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Environmental Effects on the Speed of Sound
The Modification of Timbre by Resonances: Perception and Measurement
Perception of Synthesized Timbres: Approximation to Selected Targets
Aural Acuity and the Meaning of Sound Quality: A Cultural Approach
The In-Store Electronic Distribution of Personalized Music: An Answer to Home Taping
Azimuth Measurement in Audio Cassettes
Modular Digital Multitrack Recorder
Digital Time-Coherent Recording Technique
The Design of a Digital Signal Peak Limiter for Audio Signal Processing
An Ultra-Low-Noise Monolithic Microphone Preamplifier
A Low-Distortion Transimpedance Amplifier Realized with N-ch MOSFETs
Variable Analog Filters for the Support of Variable Sampling-Rate Digital Audio
DSP Architectures for the Digital Audio Workstation
Sound System Engineering with Electronic Spreadsheets
Using Digital Signal Processor Chips in a Stereo Audio Time Compressor/Expander
DSPs for Music at Toronto
Transfer-Function Measurement Using Maximum-Length Sequences
A New Windowing Technique for Digital Harmonic Distortion Measurement
A Musically Appropriate Dynamic Headroom Test for Power Amplifiers
A Magnetic Storage Disk-Based Digital Audio Recording, Editing, and Processing System
Hardware Design of a Digital Mixer for Musical Applications
An 18-Bit D/A Converter for High-Performance Digital Audio Applications
Professional Real-Time Signal Processor for Synthesis, Sampling, Mixing, and Recording
Surround-Sound System for HDTV and Experimental Study on Production Techniques
Measurement of Transducer Motional Impedance-An Update
Quality Control and Testing Procedures for Compact Discs
A Computationally Efficient Method of Predicting Speech Intelligibility
Automated Measurement of Compressors and Expanders
A Systematic Method for the Aural Analysis of Sound Sources in Audio Reproduction/Reinforcement, Communications, and Musical Contexts
Statistical Analysis of Double-Blind Tests for Multiple Audiences
A Digital Signal Processing Algorithm for Digital Audio Disk Recording
Digital Connections in a Broadcast Studio Centre
Results of the 1986 AES Audiometric Survey
Improvement of Digital Audio in the MII-Format VTR
Application of Oversampling A/D and D/A Conversion Techniques to R-DAT
An Overview of the PD (Prodigi) Format
Discussion of the Technical and Operational Characteristics of Two Digital Audio Multichannel Formats: Dash and Pro Digi
Concept of Sound Reinforcement System for Brazilian Carnival Parades
Time-Domain Measurements Simplified
Improvements in FMX Technology
Stereo Audio for Television: Practical Problems in Audio Post-Production Techniques
The Design of High-Performance Voltage-Controlled Equalizers
A New Audio Digital Filter with Compensation of Phase for A/D and D/A Conversion
Acoustics and Sound System for the Mainz Parliamentary Assembly Hall
A Different Approach to the Old Problem of Audio Level Monitoring
Controlled Reflection Isolation Booth
On the Behavior of Listeners to Stereophonic Sound Reproduction and the Consequences for the Theory of Sound Perception in a Stereophonic Sound Field
Progress in Digital Audio
The CD-I Authoring System
The Control of Sound Reradiation with Constant Sound Intensity Helicoids
Improved Hands-Free Microphone for Automotive Communications
Subwoofer Performance for Accurate Reproduction of Music
Power Transmission Through Crossover Networks
Generalized Design Method of Lossy Passive-Radiator Loudspeaker Systems
Sampling-Frequency Synchronisation with Minimal Delay
CD Video and Audio Engineering
Complex Time-Response Measurements Using Time-Delay Spectrometry, Part 1
Sound Intensity and Interaural Cross-Correlation Measurements Using Time-Delay Spectrometry
A Television Station High-Quality Audio Wiring System
Optimising Audio Data Transfer from Direct Access Media
A Digital Signal Processing System for Automatic Dialogue Post-Synchronisation
Acoustic Waveguide Theory
The Application of an Inductively Coupled Shorted Turn and the Dual-Coil Loudspeaker System
Problems Related to Military Specifications for Audio Transducers
1888-1988: A Hundred Years of Magnetic Sound Recording
Subjective Quality Assessment Methods-The Old International Standards are Changing
Forensic Audio-Video Theory and Applications
A Loudspeaker Motor Structure for Very High Power Handling and High Linear Excursion
Anomalies of Wavefront Reconstruction in Stereo and Surround-Sound Reproduction
A Dynamic Phase Meter for Program Material
Music Processing Using the TMS 32020
An Extension of the CD Mastering System Format for CD-ROM Mastering
R-DAT and Professional Audio
Twin-Dash Stationary-Head 2-Channel Recording @ 15 ips
Optical Playback Cartridge for Stereo LP Records
Architectural Cleanliness in a Digital Signal Processor
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