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Nearfield and Farfield Performance of Large Woofer Arrays
A Monolothic Dual Switch for Professional Audio Applications
Measuring AES-EBU Digital Audio Interfaces
A Novel Topology for a DC-Coupled Phantom-Powered Microphone Preamplifier
Signal Processing Unit for Digital Mastering
Optimal Noise Shaping and Dither of Digital Signals
Accurate Prediction of the Three-Dimensional Dispersion Characteristics of Loudspeaker Arrays Composed of Real or Theoretical Sound Sources
A Recording Data Format and a File Management Method for the Disk-Based Digital Audio Editing System
Sound Quality Assessment: Concepts and Criteria
Multiple Beam, Electronically Steered Line Source Arrays for Sound Reinforcement Applications
Communicating with Professional Sound Products Using an RS-422 Serial Communications Interface and a Device Control Language
Using Software Tools to Perform Safe-Operating-Area Analyses
A Digital Approach to Actively Controlling Inherent Nonlinearities of Low-Frequency Loudspeakers
Implementation of a 32768-Tap FIR Filter Using Real-Time Fast Convolution
A Professional Audio Integrated Circuit
The Application of Noise Shaping for an All-Digital Audio Power Amplifier
Correction Techniques for Sound System Performance Optimization
BIAS: A Computer-Aided Test System for Brass Wind Instruments
Application of Automatic Mixing Techniques to Audio Consoles
The Influence of Room Acoustics on Reproduced Sound, Part 3: Making Recordings for Simulation Tests in the Archimedes Project
The Evaluation of Microphones, Part 1: Measurements
Digital Audio Applications of Massively Parallel Architectures
Measurement and Estimation of Large Loudspeaker Array Performance
Design and Measurement of Short Reverberation Times at Low Frequencies in Talk Studios
A Unified Model for Closed-Boxes, Vented-Boxes, and Passive-Radiators with Losses
Comparative Study of Effective Soundfield Reconstruction
An Analysis of Pitch-Shifting Algorithms
The Effects of Sampling Clock Jitter on Nyquist Sampling Analog-to-Digital Converters and on Oversampling Delta Sigma ADCs
An Array Filtering Implementation of a Constant Beamwidth Acoustic Source
Effective Performance of Bessel Arrays
Design Considerations of a High-Level Coaxial Point Source
Measurements of Operating Modes on a Loudspeaker Cabinet
Design Concepts for Mixing Consoles for Multichannel Reinforcement Systems for Music and Theater
The Influence of Room Acoustics on Reproduced Sound, Part 1: Selection and Training of Subjects for Listening Tests
An 18-Bit Dual-Channel Oversampling Delta-Sigma A/D Converter, with 19-Bit Mono Application Example
The Ear as a Mechanism of Communication
Large Arrays: Measured Free-Field Polar Patterns Compared to a Theoretical Model of a Curved Surface Source
A Digital Sound Field Control System
Stereosurround-A Compatible Multichannel Encoding/Decoding Process for Audio and Audio/Video Applications
Digital Filter Design Algorithms for Use in Digital Audio Signal Processing
Uses and Abuses of the Energy-Time Curve
The Use of Loosely Coupled Chamber Design in Small Footprint Recording Studios
Modern Permanent Magnets in Audio Devices
Personal Computer-Aided Wow-and-Flutter Measurement and Analysis
A Theoretical Look at Subwoofer Operation in Rooms
Use of Stereo Synthesis to Reduce Subjective/Objective Interference Effects: The Perception of Comb Filtering, Part II
Design Considerations for an Accelerometer-Based Dynamic Loudspeaker Motional Feedback System
Acoustical Design for Scoring Stages
Production and Application of 6-Nines Copper to Audio
A Computer Model of Binaural Localization for Stereo-Imaging Measurement
A New Kind of Intercom System Featuring One-Digit Dialing and Any Number of Simultaneous Calls
It's Gnot Just a Synthesizer
An Image Model Theory for Stereophonic Sound
An Improved Stereo Microphone Array for Popular Music Recording
Time Delay Spectrometry
Fiber Optics: The New Medium for Audio
Aspects of the Vehicle Listening Environment
In-the-Ear Recording and Pinna Acoustic Response Playback
Development of an Acoustically-Variable Performance Hall
Video Sweetening Basics for Audio Engineers
The Influence of Room Acoustics on Reproduced Sound, Part 2: Design of Wideband Coincident-Source Loudspeakers
A Two-Microphone Technique for the Measurement of Acoustic Waveguide Impedance
A Theoretical Model Study of the Reflected Energy in a Worship Space
Application of Varying Architectural and Programmatic Requirements to Audio Recording Studio Acoustic Design
Hey! What About People? A 20-Year Study to Separate Engineer from Operator
Idle Tones in Oversampling ADCs
Maximum Entropy, Auto Regression, Pole-Zero Modeling-On the Use of Modern Spectral Estimation in Audio Testing
COMMAND/CUE Systems: History/Function/Application/Design
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