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How to Measure and Interpret Coherence Loss in Magnetic Recording
A Synchronization Technique for PAL/SECAM Video Systems and a Digital Audio System Conforming to the NTSC Video Format
The German DBS Digital Sound-Broadcasting System: Audio Coding Methods
Digital Analysis of Quantisation Errors in Digital Signal Processing
An Integrated Digital Audio Signal Processor
Design and Implementation of an Audio 18-Bit A/D Converter Using Oversampling Techniques
Acoustic Calculations with Personal Computers Using Spreadsheet Programs
New Aspects on Listening Room Design
Acoustic Characteristics of the Vehicle Environment
Simulation of Complex Sound Fields in Enclosures and Open-Air-Theatres
New Developments with the Delta Stereophony System
Experience Over Five Years with the Deltastereophony System in Palace of Culture in Prague
Electrodynamic Loudspeaker with Baffle: Motional Impedance and Radiation
A Psychoacoustically Optimized Loudspeaker
Insensitivity of a Vented-Box Loudspeaker System Response Characteristic to Driver Total Q
Vibration Effects on Acoustic Response of Pressure Transducers
Ursachen Für Einstreuungen Durch Starke NF-und HF-Felder Im Aufnahmestudio; Messmethoden und Schutzmassnahmen bei Kondensatormikrofonen
Interfacing Electronics and Transformers
Simplified Measurement of Squarewave/Sine and Related Distortion Test Methods
Signal-to-Noise Ratio Requirement for Digital Transmission Systems
New Results for Perception of Phase Distortion
Proposal of a Requirement Profile of Digital Audio Recording on 1/4" Magnetic Tape for Professional Program Exchange
Splice Handling Mechanisms in Dash Format
A Programmable PCM Processor
A Burst Error Concealment Method for Digital Audio Tape Application
A Hybrid Approach to the Variable-Speed Replay of Digital Audio
The German DBS Digital Sound Broadcasting System: General Description
Sound System for a Multi-Purpose Hall: Requirements and Applications
The Acoustics and Sound System for Hemispherical Film Projection
The 'Acoustic Resistance Box': A Fresh Look at an Old Principle
On the Standardization of the Frequency Response of High Quality Studio Headphones
Controlling the Sound Pressure by Controlling the Movement of the Diaphragm
Tracking Behavior and Transfer Function Optimizing of Pickup Arm-Cartridge Systems
A Novel Approach to the Digital Solution of the Peak-Program-Meter
Better Reproduction of Phantom-Sources by Short Time Echoes
Headphones: Still a Lot of Questions
The Production of a Spatially Limited 'Diffuse' Sound Field in an Anechoic Room
Digital Audio Editing
Design of a Low Noise Studio Condenser Microphone
DASH and the Standardization of Digital Audio
Design of Electret-Condenser-Microphones
Improving the Reliability of Radio Microphone Links by Multiple Input
A Programmable Audio Measuring Set Based Upon an IBM Personal Computer
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