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Controlling and Monitoring Audio Systems with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
Implementing Digital Audio Devices for the IEEE 1394 High Performance Serial Bus
A Supplement to Audio and Music Data Transmission Protocol Over IEEE 1394: SMPTE Time Code Transmission
Building an Audio Wide Area Network
A New Method Based on Spectral Subtraction for the Suppression of Late Reverberation from Speech Signals
Error and Convergence Properties of the Fast Affine Projection and Least Mean Square Echo Cancellation Algorithms
A Worst-Case Analysis for Analog-Quality (Alias-Free) Digital Dynamics Processing
Optimizing Centralized Digital Audio Distribution through Client/Server Techniques
New Facilities for Digital Audio Mixing
Integrating Audio and Communication
Class D Audio Amplifiers for Compact, Portable Equipment
A Monolithic 24-Bit, 96-kHz Sample Rate Converter with AES3 Receiver and AES3 Transmitter
Dynamic Range Enhancement in Switched-Current Sigma-Delta Modulation Using Current Scaling
Circuit Switching Topologies for Dynamic Element Matching Data Converters
A 112-dB SNR Oversampling DAC with Segmented Noise-Shaped Scrambling
Optimization Using Modified All-Pass Filters for Magnitude Compensation
A Bessel Filter Crossover and Its Relation to Other Types
A High Efficiency Class D + Class AB Audio Power Bridge Amplifier
Constraint-Based Pitch-Cycle Identification Using a Hybrid Temporal/Spectral Method
Band-Limited Simulation of Analog Synthesizer Modules by Additive Synthesis
Statistical Analysis of Sound Signals Using a Local Harmonic Model
A Sines+Transients+Noise Audio Representation for Data Compression and Time/Pitch Scale Modifications
Using Resonant Filters for the Synthesis of Time-Varying Sinusoids
Distributed-Mode Loudspeaker Radiation Simulation
Loudspeaker Crossover Look Back Impedance
Nonlinear Dynamical Behavior of a Moving Voice Coil
Investigation of Sound Quality Differences between Monopolar and Dipolar Woofers in Small Rooms
Calculated Response of a Compression Driver Using a Coupled Field Finite Element Analysis
MATLAB Program for Loudspeaker Equalization and Crossover Design
Evaluation of a Physiological Ear Model Considering Masking Effects Relevant to Audio Coding
An Experimental Investigation into Multi-Modal Synchronization Sensitivity for Perceptual Model Development
The Influence of Cross-Modal Interaction on Audio-Visual Speech Quality Perception
Daily Noise-Level Exposures of Professional Music Recording Engineers
An Analysis of Frequency Dependent Hybrid Microphone Arrays for Stereophonic Sound Recording
Stereophonic Localization in Rooms, Comparing Conventional and Distributed-Mode Loudspeakers
Ambisonics Encoding of Other Audio Formats for Multiple Listening Conditions
Pair-Wise Loudspeaker Paradigms for Multi-Channel Audio in Home Theater and Virtual Reality
Volumetric Modeling of Acoustic Fields in CNMAT's Sound Spatialization Theatre
Design of Positional Filters for 3D Audio Rendering
Implementation of Transaural Systems in Software on a PC
Understanding the Transfer Functions of Directional Condenser Microphones in Response to Different Sound Sources
Free-Field Diffuse-Field Transformation of Artificial Heads
Tape Flux Measurement Revisited
A New Class of In-Band Multitone Test Signals
Virtual Instruments for Audio Testing
Objective and Subjective Evaluation of Head-Related-Transfer Function Filter Design
An Efficient HRTF Model Based on Interference from Delayed Energy
Reproduction of Loudspeaker Listening-Room Sound through Headphones: Measured Coherence Analysis, Cross Spectra, and Digital Filter Impulse Responses
Concepts for Hybrid Audio Coding Schemes Based on Parametric Techniques
