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The Relay of Stereophonic Programs by a Space Satellite
An Improved Home Reverberation System
A Consideration of the Fundamentals of Passive and Active Acoustics
High-Frequency Intermodulation Testing of Stereo Phonograph Pickups
A Low-Noise, Two-Wire, Condenser Microphone Preamplifier
A High-Speed Transient Analyzer
The Compact-Cassette System for Audio Tape Recordings
Automatic Audio Level Control
The WINS 90 Park Avenue Studio Facility Design and Installation
Reproducer Test Tapes, Their Evolution and Manufacture
Tape Reproducer Response Measurements with a Reproducer Test Tape
Absolute Flux and Frequency Response Characteristics in Magnetic Recording: Definitions and Standardization
A Comparison of Two Types of Digitized Autocorrelation Vocoders
Electrothermal Response of Lead Zirconate Titanate Ceramics
From Boom Boxes to Beatles, Baez, and Boccherini--The Electric Guitar at the Crossroads
Semiconductor Microphone
Survey of Methods for Measuring Speech Quality
Underwater Loudspeakers
Field Effect Transistors in Power Amplifiers
The Development of Optical Sound for 8mm Motion Pictures
An Analysis of Phonograph Cartridge Mistracking
An Electronic Dummy for Acoustical Testing
Multiple Speed Tape Duplicating
Blast Proof Speaker Evaluation Techniques
A Practical Ear Enclosure with Selectively Coupled Volume
Modern Electronics in Colonial Williamsburg
Some Generalized Bandwidth Compression Methods Applied to Vocoder Data
Design of a Low-Cost AC/DC Voltohmmeter
Conferencing with Pitch-Excited Channel Vocoders
A Mobile Two-Frequency Acoustic Source for Underwater Sound Propagation Studies at Great Depth
A Professional Studio Monitor Loudspeaker System
A Portable Audio Control Console
Some Examples of Sound-System Correction of Acoustically-Difficult Rooms
Miniature Condenser Microphone for Transient Measurements
A VOX System for Operation at High and Variable Ambient Levels
Film Mixing with Conventional Tape
Comprehensive Sound Measurement Console Design
Audio Facilities at AES Conventions-Their Development to the Present
An Audio Console for AES Conventions-Its Design and Functions
Field Effect Integrated Circuits in Electronic Organs
Tone Bursts Transient-Overload Testing
A Graphical Language for Composing and Playing Sounds and Music
Tone Generation with Multiple Synchronous and Non-Synchronous RC Oscillators
Transient Analysis of Harmonic Musical Tones by Digital Computer
Higher Speed Duplication of Eight Track Tapes with Enhanced Dynamic Range
Improving the Reliability of Sound Systems
A New Anechoic Chamber
A New Concept in Language Laboratory Equipment
Linear Microelectronics in the Implementation of Audio Control Functions
Reverberation Reinforcement by Delayed Electro-Acoustic Feedback-Ambiophony
Some Design Considerations of the 8 Track Continuous Loop Magnetic Tape Cartridge and Player
A New Vertical Storage Automatic Disc Playback System
Some Problems in Subjective Testing
An Interferometer Microphone
Inroads of Integrated Circuits in Audio
An Improved Audiometric Earphone
The Design Evolution of the Eight Track Stereo Tape Cartridge
Miniature Audio Amplifiers
Thick Film Integrated Circuits for Audio Amplifiers
Integrated Circuits in Audio Applications
Language Laboratory Without Earphones
Amplitude Limiting in Systems with Frequency Dependent Overload Characteristics
A Voltage Tuned Audio Wave Analyzer
5" High Efficiency Wide Range Loudspeaker for Small Enclosures
A Convenient Magnetic Tape Deguasser
Word-Recognition Strategy
FM Stereo Separation Degradation as a Function of Antenna System VSWR
On the Measurement of Rumble in Phonograph Reproduction
Design Considerations of a New Continuous Tape Cartridge System
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