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Subjective Perception of Speech Loudness and Intelligibility at 50 dB(A) Ambient Noise Level of a Speech Hall: Modelling Approach
Measuring Tone Masking Noise
The Detection Thresholds of Resonances at Low Frequencies
Absolute Memory for Musical Pitch: More Than the Melody Lingers On
The Effects of Loudspeaker Placement on Listeners' Preference Ratings
The Audibility of Spectral Precedence
Synthesis and Processing of Audible Notification and Warning Signals
VLSI Architectures for Asynchronous Sample-Rate Conversion
Compatible Improvement of 16-Bit Systems Using Subtractive Dither
Scalable Audio Compression for Mixed Computing Environments
Relationships Between Noise Shaping and Nested Differentiating Feedback Loops
A Discussion on the Application and Merits of Employing IIR Filter Structures to the Task of Acoustic Equalization
Is the AES/EBU/SPDIF Digital Audio Interface Flawed?
Jitter: Specification and Assessment in Digital Audio Equipment
Use of Low Bit-Rate Coding for High Quality Audio Over Telephone Lines
Future Directions for Sound System Architectures
Error Concealment in the Spectral Domain
High-Quality, Low-Rate Audio Transform Coding for Transmission and Multimedia Applications
Multi-Pulse Adaptive Sub-band Coding (MASC) Using Psychoacoustic Optimization Algorithm
High-Fidelity Monophonic Audio Coding at 100 kbit/s
Optimization of Error Detection and Concealment for ISO/MPEG/AUDIO CODECs Layer I and II
Combined Stereo Coding
Study of Window Performance with Respect to the Auditory Masking Curve for Low Bit-Rate Coding Applications
Super Bit Mapping: Psychoacoustically Optimized Digital Recording
A Software Simulator for Sub-Band Filter-Bank Analysis
New Digital PLL for 8-10 Modulation Code Used by DAT
Adaptive Filters for Audio-An Overview with Application Examples
Adaptive Filters for Loudspeakers and Rooms
Using Active Noise Control for Recording Studio HVAC System Silencing
Adaptive Linearization of a Loudspeaker
A Study of Periodically Time-Variant Electroacoustic Reverberation Enhancement and Public Address Systems
Wave Front Synthesis: A New Direction in Electroacoustics
Modern Sound Control Technology in Large Auditoria and in Small (Reference) Listening rooms
Fifty Years of Sound Reinforcement: Precautions for Sound Field Synthesis
Electronic Architecture: Toward a Better Understanding of Theory and Application
Room Impression, Reverberance, and Warmth in Rooms and Halls
Beam Dithering: Acoustic Feedback Control Using a Modulated-Directivity Loudspeaker Array
A Study on the Practicality and Accuracy of Impulse Response Calculations for the Auralization of Sound System Designs
Auralization of Computer Simulated Field and Measured Field by a Multi-Loudspeaker System
Sound Field Simulator for Room Acoustic Design and Assessment-Introduction of Wave-Theoretical Treatment to Synthesized Sound
EARS Auralization Software
Information Interface Between Sound Transmission Programs and Auralization Systems
Aspects of Auralization in Binaural Room Simulation
Listening Tests in the Computer-Modeled Pipe Organ Sound
The ZebraBoard: A New MIDI Controller
Spectral Envelopes and Inverse FFT Synthesis
Physical Modeling on a Parallel DSP System
Characterization of Communications Systems Using a Speech-Like Test Stimulus
Simulated Free Field Measurements
Aspects of MLS Measuring Systems
The Analytic Impulse and the Energy-Time Curve: The Debate Continues
New Active Audio Field Control System on the Private Broadband LAN
Generalized Transaural Stereo
Virtual Imaging Capabilities of Surround Sound Systems
MUSICAM-Surround: A Universal Multichannel Coding System Compatible with ISO 11172-3
Problems of Upward and Downward Compatibility in Multichannel Stereo Systems
Compatibility of and Conversion Between Multispeaker Systems
Psychoacoustic Decoders for Multispeaker Stereo and Surround Sound
Files Management for Digital Mixing Consoles
Loudness Levels and Ensemble Room Acoustics
Empirical Determination of Sound Isolation Requirements for Recording Studio Isolation Booths
Design, Construction and Testing of a Large Recording and Postproduction Audio Facility
Presentation Studio Design for Acoustical Simulations
Multimedia for Architectural Acoustics Simulation
The Basic Principles of I.S.S.R. (Individual Sound Source Reinforcement)
Concert Sound Levels-An Objective Assessment
A Fifth-Order Delta-Sigma Modulator with 110 dB Audio-Band Dynamic Range
An 18-Bit Delta-Sigma D/A Processor System Achieving Full-Scale THD+N>100 dB
How to Achieve Optimum Performance from Delta-Sigma A/D and D/A Converters
Time-Domain Behavior of Dithered Quantizers
Digital-to-Analog Converter with Low Inter-Sample Transition Distortion and Low Sensitivity to Sample Jitter and Transresistance Amplifier Slew Rate
Auralization in Scale Models: Phase Compensation of Viscothermal Attenuation
Binaural Auralization and Perceptual Veridicality
Binaural Auralization: Head-Related Transfer Functions Measured on Human Subjects
Signal Processing for Simulating Realistic Stereo Images
A New Technology for Measuring the Stereo Content of Music
A Digital Stereo Generator for FM Broadcast
Computer Simulation, Analysis of Predistortion, Adaptive Equalization of Digital Satellite and Digital Microwave Radio Systems with Nonlinear Transmit Amplifiers and with Multipath Propagation
Accelerated Slope Tone Control Equalizers
On the Use of the Hankel Transform for Sound Radiation
Design and Theory of a New Midrange Horn Driver
Efficient Loudspeaker Parameter Estimation-An Extension
Development of a Compact Dipole Loudspeaker
Audio Power Amplifiers for Loudspeaker Loads
Unobtrusive Compression of Dynamic Range
High Dynamic Range Audio Applications for Digital Signal Processing
Restoration of Recorded Audio Through Adaptive Noise Cancelling
Multitask Method for Digital Restoration of Old Recordings
A Long-Time Recording Method on MODs for the 20-Bit Digital Audio Editing System
A Powerful New VLSI Processor for Digital Audio
Synchronization of Digital Audio Channels to Analog Soundtrack
Enclosure Detuning for 20-Bit Performance
Testing Compact Discs for Longevity
Reliability Testing of R-DAT Tapes Subjected to Mechanical and Environmental Stress
Interactive Virtual Acoustics Synthesis System for Architectural Acoustics Design
Room Acoustical Simulation Algorithms Compared
Loudspeakers, Listening Rooms, and Effective Synthetic Auralization
Impulse Response of Very Small Rooms
Modeling of Room Impulse Responses by Multirate Systems
Applications of Blumlein Shuffling to Stereo Microphone Techniques
Using Interference Tube Microphones in the Reel World
Microphone Techniques for 3-Channel Stereo
A 3-1 Quadraphonic Microphone for HDTV
Asymmetric All-Pass Crossover Alignments
Logarithmic Spaced Analysis Filter Bank for Multiple Loudspeaker Channels
Sound Radiation Analysis of Loudspeaker Systems Using Nearfield Acoustic Holography (NAH) and the Application Visualization System (AVS)
ATRAC: Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding for MiniDisc
Auralization of QRD and Other Diffusing Surfaces using Scale Modelling
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