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Cues for Localization in the Horizontal Plane
Subjective Investigations of the Interaural Time Difference in the Horizontal Plane
Localization and Image Size Effects for Low Frequency Sound
Audibility of Time Switching in Dynamic Binaural Synthesis
Interpolation of Head Related Transfer Functions Considering Acoustics
A Listening Test of Dither in Digital Audio Systems
DSP-Implemented Broadband Superdirective Microphon e Array with Audible Noise Suppression
Onset Detection, Music Transcription and Ornament Detection for the Traditional Irish Fiddle
Perceptually Constrained Subspace Method for Enhancing Speech Degraded by Colored Noise
Blind Estimation of Room Resonances using Popular, Classical, and Jazz Music
Comparison of Signal Reconstruction Methods for the Azimuth Discrimination and Resynthesis Algorithm
Packet Loss Concealment for Audio Streaming Based on the GAPES Algorithm
An Accurate Method of Detection and Cancellation of Multiple Acoustic Feedbacks
Fast Filterbanks for the Low Power MPEG High Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding Decoder
A Flexible Compander IC for Wireless Microphone Applications
A Better Approach to Passive Microphone Splitting
Electromagnetic Interference, Microphones and Cables
Using Perceptive Subbands Analysis to Perform Audio Scenes Cartography
Descriptor-Based Spatialization
An Optimized Method for Capturing Multidimensional “Acoustic Fingerprints”
3DApe: A Real-Time 3D Audio Playback Engine.
A Simple Methodology of Calibration for Sensors Arrays for Acoustical Radar System
Audio-Based Self-Localization for Ubiquitous Sensor Networks
The Self Compensated Output Power Transformer (SC-OPT), Theory and Properties
Universal System and Output Transformer for Valve Amplifiers
Practical Program Loudness Measurement for Effective Loudness Control
An Approach to Analogous Circuits of Acoustical and Mechanical Systems by Means of Problem Based Learning
Development of a Computer Baesd Violin Teaching Aid, ViTool
Interface Design as Part of an Audio Technology Degree
Lossless Compression of IEEE Floating-point Audio using Approximate Common Factor Coding and Masked-LZ Compression
New Algorithms for Wow and Flutter Detection and Compensation in Audio
Sound Editing Workflows and Technologies for Digital Film: The Non Linear Sountrack
Road Traffic Monitoring using a Two-Microphone Array
Comparison of Different Listening Systems for Speech Intelligibility Tests
Automotive Doors as Loudspeaker Enclosures Modeling Considerations
A Listening Test System for Automotive Audio - Part 1: System Description
A Listening Test System for Automotive Audio - Part 2: Initial Verification
Attribute Identification and Quantification in Automotive Audio - Part 1: Introduction to the Descriptive Analysis Technique
Sound Analysis and Synthesis through Complex Bandpass Filter Banks
Voice Solo to Unison Choir Transformation
A Comparison of Sound Onset Detection Algorithms with Emphasis on Psychoacoustically Motivated Detection Functions
Automatic Characterization of Dynamics and Articulation of Expressive Monophone Recordings
Application of Block-Based Physical Modelling for Digital Sound Synthesis of String Instruments
Frequency Modulation Tone Matching Using a Fuzzy Clustering Evolution Strategy
Automated Wavetable Synthesizer Testing
An Approach to Expressive Music Performance Modeling
Extraction of Auditory Features and Elicitation of Attributes for the Assessment of Multichannel Reproduced Sound
Interaction of Source and Reverberance Spatial Imagery in Multichannel Loudspeaker Audio
Spatial Impulse Response Rendering: Listening Tests and Applications to Continuous Sound
Measurement of Speech Intelligibility in Noise: A Comparison of a Stereo Image Source and a Central Loudspeaker Source
The Whys and Wherefores of Microphone Array Crosstalk in Multichannel Microphone Array Design
Investigation Into the Effect of Interchannel Crosstalk in Multichannel Microphone Technique
Reproducing Multichannel Sound on any Speaker Layout
New File Format and Methods for Multichannel Sound in Broadcasting
A Sinusoidal Modeling Approach Based on Perceptual Matching Pursuits for Parametric Audio Coding
An Audio Quantizer Based on a Time Domain Auditory Masking Model
A perceptual Post Filter for Wideband Speech and Audio ACELP Codecs
A New Audio Compression Method Based on Spectral Oriented Trees
Fast Bit Allocation Method for MP3/AAC Encoders
Bit Reservoir Design for HE AAC
Accurate Spectral Replacement
An Object-based 3D Audio Broadcasting System for Interactive Services
Scalable Parametric Audio Coder for Internet Audio Streaming
An Evaluation Tool for Wireless Digital Audio Applications
Audio Dementia: A Next Generation Audio Mixing Software Application
Film Music Scoring using a Digital Audio Workstation
NU-Tech: Implementing DSP Algorithms in a Plug-in Based Software Platform for Real time Audio Applications
Audio Processing in a Multimodal Framework
The Thiele-Krause Archive for Audio-Visual Media Technology: An Online Historical Platform.
