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Computer Aided Film Sound Editing
Practical Application and Digital Control of the Microphone Array
Sandwich-Construction Loudspeaker Diaphragm with Foamed High-Polymer and Carbon Fiber
A Micro-Computer Program for Computing the Phase Response of Dynamic Loudspeaker Drivers
Improving the Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Coverage of FM Stereophonic Broadcasts
Television Stereo Basics, Considerations, Conclusions and Recommendations
A 5-Band Companded Technique for Converting Telephone-Quality to Broadcast-Quality Using Two Voice-Grade Phone Lines
Performance Characteristics of Unidirectional Transducers Near Reflective Surfaces
Super Compliant Modules Enhance Loudspeaker Performance: Part 1: Overview and Qualitative Understanding
Super Compliant Modules Enhance Loudspeaker Performance: Part II: Thermodynamic Theory and Test Results
Active Realization of Multiway All-Pass Crossover Systems
Equalized Sound Power (ESP) Auto Sound System
The Localized Sound Power Method
Dynamic Linearity and Power Compression in Moving-Coil Loudspeakers
Digital Automatic Level Control for Analog-to-Digital Conversion
A Dolby B-C Type IC for Low Voltage Applications
An Erasable CD Compatible Magneto-Optical Disc Recorder
Linear-Phase Bandsplitting: Theory and Applications
Testing Microphones with Time Delay Spectrometry
A Review of Non-Linear Distortion Fundamentals
Towards a Digital Power Amplifier
Practical Applications of Crossovers in Real Loudspeaker Systems
Variable Speed Replay of Digital Audio with Constant Output Sampling Rate
An ATE System for Audio Product Evaluation
Specifications and Implementation of a Computer Audio Console for Digital Mixing and Recording
A Microprocessor Based Panning System
Vacuum Tube Triode Nonlinearity as Part of the Electric Guitar Sound
Concept and Realization of a Modular Edit Code Synchronizer
A High Speed Telecommunications Interface for Digital Audio Transmission and Reception
Mutual Radiation Impedance of a Double-Disk Source and Its Effect on the Radiated Power
The Design of a Point Source, Near Field Reference Monitor
Stereo Microphone Techniques for Broadcast
The Final Step in Design
Design Criteria for Reconstruction Filter-Optimized Sample and Hold Circuits
Application of Acoustic Simulation to the Olympic Main Coliseum
Equalization Using Voice and Music as the Source
Acoustic Reverberation Kit: A New Tool, to Assist in Acoustic Measurements
Stage Miking and Monitoring Techniques: A Case History
Applications of Columnar Loudspeaker Systems in Reverberant Halls of Worship
The Design of an Anthropomorphic Model to Simulate the Vibration Response of the Surface for the Human Body
Location Recording Practices: A Tutorial (with Emphasis Toward Broadcast Sessions)
The RPG Reflection Phase Grating Acoustical Diffusor: Applications
The RFZ/RPG Approach to Control Room Monitoring
The RPG Reflection Phase Grating Acoustical Diffusor: Experimental Measurements
On the Replacement of T.H.D. as the Standard Figure of Merit
Psychoacoustic Considerations in the Design of Studio Control Rooms
Optical Digital Disk Duplication by a Photopolymer Process
Multi-Channel Audio for Television Broadcasting
The Real Room Curve: Its Special Application in Theatrical Sound Reinforcement
Where's the Bass? (Or It's Too Simple to be Accurate)
Signal Synchronisation in Digital Audio
A New Approach to Sampling Rate Synchronization
Horn Layout Simplified
Linking Digital Audio and Time Code
Dither in Digital Audio
Is Zero Distortion Possible with Feedback?
Equalization of the Direct Sound Only, Is It Viable?
Cepstral Techniques for Transducer Measurement
8-Channel Digital Audio Mixer for Digital Mastering and Recording
A Writable Compact Disc Digital Audio System
Criteria for the Selection of Audio Tapes for Analog and Digital Recording According to their Drop-Out Characteristic
Some Observation on Noise of Magnetic Recording Tape
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