Time-Varying Filter Banks with Low Delay for Audio Coding
The Integrated Filterbank Based Scalable MPEG-4 Audio Coder
Algorithmic and Wavetable Synthesis in the MPEG-4 Multimedia Standard
An MPEG Audio Layered Transcoder
Subjective Listening Test of Multichannel Audio Codecs
Flat Cable Design for Analog and Digital Audio
Multichannel Level Alignment, Part I: Signals and Methods
Multichannel Level Alignment, Part II: The Influence of Signals and Loudspeaker Placement
Boundary Element Simulation of HRTFs and Sound Fields Produced by Virtual Acoustic Imaging Systems
Toward an Aesthetic in Mixing for Multichannel Music Presentation
Control Methods for Sigma-Delta Based Audio Equalizers
A Survey of Biquad Filter Structures for Application to Digital Parametric Equalization
Development of AC-3 Digital Audio Encoder
Implementing ISO/MPEG-2 Advanced Audio Coding in Realtime on a Fixed Point DSP
Digital Watermarking and Its Influence on Audio Quality
Improving Virtual Sound Source Robustness Using Multiresolution Spectral Analysis and Synthesis
A Real Time DSP Kernel for Concurrent Audio Tasks
Theoretical and Audible Effects of Jitter on Digital Audio Quality
A Test Tape for Audio Control of Television Programs
Audio Levels in Digital Broadcasting
Authenticity in the Reconstruction of Historical Disc Recording Sessions
Computer-Controlled Sound System for the XVIII Olympic Winter Games in Nagano 1998
Cinema Sound Reproduction Systems: Evolving Technical Requirements and Architectural Considerations
Acoustics in Control Rooms-That Recurring, Burdensome Subject
Wideband Fractal Diffusers Using Orthogonal Modulated Sequences
Design Approach for Multi-Channel Sound Reinforcement Systems
Development of a Shaded, Beam Steered Line Array Loudspeaker with Integral Amplification and DSP Processing
Reflections Generated by Different Pulsed Sound Sources and Their Energy
Finite Field Transforms for Lossless Audio Signal Processing
Linearity and Efficiency Performance of Switching Audio Power Amplifier Output Stages-A Fundamental Analysis
MECC-A Novel Control Method for High End Switching Audio Power Amplification
The Effect of Transformers on Transmission of Digital Audio Signals
Real-Time Inverse Transform Additive Synthesis for Additive and Pitch Synchronous Noise and Sound Spatialization
A New Laboratory for Evaluating Multichannel Audio Components and Systems
Codec "Transparency," Listener "Severity," Program "Intolerance": Suggestive Relationships between Rasch Measures and Some Background Variables
A Survey of New Sound Technology for PCs
Video-Based Head Tracking for Improvements in Multichannel Loudspeaker Audio
Repeatability Analysis of Head-Related Transfer Function Measurements
Binaural Model-Based Measurements of Phantom Images
Loudspeaker Design Software Including Optimization Algorithms for Acoustical and Electrical Networks
A Transformerless Ground Loop Isolating Preamplifier-Introducing Current Balanced Circuit Technology
Improvements in Acoustic Feedback Margin in Sound Reinforcement Systems
Scalable Joint Stereo Coding
A Perceptive Loudness-Sensitive Leveler for Audio Broadcasting and Mastering
The Use of Airborne Ultrasonics for Generating Audible Sound Beams
Multiphase Filters for Sample Rate Conversion of High Resolution Audio
Maximizing Performance from Loudspeaker Ports
Testing and Verifying Low Bit-Rate Encoder Implementations
Influence of Early to Late Energy Ratios on Subjective Estimates of Small Room Acoustics
Equalization Methods in Binaural Technology
Signal Characteristics of Matrix and Discrete Multichannel Recordings
Speaker Placement, Externalization, and Envelopment in Home Listening Rooms
Approaches to Binaural Synthesis
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