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A Technique for Displaying the Current and Voltage Output Capability of Amplifiers and Relating This to the Demands of Loudspeakers
Measuring the Properties of Loudspeaker Materials for Low-Frequency Drive Units
Measuring Equipment for the Estimation of -Pop- Sensitivity of Microphones
Evaluation of the Audible Distortion and Noise Produced by Digital Audio Converters
Measuring the Quality of Digital-Signal-Processing Units, A-to-D and D-to-A Conversion Systems
Problems of Near-Field Sound Reinforcement and of Mobile Sources in the Operation of the Delta Stereophony System (DSS) and Computer Processing of the Same
True Directional Sound System Orientated to the Original Sound and Diffuse Sound Structures-New Applications of the Delta Stereophony System (DSS)
The Design of a Multilayer, Time-Delay-Zoned Public Address System for a Large Railway Terminal Complex
The Sound and Communication Systems for a 150 Seat Parliamentary Assembly Hall
On the Design of a Microprocessor Driven Ambient-Sensing Automatic Level Controller
An Omnidirectional Sound Source
Low-Bit Rate Coding of High Quality Audio Signals
Evaluation of Quality for Audio Encoding at Low Bit Rates
Graceful Degradation of Digital Audio Transmission Systems
Multichannel Television Sound Broadcasting in the United States
Microprocessor Aided Continuity System
The Design and Construction of Radio Stations in the UK and Abroad to Current UK Acoustic Specifications
Reduction of Peak/RMS Ratio of Speech by Amplitude Compression and Quadratic Phase Dispersion
An Application of Acoustic Intensity in the Project of Sound Reinforcement for Senlis Cathedral
Digital Control of the Room Acoustic Quality
A New Direction in Electro-Acoustic Reverberation Control
Cross Correlation Criteria for Determining the Artificial Reverberation Quality
A Computer Simulation of Transient States in Concert Halls
Power Handling Capacity of Loudspeakers
Determination of Loudspeaker Parameters Using a System Identification Technique
Determination of the Thiele-Small Parameters Using Two-Channel FFT Analysis
Wigner Representation of Loudspeaker Responses in a Living Room
Directive Loudspeaker Design
Finite Element Modelling of Loudspeaker Diaphragms and the Boundary Element Method for Evaluating Sound Pressure
Improvement in Dome Speaker Characteristics by Using a Spherical Wave Front Horn Baffle
Advanced TDS Measurements in Control Room Acoustic Troubleshooting
Frequency Responses in Acoustical Enclosures
Impulse Measurement of Acoustic Impedance
Comparison Between Two Methods for Measuring Acoustical Impedance
Acoustic Load and Transfer Functions in Listening Rooms
The UK System for Digital Sound with Terrestrial Television
Subjective Validation of an Objective Model for the Characterization of the Room Acoustic Quality
Temporal and Spectral Masking Effects of Harmonic Complex Tones
Perceptual Differences for Harmonic Complex Signals Related to Dispersion in the Inner Ear
Processing Artificial-Head Recordings
The "Audiosphere", a 3D Audio Computer Assisted Simulation System
A Condenser Stereo Microphone with High Directivity Index
Computer Control of Ambisonic Soundfields
New Perspectives on Coincident and Semi Coincident Microphone Arrays
Comparative Spatial Transfer Function of Six Different Stereophonic Systems
Unified Theory of Microphone Systems for Stereophonic Sound Recording
Soft Magnetic Materials for Audio Transformers: History, Production and Applications
A Family of Circuit Topologies for the Linkwitz-Riley (LR-4) Crossover Alignment
Transient Low-End Performance of Audio Non Inverting Feedback Preamplifiers and Power Amplifiers
A Non Standard Op-Amp Based Mic Preamp Design Meets Studio Quality Noise Requirements
The Simulation of Loudspeaker Crossover Filters with a Digital Signal Processor
The DSP 610-A Compact Processor to Utilise a New Directional Sound Reinforcement System
Gaining Time for Intelligent Signal Processing by Delay Systems
A Digital Delay Processor and Its Applications
Processing of Audio Signals with Extended Precision by TMS 32010
A Digital Signal Processing System for Automatic Dialogue Post-Synchronization
Prospective Converter Techniques for Improved Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Digital Audio Systems
A Practical Application of Network Architecture to Advanced Audio Systems
Mainframe Computer Music on Microcomputers
Musical Considerations in Computer Music Workstation Design
Digital Audio Recording Format Offering Extensive Editing Capabilities
The Use of TV Holography (ESPI) for Loudspeaker Chassis and Cabinet Modal Analysis
EMI: A Tutorial About Sources, Design Standards and Measurements
Progress Towards a System of Synchronisation in Digital Audio
Problems of Acoustics in Sports Stadiums and Halls
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