First Approach to Combine Particle Model Algorithms with Modal Analysis using FEM
Bayesian Probabilistic Analysis of Sound Energy Decay Characteristics in Acoustically Coupled Rooms
Digital Waveguide Networks for Room Response Modeling and Synthesis
Evaluation of Artificial Reverberation Decay Quality
Acoustical Simulation and Auralization in Mosques
Active Diffusers: Stability Analysis and Multiple Active Elements
Acoustic Design with Textile Absorbers and Foils
Is STIPa a Robust Measure of Speech Intelligibility Performance?
Limiting Effects of Active Room Compensation using Wave Field Synthesis
Room Compensation using Multichannel Inverse Filters for Wave Field Synthesis Systems
Design and Implementation of a Compatible Wave Field Synthesis Authoring Tool
A Sub-band Approach to Wave-Field Synthesis Rendering
Controlling the Mode Excitation of Rooms by using Multiple Low Frequency Cardioids in Multichannel Systems
Design of a Second-Order Soundfield Microphone
The 22.2 Multichannel Sound System and Its Application
The Intelligent Artificial Vocal Vibrato Effecter using Pitch Detection and Delay-Line
Beat Tracking Towards Automatic Musical Accompaniment
Detrended Fluctuation Analysis of Music Signals: Danceability Estimation and Further Semantic Characterization
Transcribing Piano Recordings using Signal Novelty
BillaBoop: Real-Time Voice-Driven Drum Generator
Automatic Chord Identifcation using a Quantised Chromagram
Musical Instrument Identification using LSF and K-means
Feature Extraction for Voice-driven Synthesis
On the Usefulness of Differentiated Transient/Steady-state Processing in Machine Recognition of Musical Instruments
A Method for Characterizing and Identifying Audio Based on Auditory Scene Analysis
Direct Acoustic Digital to Analogue Conversion with Digital Transducer Array Loudspeakers
Structural and Acoustic Analysis of Multi-Actuator Panels
On the Sound Field of a Membrane in an Infinite Baffle
Influence of Material and Shape on Sound Reproduction by an Electrodynamic Loudspeaker
An Alternative Approach to Minimize Inductance and Related Distortions in Loudspeakers
Large Signal Performance of Tweeters, Micro Speakers and Horn Drivers
Linear-Phase Analogue Crossover Systems Revisited
DSP-based Sensorless Velocity Observer with Audio Applications in Loudspeaker Compensation
An Approach to Discrete-Time Modelling Auralization for Wave Field Synthesis Applications
Impression Differences by Placement of Front and Rear Microphones for Multi-channel Stereophonic Recording
A New Microphone Technique For Five-Channel Recording
An Approach for Wave Field Synthesis High Power Applications
An Informal Comparison Between Surround-Sound Microphone Techniques
A Loudspeaker-based 3D Sound Projection using Virtual Microphone Control (ViMiC)
Detection of Subwoofer Depending on Crossover Frequency and Spatial Angle between Subwoofer and Main Speaker
Generalized Harmonic Analysis and It's Application to Intensive Noise Reduction
Efficient Error Vector Calculation in Affine Projection Algorithms for Active Noise Control
Challenges of Acoustic Echo Cancellation in Low Cost Applications
An Efficient, Fine-Grain Scalable Audio Compression Scheme
Program Loudness: Nuts & Bolts
Automated Speech/Other Discrimination for Loudness Monitoring
HRTF Individualization by Solving the Least Squares Problem
The Effect of Non-Symmetrical Left/Right Recording Pinnae on the Perceived Externalisation of Binaural Recordings.
A Novel Objective Localization Quality Evaluation Method for Reproduced Sound
Objective Assessement of Spatial Localisation Attributes of Surroung-Sound Reproduction Systems
An Improved Method for Accurate Sound Localization
Head Movements: An Approach to Their Significance for Localisation Tasks.
