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An Attack Processing of Audio Signals for Optimizing the Temporal Characteristics of a Low Bit-Rate Audio Coding System
Generic Architecture of the ISO/MPEG Layer I and II: Compatible Developments to Improve the Quality and Addition of New Features
A Standardized Architecture for Music Synthesis and Audio Signal Processing
An Architecture for a Multiple Digital-Signal Processor Based Music Synthesizer with Dynamic Voice Allocation
SynthKit Algorithm Design Tool
The Dynamics of Recorded Music
Time-Delay Spectrometry and Maximum-Length Sequence Measurements: A Comparison in Practical Applications
Constraints of Filter Banks Used for Perceptual Measurement
Evaluating a Measurement System
Toward Common Specifications for Digital Audio Interface Jitter
BTSC Performance Degradation due to Receiver Impairments
Multichannel Spatial Auditory Display for Speech Communications
Temporal Localization Cues and Their Role in Auditory Perception
A Perceptual Gain-Control Technique for Bioacoustic Transient Detection
Time-Delay Compensation of Distributed Multiple Microphones in Recording: An Experimental Evaluation
Idle Channel Tones and Dithering in Delta-Sigma Modulators
Jitter Analysis of Asynchronous Sample-Rate Conversion
Optimal Error Spectrum Shaping with Linkwitz-Riley IIR Crossover Filters
Strategies for Switching Digital Audio Filters
A Method for Extrapolation of Missing Digital Audio Data
A Single-Chip Stereo Audio Codec for PC Multimedia Applications
One-Bit Digital Processing of Audio Signals
A Detailed Analysis of a Time-Domain Formant-Corrected Pitch-Shifting Algorithm
Multichannel Sound Reproduction Based on Wavefield Synthesis
Multichannel Sound Reproduction in Larger Rooms
An Acoustically Transparent Screen
Study on Optimum Rear Loudspeaker Height for 3-1 Reproduction of HDTV Audio
Monitor Levels and Quality Evaluation of HDTV 3-1 Multichannel Sound
The First Full-Scale Surround-Sound Sweetening Room for HDTV
Using Subject-Based Testing to Evaluate the Accuracy of an Audible Simulation System
A Macroscopic View of Diffuse Reflection
Disc Project: Auralization Using Directional Scattering Coefficients; and Experimental Verification of Virtual-Environment Room-Modeling Accuracy
On Transaural Stereo for Auralization
Binaural-Based 3-D Audio System: The Orthostereophonic System (OSS) and Applications
Testing the Response of the Transaural Image
A System for the Reproduction of the Direction-of-Arrival Information in Recorded Sound Fields
A System for the Reproduction Technique for Playback of Binaural Recordings
Object-Oriented Modeling of Time Synchronization in a Multimedia Application Framework
Performance Issues in Digital Audio Networks
Future Human Interfaces to Computer-Controlled Sound Systems
The MediaLink Real-Time Multimedia Network
Audio Program Interchange: Networks, File Formats, and Real-Time Transfer
Providing Acces to Graphical-Based User Interfaces (GUIs) for Blind People Using a Multimedia System Based on Spatial Audio Representation
A Talking Histology Atlas
Audio for Multimedia in Russia
MUSICAM (ISO-MPEG Audio) Very Low Bit-Rate Coding at a Reduced Sampling Frequency
A Perceptual Model Applied to Audio Bit-Rate Reduction
ISDN and ISO/MPEG Layer III Audio Coding: Powerful New Tools for Broadcast and Audio Production
An Automated Method for Measuring Spider Compliance
Loudspeaker Production Testing Using Calibration Units
Peakless Diaphragm
Whither Dither: Experience with High-Order Dithering Algorithms in the Studio
Experience with a Sound Enhancement System Based on Wavefront Synthesis
Acoustical Characteristics of a Sound Screen for HDTV
Digital-Crossover Design Strategy for Drive Units with Impaired and Noncoincident Polar Characteristics
A Neural Network Approach to the Adaptive Correction of Loudspeaker Nonlinearities
The Calculation of Directivity of a Loudspeaker System under Various Conditions by Using a Boundary-Element Method: Case of Multiloudspeaker System for Free Space
Ultrabass Reproducing Loudspeaker System
An Object-Oriented System for Digital Audio Workstation DSP Development
Echo Control in Teleconferencing Using Adaptive Filters
An Efficient 30-Band Graphic Equalizeer Implementation for a Low-Cost DSP Processor
A Versatile Parametric Filter Using an Imbedded All-Pass Subfilter to Independently Adjust Bandwidth, Center Freqeuncy, and Boost or Cut
A DSP Implementation of a ProLogic Surround Decoder
A Single-Chip Stereo Volume Control
Optimzing Sound for Listening in the Presence of Road Noise
An Adaptive Beam-Steering Microphone Array Implemented on the Motorola DSP56000 Digital Signal Processor
Acoustical Design of a Surround-Sound Postproduction Studio for HDTV
A Room Acoustical Analysis of BMG Studio A
Changing a Large Film Production Studio into a TV Studio
Design and Implementation of an Acoustical Simulation Room
Preliminary Results of a 20-Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter Using Pulse-Width Modulation
A Modified Noise Shaper Structure for Digital PWM DACs
Macromodeling of Audio Power Amplifiers
Active Feedforward Frequency Compensation in Audio Power Amplifiers
Nearfield Monitors--Some Things They Are and Some Things They Are Not
A Suitable Algorithm for SPL Prediction in Sound System Design Programs
A Model for the Sound-Decay Calculation at Low Frequencies
A Real-Time PC-Based Implementation of AC-2 Digital Audio Compression
The AC-3 Multichannel Coder
A Single-Chip DSP Implementation of a High-Quality Low Bit-Rate Multichannel Audio Coder
Ocean: Yet Another Machine for Orchestral Synthesis
Transparency Testing Using a New Test Signal
Effects of DAC Nonlinearity on Reproduction of Noise-Shaped Signals
Design, Construction, and Testing of a College Rehersal Hall
Lossless Audio Data Compression for Real-Time Applications
The New Facilities for the Department for Light and Sound Design of the Theater Academy of Finland
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