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Jamie Angus

Jamie Angus

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  • Educational Institutions - Educator
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  • Educator
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Jamie Angus-Whiteoak Is Professor of Audio Technology at Salford University. She was one of the progenitors of the UK's first music technology course at York in 1986. Her interest in audio started with a visit to WOR radio and television in NYC when she was 11. After this she was hooked, and spent much of her free time studying audio, radio, synthesizers, and loudspeakers, and even managed to build some! She studied electronics at Kent (UK) doing her BSc and PhD there from 1974 to 1980. During her PhD study she became interested in A/D conversion, and worked on a sigma-delta approach, but had to give it up to concentrate on her Thesis topic of designing a DSP processor. After her PhD she joined Standard Telecommunications Laboratories, who invented optical fibres and PCM. There she worked on integrated optics, speech coding, speech synthesis, and recognition in the early 80s, and invented a novel 32kBits speech coding method. She has been active in audio and acoustic research from then. She was appointeded as the BT Lecturer at the University of York in 1983, to develop the first integrated masters (Meng) in Electronic and Communication Engineering in conjunction with British Telecom. She then co-created the UK's first Music Technology course in 1986 when it was considered a "silly idea"! She is the inventor of; modulated, wideband, and absorbing diffusers, direct processing of Super Audio CD signals, and one of the first 4-channel digital tape recorders. She has done work on signal processing, analogue circuits, and numerous other audio technology topics.
She teaches audio and video signal processing, Psychoacoustics, Sound reproduction, studio design, and audio and video coding. She has co-written two textbooks and has authored, or co-authored over 200 journal and conference papers and 4 patents. She is currently investigating environmentally friendly audio technology.
She was awarded an AES fellowship and the IOA Peter Barnet Memorial prize for her contributions to audio and acoustics.
For relaxation she likes playing drums and dancing, but not at the same time.

AES Awards

In 2004, James Angus was presented with the AES Fellowship Award for achievements in research and education in electroacoustics, particularly for pioneering work on sigma-delta modulation.

In 2019, Jamie A. S. Angus-Whiteoak was presented with the AES Silver Medal Award for a lifetime of important contributions to audio engineering and instruction.

Non-AES Awards & Award Nominations

Peter Barnett Memorial Award in Electroacoustics from Institute of Acoustics

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