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An Application of Linear Prediction of Speech Techniques to Music Synthesis
Amplitude and Group Delay Control Using a Digital Equalizing Processor
Audio Amplifiers with Tailored Output Impedances
Digital Equalization Using Fourier Transform Techniques
Silicon Compiler Automates the Design and Layout of Integrated Circuit Audio Frequency Filters
A Stereo Monolithic Dynamic Range Processor
An 8th-Order State-Variable Filter for Linkwitz-Riley Active Crossover Designs
Adaptive Loudspeaker System
A Compound Loading Loudspeaker System: Simulation and Acoustic Characteristics in a Low Frequency Range
Acoustic Radiation of a Cone-Type Loudspeaker by the Finite Element Method--Acoustic Characteristics and Sound Field Display
The Next Generation of Interactive PC-Based "CAAD" Tools for Room Modeling and Cluster Design
Digital FIR Filters for Loudspeaker Crossover Networks
Stereo Reproduction with Good Localization in a Wide Listening Area
Equalization and Spatial Equalization of Dummy Head Recordings for Loudspeaker Reproduction
Improvements in FMX Technology
The Design and Use of an OEM Noise Reduction and Signal Processing Module
Low Bit Rate Codecs for Audio Signals Implementation in Real Time
A Professional Digital Audio Editor
A Robust Data Detection Method for Digital Audio Tape Recorders
The Realisation and Exploitation of a Random Access Digital Audio Editor for Broadcast Use
A Software Package for Audio Digital Signal Processing Development
A Recent Study of Sound Systems and Acoustics in the Astrodome
A High-Fidelity Differential Cardioid Microphone
Fundamentals of Pitch-Shifting
A Musician's Lap-Top Computer
Implementing Table Lookup Oscillators for Music with the Motorola DSP56000 Family
Technological Decoupling of Digital Signal Processing Applications Using a Service Protocol (A Standardisation problem?)
Broadcast Quality Speech from Diving Helmets
The Detection of Reflections in Typical Rooms
Theory and Design of a Consumer Environment Processor
Acoustical Design of Worship Spaces
New Head Technology for Multichannel DASH Recording
OCF: Coding High Quality Audio with Data Rates of 64 kbit/sec
A Stereo 16-Bit Delta-Sigma A/D Converter for Digital Audio
Spectral Contamination Measurement
Measurement Techniques for Sound System Performance Optimization
Application of the Wavelet Transform to the Analysis, Transformation and Synthesis of Musical Sounds
An Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) for Audio System Designers
Predicting Farfield Pressures from Nearfield Loudspeaker Measurements
Loudspeaker Cabinet Edge Diffraction
Application of Speech Intelligibility to Sound Reinforcement
Speech Information and Speech Intelligibility
An Anechoic Digital Recording of Orchestral Music
Prospects for Transaural Recording
Optimizing Home Listening Rooms, Part I
Advances in DASH Format Multi-Channel Recording
The Concepts and Implementation of the Multichannel Audio Digital Interface (MADI) Format
A Low Complexity, Linear Phase Graphic Equalizer
A New Loudspeaker System with Reduced Radiation of Sound Pressure from Parasitic Enclosure Vibration
Oversampled Analogue-to-Digital Conversion for Digital Audio Systems
The Videoharp
Sound Radiation from Acoustic Apertures
A Professional R-DAT Recorder
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