Reduction for Hands Free Operation in Automotive Environments
Active Design of Automotive Engine Sound
Smart Acoustic Volume Controller for Mobile Phones
Ideal Point Modelling of Speech Quality in Mobile Communications Based on Multidimensional Scaling (MDS)
Subjective Evaluation of Perceived Spatial Differences in Car Audio Systems Using a Graphical Assessment Language
The Continuity Illusion in Virtual Auditory Space
The Perception of Multiple Broadband Noise Sources Presented Concurrently in Virtual Auditory Space
Binaural Modeling of Multiple Sound Source Perception: Coloration of Wideband Sound
Determination of the Relative Hierarchy of Audible Cues in Conflict
Multidimensional Perceptual Scaling of Tone Color Variation in Three Modeled Guitar Amplifiers
Spectral Band Replication, a Novel Approach in Audio Coding
Parametric Coding for High-Quality Audio
Error Resilient Source Coding with Differential Variable Length Codes and its Application to MPEG Advanced Audio Coding
A Robust and Efficient Implementation of MPEG-2/4 AAC Natural Audio Coders
Approaches to Improve Quantization Performance Over the Scalable Advanced Audio Coder
Maintaining Audio Quality in the IBOC Era
SBR Enhanced Audio Codecs for Digital Broadcasting Such as "Digital Radio Mondiale" (DRM)
Enhancing MP3 with SBR: Features and Capabilities of the New MP3PRO Algorithm
Room-acoustical and Technological Aspects for Mulichannel Recordings of Classic Music
Subjective Audio Quality Trade-offs in Consumer Multichannel Audio-visual Delivery Systems. Part I: Effects of High Frequency Limitation
Effect of Rear Microphone Spacing on Spatial Impression for Omnidirectional Surround Sound Microphone Arrays
Stereo and Surround Panning in Practice
In the Light of 5.1 Surround: Why "AB-Polycardioid Centerfill" (AB-PC) is Superior for Symphony-Orchestra Recording
A Modular Microphone Array for Surround Sound Recording
Multichannel Microphone Array Design: Segment Coverage Analysis Above and Below the Horizontal Reference Plane
The Recording Angle - Based on Localisation Curves
Perceptual Coding using Sinusoidal Modeling in the MDCT Domain
Energy-adapted Matching Pursuits in Multi-parts Models for Audio Coding Purposes
Perceptual Audio Modeling Based on Total Least Squares Algorithms
High Order LPC and Line Spectrum Pairs
A New Bit Allocation Method for Low Delay Audio Coding at Low Bit Rates
Binaural Cue Coding Applied to Stereo and Multi-Channel Audio Compression
Why Binaural Cue Coding is Better than Intensity Stereo Coding
Analysing Decompressed Audio with the "Inverse Decoder" - Towards an Operative Algorithm
Contrasting ITU 5.1 and Panor-ambiophonic 4.1 Surround Sound Recording Using OCT and Sphere Microphones
Surround Audio That Lasts: Future-proof Ambisonic Recording and Processing Technique for the Real World
Parameterization and Reproduction of Concert Hall Acoustics Measured with a Circular Microphone Array
Perception-based Design of Virtual Rooms for Sound Reproduction
Natual Reproduction of Music and Environmental Sounds
Subjective Experiments on the Effects of Combining Spatialized Audio and 2D Video Projection in Audio-visual Systems
Making Surround Audio Considering Image Proximity Effect
Training of Listeners for the Evaluation of Spatial Sound Reproduction
The Active Listening Room: Part 3, A Subjective Analysis
Measurement of Sampling Jitter in Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog Converters Using Analytic Signals
Small Signal Analysis for Generalised Push-pull Tube Amplifier Topology
The Automation of Subjective Measurements of Speech Intelligibility in Rooms
Sound Source Localization Using Sound Intensity Measured by a Three Dimensional Pu-probe
AR/ARMA Analysis and Modeling of Modes in Resonant and Reverberant Systems
A Comparison of Objective Measurements for Predicting Selected Subjective Spatial Attributes
Speech Localization
Validity of Selected Spatial Attributes in the Evaluation of 5-channel Microphone Techniques
The Differential Pressure Synthesis Method for Eastimating Acoustic Pressures on Human Heads
Selection and Tuning of HRTFs
Elevated Control Transducers for Virtual Acoustic Imaging.
Investigation into a Method for Predicting the Perceived Azimuth Position of a Virtual Image
Acoustic Renovation of the Cinema Halls in Russia
Quality Criteria for the Sound System in the New Weimar Hall in Weimar, Germany
A Mobile for Classical Recording
2-Bus Conference System for the European Central Bank (ECB), Frankfurt
How Many Subwoofers are Enough?
Implementation and Visualization of Edge Diffraction with Image-source Method
Relationships between Speech Intelligibility Measures for Sound Systems
The Legendary "Magnetophon" of AEG
Phillip Reis - From the First Telephone to the First Microphone
Selected Highlights of Microphone History
Near Field Analysis and Optimization of Linear Loudspeaker Arrays
Intensity Measurements of the Acoustic Emission from a DML Panel
Distributed Mode Loudspeaker Arrays
Multichannel Inverse Filtering of Multiexciter Distributed Mode Loudspeakers for Wave Field Synthesis
Diffuse Signal Processing and Acoustic Source Characterization for Applications in Synthetic Loudspeaker Arrays
Importance of Precision on Performance for Digital Audio Filters
A Re-evaluation of Fundamental Transform Structures for Efficient Implementation on Semi-parallel DSP Architectures
Trellis Noise-Shaping Converters and 1-bit Digital Audio
Enhanced Sigma Delta Structures for Super Audio CD Applications
Improved Compression of DSD for Super Audio CD
Time-quantized Frequency Modulation with Time Dispersive Codes for the Generation of Sigma-delta Modulation
The Effect of Idle Tone Structure on Effective Dither in Delta-Sigma Modulation Systems
Towards a Better Understanding of 1-Bit Sigma-Delta Modulators - Part 3
Noise Shaping for Measuring Digital Sinusoidal Signal with Low Total Harmonic Distortion
DSP Software and Hardware Trade-offs in Professional Audio Applications
Time-domain Polyphonic Transcription using Self-generating Databases
Audio Signal Modelling Using Bayesian Atomic Decompositions
A System for Hybridizing Vocal Performance
Phoneme Recognition for 3D Modeled Digital Character Talking Emulation
Efficient High-frequency Bandwidth Extension of Music and Speech
Signaling Techniques for Broadcast Applications
A New Concept of Interference Compensation for Parametric and Graphic Equalizer Banks
Improvements of Artificial Reverberation by Use of Subband Feedback Delay Networks
A True One-Bit Power D/A Converter
A Novel Approach to High Speed Digital Pulse-formers Based on Ring Oscillators for PWM and Class-D Applications
Distortions by Switching Errors in Digital Power Amplifiers Using Sigma Delta Coded Signals
Sigma-Delta Modulation in Digital Class-D Power Amplifiers: Methods for Reducing the Effective Pulse Transition Rate
Modeling Nonlinearity of Air with Volterra Kernels for Use in a Parametric Array Loudspeaker
Method to Enhance Low Frequency Perception from a Parametric Array Loudspeaker
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