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TDFT-Based Measurement of Analog-to-Digital Converter Nonlinearity
Bit-Rate Reduction in Consumer Digital Audio Applications
Split Cascode Microphone Amplifier
TEABBA Radio Network
A MOSFET Model for the Simulation of Amplifier Nonlinearity
Theory and Implementation of Extensions to Time Delay Spectrometry
Gain-Derivative Surfaces: Trying to Visualise Valve Sound
Improved Triode Model
Sound Field Format to Binaural Decoder with Head Tracking
The Effects of Small Format Products on Professional Audio Recording
Scratch Noise Filtering Using Neural Networks
A New Approach to Approximation of Pitch and Gain Contours Using Temporal Decomposition
A Suite of Tools for Rapid Development of DSP Applications in the Lake Huron Environment
The Evolution of Broadband Noise Reduction Techniques
A Digital Stereo Generator Incorporating a Pilot Look-up Table
Integration and Automation in a Modern Digital Radio Broadcast Studio
An Introduction to Digital Radio Broadcasting
Australian DAB Trials
Developing Digital Radio Broadcasting Services in Australia
Early Sound Field Control in Critical Listening Areas
Design Considerations for Loudspeaker Systems
Improving Reverberation Time of a Mosque: A New Possibility
The Design of Three Unusual Loudspeakers for the High Court of Australia
Automated Time Alignment and Equalization of a Loudspeaker Array for Sound Field Reproduction
Acoustic Design of Wide Dynamic Range, High-Impact Cinema
Standards-Making in the Audio Engineering Society
Audio Developments in Australia
Sound Production and Postproduction Education for Film Makers
Sydney University's Graduate Program in Audio
AES - Audio Engineering Society