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The Discrete-Time Wavelet Transformation and Audio Coding
Wavelets, Regularity, Complexity, and MPEG-Audio
Introduction to Sound Drivers for Multimedia Applications
Interactive Audio: (The Beginnings of) A Blueprint for Functionality
Audio in Multimedia-A Survey of Projects at the Georgia Institute of Technology's Interactive Media Technology Center, 1989-1995
Vision Steered Beam-Forming and Transaural Rendering for the Artificial Life Interactive Video Environment (ALIVE)
Topological Analysis of Consumer Audio Electronics: Another Approach to Show that Modern Audio Electronics are Acoustically Transparent
Attack and Release Time Constants in RMS-based Compressors and Limiters
An Improved Monolithic Voltage-Controlled Amplifier
Taking the Mystery Out of Microphone Behavior
Routing MIDI Messages Over Ethernet
Audio and MIDI Markup Tools for the World Wide Web
Multimedia Compact Disc: Channel Coding and System Requirements
Discrete Element Line Arrays (Everything There Is To Know About-)
Amplitude and Signal Delay Shading of Vertical Horn Arrays
Computer Modeling of Air Distortion in Compression Chamber of Horn Drivers with Centrally Supportede Diaphragm
The Expansion of Electronic Signals Back into Acoustic Space-An Introduction to FSS
Entropy Reduction in High-Quality Audio Coding
Subjective Evaluation of High-Quality Audio Coding Systems: Methods and Results in the Two-Channel Case
ISO/MPEG Subjective Tests on Multichannel Audio Systems
Can Objective Methods Replace Subjective Assessments?
Fiber Optics for Professional Audio
Producing Radio Drama Using Networked Digital Audio Workstations
Combining MPEG, PCMCIA, ISDN, and GPS for Professional Audio Applications
Audio in a 5.1-Channel Environment
A Multiformat Transportable Recording System
ION: A Studio Operating Environment
A Comparison of Computational Methods for Instantaneous Frequency and Group Delay of Discrete-Time Signals
The Complex Modulation Transfer Function of Duffing's Equation
Feature Extraction Methods for the Intelligent Processing of Musical Signals
On Audio Noise Likeness-Index Evaluation
New Learning Algorithms for the Processing of Old Audio Recordings
Signal Processing to Improve Speech Intelligibility for the Hearing Impaired (Especially in Noise)
A Single-Ended Noise Reduction System for Automotive Audio Applications
Precision Measurement of Loudspeaker Parameters
Diaphragm Area and Mass Nonlinearities of Cone Loudspeakers
Nonlinear System Models for Horn Loudspeakers
Parameter Measurement and Identification of the Nonlinear System Structure on Horn Loudspeakers
Finite-Element Method of Modeling of Eddy Currents and Their Influence on Nonlinear Distortion in Electrodynamic Loudspeakers
Improving MPEG Audio Coding by Backward Adaptive Linear Stereo Prediction
A Nonlinear Psychoacoustic Model Applied to ISO/MPEG Layer 3 Coder
A Low-Delay Filter Bank for Audio Coding with Reduced Pre-Echoes
The Modulated Phasor Transforms
Fast Algorithm on MPEG/Audio Subband Filtering
Digital Audio Coding Based on the Look-Up Table
The Variability of Loudspeaker Sound Quality Among Four Domestic-Sized Rooms
Perception of Reproduced Sound: Audibility of Individual Reflections in a Complete Sound Field, II
The Significance of Early High-Frequency Reflections from Loudspeakers in Listening Rooms
Imaging and Loudspeaker Directivity: To Beam or Not to Beam
Interaction Between Audio-Visual Factors in a Home Theater System: Experimental Results
Absolute Memory for Musical Tempo
Tunable Band-Pass Filters in Music Synthesis
Parametric Digital Filter Structures
The Study of Arithmetic and Wordlength Requirements for Digital Audio Filtering Hardware
Interpolation via Least Square Modeling
Filter Structures to Compensate for Nonlinear Distortions of Horn Loudspeakers
Dynamic Dithering of Delta-Sigma Modulators
Continuously Variable Interpolation/Decimation Filters for Oversampling Converters
Efficient Linearization of Sigma-Delta Modulators with Digital-Domain Dithering
Power Digital-to-Analog Conversion Using Sigma-Delta Pulse Inversion Techniques
Auralization of Variable Room Acoustic Reverberation and Multimicrophone Placement Using Signal Processing
The Early Sound Field in Performance Halls
A New Method of Generating Artificial Reverberant Sound
Comparing Investigations on Perceptibility of Sound Field Differences
Test Signals for Subjective Vehicle Audio Evaluation
Sound-Quality Evaluation of 96-kHz Sampling Digital Audio
Ambiophonics: The Synthesis of Concert Hall Sound Fields in the Home
Two Decades of Diffusor Design and Development
Diffusion Parameters for Baffled Diffusors
The Effect of Acoustic Diffusors on Room Mode Decay
Using Modulated Phase Reflection Gratings to Achieve Specific Diffusion Characteristics
Measurement of Directional Scattering Coefficients Using Near-Field Acoustic Holography and Spatial Transformation of Sound Fields
Motional Voltage as a Distortion Mechanism in Loudspeakers
Designs and the Designer: A Point of Reference
The Application of a New High-Density Optical Disc for Audio
A Directivity Controlled Loudspeaker System with Low Distortion
Philosophy and Implementation of a High-End Assignable Control Surface for a Digital Audio Mix System
The Hardware Behind a Large Digital Mixer
The Software Behind Large Digital Mixer
Design Considerations for Successful Analog Conversion Systems for Large-Scale Digital Audio Console Applications
Using Auralization for Creating Animated 3-D Sound Fields Across Multiple Loudspeakers
Improved Spectral Stereo Head Model
Audio Compression for Network Transmission
Overview of MPEG-Audio: Current and Future Standards for Low Bit-Rate Audio Coding
Causes of Nonlinear Compression Driver Distortions and Their Audibility
A Two- or Three-Stage Bit-Rate Scalable Audio Coding System
Interaction Between Audio-Visual Factors in a Home Theater System: Definition of Subjective Attributes
Psychoacoustically Optimal Sigma-Delta Modulation
An Open Modular Architecture for Computer-Controlled Sound Systems
Time-Frequency Display of Electroacoustic Data Using Cycle-Octave Wavelet Transforms
A Survey of the Effects of Nonlinearity on Various Types of Transfer-Function Measurements
Ambisonic Sound for Us
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