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Archiving Restoration and Digital Libraries

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Audio preservation work draws on a wide range of skills and understanding including proper reproduction of legacy recorded sound formats, digital and analog audio recording, digital editing, systems testing for quality control, and technical and administrative metadata. The committee seeks to be a resource to the AES membership by disseminating information about these and other topics related to the archiving and preservation of audio carriers and the information, sometimes referred to as 'essence',  therein contained.

The committee recognizes that audio preservation is not necessarily an 'end of life'  process for audio objects but rather is a set of principles and procedures that can be applied from the time of creation for any given audio object. This is immediately relevant in a world of "born digital" audio. The committee is therefore interested in providing educational meetings and publications which we hope will benefit AES members involved in diverse segments of the audio industry.

Meeting Report:

These documents do not necessarily express the official position of the AES on the issues discussed at these meetings, and only represent the views of committee members participating in the discussion. Any unauthorized use of these publications is prohibited. Authorization must be obtained from the Executive Director of the AES: Email, Tel: +1 212 661 8528, Address: 551 Fifth Ave., Suite 1225, New York, New York 10176, USA.

2019-3-22     Minutes TC ARDL Meeting AES 146th Convention, Dublin, Ireland
Description: Minutes TC ARDL Meeting AES 146th Convention, Dublin, Ireland

2018-10-18     Minutes TC ARDL Meeting AES 145th Convention, NY, USA
Description: Minutes

2016-2-17     Minutes TC ARDL Meeting 139th AES Convention New York, USA
Description: Meeting notes

2015-10-30     Minutes TC ARDL Meeting 138th AES Convention Warsaw, Poland
Description: Minutes TC ARDL Meeting 138th AES Convention Warsaw, Poland

2015-10-30     Minutes TC ARDL Meeting 137th AES Conventiom Los Angeles, USA
Description: Minutes TC ARDL Meeting 137th AES Conventiom Los Angeles, USA

2013-10-17     AES 135 TC ARDL Minutes 2013, New York, NY
Description: Minutes of 135th TC meeting

2013-10-17     AES 133 TC ARDL Minutes 2012, San Francisco, CA
Description: Fall 2012 Meeting Report

2008-10-5     AES 125 TC ARDL Minutes 2008, San Francisco, CA
Description: Meeting Minutes from the 125th AES - 2008, San Francisco, CA

2008-9-25     AES 121 TC ARDL Minutes 2007, NYC
Description: Meeting Minutes from the 121st AES - 2007, NYC

2006-3-2     AES 119 TC ARDL Minutes 2005, NYC
Description: chairman's minutes

2001-5-29     AES 110 TC ARDL Minutes 2001, Amsterdam
Description: chairman's minutes

Technical Report:

2008-9-25     2007 Report on the State of Archiving, Restoration and Digital Libraries
Description: This document was originally drafted as part of the AES routine reporting effort from the Technical Committees, known as "EMERGING TECHNOLOGY TRENDS IN THE AREAS OF THE TECHNICAL COMMITTEES OF THE AUDIO ENGINEERING SOCIETY". These reports are collected by AES and published in the journal. Due to physical space limitations in the journal this original report was reduced to just one section in the November 2007 issue. Posted here is the report in full.


2001-7-27     unesco resolution
Description: TEXT of the draft UNESCO RESOLUTION on DIGITAL PRESERVATION Proposed by the Conference of Directors of National Libraries (CDNL) The Hague, June 2001

2000-11-30     mission.doc
Description: Mission statement for the TC on Archiving, Restoration and Digital Libraries.

Committee Members

 Anders Dramstad  Bill Allen  Boris Nevraou 
 Dave Seubert  David Ackerman  Elizabeth Cohen 
 Franz Lechleitner  Dietrich Schuller  Kunimaro Tanaka 
 Gordon Reid  George Brock-Nannestad  Duane Wise 
 Jim Wheeler  Kevin Bradley  Joe Patrych 
 Richard Hess  W.A. Deutsch  Scott Smith 
 Jan P Andrews  Wieslaw Woszczyk  George Massenburg 
 David Julian Gray  Lars Gaustad  Nadja Wallaszkovits 
 John Strother  Ted Sheldon  Nicholas Bergh 
 Brad McCoy  Chris Chambers  Siegbert Herla 
 William Shea  Michale Brod  Paul McManus 
 Lucy Launder  Wolfgang Krafft  Gary Louie 
 Howard Kaufman  John Spencer  Bruce Gordon 
 Alex Kosiorek  Michael Murphy  Marcos Sueiro 
 Philip Esterhazy  Lawrence A Appelbaum  Peter Alyea 
 Charles van Winkle  Chris Lacinak  Bruce Whisler 
 Daniel Sbardella  Sarah Cunningham  Thor Legvold 
 Andrew Kimpton  Carlos A Cuevas Calonge  John B. Narus 
 Gerry Lawson  Carl Nilsson  Jack Walker 
 Matthew Barton  Tom Erbe  Greg Polci 
 Max Reifsteck  Andrew Hines 

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