Comparison between Different Surround Reproduction Systems: ITU 5.1 vs PanAmbio 4.1
DTS-HD: Technical Overview of Lossless Mode of Operation
An Introduction to the KOZ Scalable Audio Compression Technology
The Reference Model Architecture for MPEG Spatial Audio Coding
First Investigations on the Use of Manually and Automatically Generated Stereo Downmixes for Spatial Audio Coding
Improved Forward-Adaptive Prediction for MPEG-4 Audio Lossless Coding
The Effect of Noise Transfer Function Shape on Idle Tones in Sigma-Delta Modulators
Fuzzy Impulsive Control of High Order Sigma Delta Modulators
Integrated Stereo Sigma-Delta Class D Amplifier
Simple Self-Oscillating Class D Amplifier with Full Output Filter Control
Low Order IIR Parametric Loudspeaker Equalization, A Psychoacoustic Approach
Demystifying Analog Circuits in Professional Audio Applications
Spatial Sound Localization Measures From a Dummy Head with a Loudspeaker Array in Anechoic Chamber
Development of Objective Sound Quality Evaluation Method Based on Subjective Sound Quality Evaluation
Speech Quality Prediction for Voice in Rooms
Application of Different Time-Frequency Analysis to Psychoacoustic Description of Car Engine Noise
A Preliminary Investigation on the Subjective Evaluation of Church Acoustics using Listening Tests
Subjective Assessments of Real-Time Room Dereverberation and Loudspeaker Equalization
Combining Visual and Acoustic Modalities to Ease Speech Recognition by Hearing Impaired People
Objective and Subjective Evaluation of Digital Equalization Systems - Measurements of Resonances and Colorations
Tuning of the Objective, Perceptual Based Evaluation Methods of Compressed Speech and Audio Signals
Scalable Noise Coder for Parametric Sound Coding
Efficient Coding of Excitation Patterns Combined with a Transform Audio Coder
A Fractal Self-Similarity Model for the Spectral Representation of Audio Signals
Improved Quantization and Lossless Coding for Subband Audio Coding
Differences of Hearing Impressions Among Several High Sampling Digital Recording Formats
DSD Compression for Recent Ultra High Quality 1-bit Coders
SDM Versus PWM Power Dgital-to-Analogue Converters (PDAC) in High-resolution Digital Audio Applications
3D Audio for Mobile Devices via Java
Generating Time Code Information from Analog Sources
Latency Issues in Audio Networking
An Open Generic Transporter Specification for the Plural Node Architecture of Professional Audio Devices.
Watermarking of Archive Recordings
Pseudostereophony Revisited
More Than Sound
Content Protection for Digital Radio
OPAQUE – A Tool for the Elicitation and Grading of Audio Quality Attributes
Communicating Listeners’ Auditory Spatial Experiences: A Method for Developing a Descriptive Language.
Multistimulus Ranking versus Pairwise Comparison in Assessing Quality of Musical Instruments Sounds
Selecting Participants for Listening Tests of Multichannel Reproduced Sound
The Importance of Phase in the Presence of Sound Source Direction
Reproduction of Auditorium Spatial Impression with Binaural and Stereophonic Sound System
Predicting Timbral Variation for Sharpness-Matched Guitar Tones Resulting from Distortion-Based Effects Processing
Near Optimal, Low Complexity Arithmetic Coding for Generalized Gaussian Sources
Modifications on NIST MarkIII Array to Improve Coherence Properties Among Input Signals
The Hstory of Tonmeister’s Technique on “Lenfilm” Studio in Saint-Petersburg
Design and Implementation of IIR Crosstalk Cancellation Filters Approximating Frequency Warping
Switching-mode Audio Power Amplifiers with Direct Energy Conversion
Balloons of Directivity of Real and Artificial Mouth Used in Determining Speech Transmission Index
Difference Level: An Objective Audio Parameter
An Easy to Use Import-Export Data Format Specification for Response Type Data
New HRTFs (Head Related Transfer Functions) for 3D Audio Applications
Denition of Material Properties in the Acoustical Model Calibration
Acoustical Modeling Using a Russian Roulette Strategy
Computation of Directional Impulse Responses in rooms for Bettter Auralization
Estimation of Reverberation Time without Test Signals
Auralization of Simulated Impulse Responses in Slow Motion
An Improved Adaptive Room Equalization in the Frequency Domain
Requirements to Acoustically Prepare a Recording Studio
Acoustic Modeling of Ancient Odeion of Thessaloniki
An Application for a Digitally Steerable Array
Digital Frequency Shifting For Electroacoustic Feedback Suppression
High-Power Amplifier With Direct Three-Phase 400 V Power Supply
Modifying Stereo Recordings using Acoustic Information Obtained with Spot Recordings
Designing Early Reflection Patterns Suitable for Audio Recordings by Means of Acoustic Modeling
Sharpening the Image in 5.1 Surround Recording
Numerical Head Model to HRTF Simulation
Thresholds for Auditory-Tactile Asynchrony
Effect of Direction on Loudness in Individual Binaural Synthesis
The Three-dimensional Acoustic Environment as Depth Cue in Sound Recordings
Evaluation of Spatial Enhancement Systems for Stereo Headphone Reproduction by Preference and Attribute Rating
Fundamental Frequency Coding in NofM Strategies for Cochlear Implants
Simulation Tools in Electroacoustics: Comparison with Experimental Measurements
Measurement and Analysis of Subharmonics and Other Distortions in Compression Drivers
Dome Tweeter and Concave Woofer: Simulation Model Using Ring
Influence of Transfer Functions of Transducers Constituting the Loudspeaker with the Direct D/A Conversion on the Performance of the System
Active Acoustic Absorption and Reflection
Prototype of Parametric Array Loudspeaker on Mobile Phone and its Acoustical Characteristics
Modal Optimization of Distributed Mode Loudspeaker
Nonlinear Loudspeaker Adaptive Controllers using Kalman and RLS Adaptive Algorithms
Visco-elastic Aspects of Loudspeaker Drivers
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