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Marina Bosi


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Dr. Marina Bosi, Member of the AES since 1989 and Fellow since 2003, has served the Society as President, VP of the Western Region, Chair of the San Francisco Section, and in various key leadership roles on the Board. She spearheaded the first International Conference on High-Quality Audio Coding and co-chaired the 97th Convention. As president of the AES, Marina oversaw several first-ever initiatives with focus on digital media technology. She has received numerous AES awards including the Silver Medal in 2019 and the Board of Governors Award in 1995 and in 2000.
A pioneer in the field of digital audio coding, Marina Bosi has enjoyed a distinguished career as a researcher, leader, and educator in the fields of digital media technology, digital rights management, and IP licensing. She launched the first North American university course on perceptual audio coding at Stanford University where she is an Adjunct Professor and she wrote the acclaimed textbook "Introduction to Digital Audio Coding and Standards" (Kluwer/Springer 2003). Marina played key roles in the development of several international standards, including leading the MPEG-2 AAC (the core coding technology used in Apple's iTunes, etc.) development for which she received the ISO/IEC 1997 Project Editor award, and actively contributing to the work of standardization bodies such as ATSC, ITU, and the DVD Forum.
A graduate of Stanford Business School's "Stanford Executive Program", Marina brings experience with the financial side of running a non-profit along with her technical expertise. She co-founded the Digital Media Project with Leonardo Chiariglione, head of MPEG, where, as Treasurer (and a Board Member) of the non-profit organization, she was responsible for the budget, managing the annual audit, and making financial projections.

AES Awards

In 1995, Marina Bosi was presented with the AES Board of Governors Award for her co-chairmanship of the 97th AES Convention in San Francisco in November 1994.

In 2000, Marina Bosi was presented with the AES Board of Governors Award for co-chairmanship of the AES 17th International Conference in Florence, Italy, September 1999.

In 2003, Marina Bosi was presented with the AES Fellowship Award for her contributions to the standardization of audio and video coding and digital secure content.

In 2019, Marina Bosi was presented with the AES Silver Medal Award in recognition of outstanding achievements in the development and standardization of audio and video coding and of secure digital rights management.

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