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Design of Low Distortion Condenser Microphone Using Pushpull Electret Transducer
Bridging the Gap Between the VU Meter and the PPM
A Fully In-Band Multitone Test for Transient Intermodulation Distortion
A Digital Audio System Based on a PCM Standard Format
A Uniform Approach to Distortion Analysis
Linear Loudspeaker Array for Sound Reinforcement System Using Delay Device
A Hybrid Analog-Digital Noise Reduction Scheme
On the Room Acoustic Design of Listening Rooms
Separation and Distortion Measurements on Quadraphonic Decoders
A Comparison of Low Frequency RC Oscillator Topologies
Low Distortion Horn-Driver System
A PCM Digital Audio Processor for Home Use VTR's
A Computer-Based System for the Performance of Electroacoustic Music
A New Criterion for the Distribution of Normal Room Modes
Techniques and Hazards of Subjective Testing of Phonograph Cartridges
Computer-Aided Design of Loudspeaker Crossover Networks
Improved Two Channel PCM Tape Recorder for Professional Use
Headroom Extension for Slow-Speed Magnetic Recording of Audio
Recreational Deafness-How Can Audio Engineers Stem It?
Performed Music: Analysis, Synthesis, and Display by Computer
Open-Loop Output Impedance and Interface Intermodulation Distortion in Audio Power Amplifiers
Loudspeaker Driver Phase Response: The Neglected Factor in Crossover Network Design
A New Method of Measuring Transient Intermodulation Distortion: A Comparison with the Conventional Method
Using Distortion Products to Effect Automatic Frequency Control in FM Tuners
Comparison of Performances between IPC Code and RSC Code when Applied to PCM Tape Recorder
Polymer-Graphite Composite Loudspeaker Diaphragm
Loudspeaker with New Disc Diaphragm
Acoustic Applications of Cross-Correlation
Examination of Audio-Bandwidth Requirements for Optimum Sound Signal Transmission
An Improvement of the In-Flight Music Listening with Earphones by Biphonic Technology
The Role of the Initial Time Delay Gap in the Acoustic Design of Control Rooms for Recording and Reinforcement Systems
The Error Control System of Philips Compact Disc
On Bit Reduction of Digital Audio Systems
On the Need for Passive Radiators
Auditory Backward Inhibition Can Ruin a P.A. System
Time Offset and Crossover Design
Some Overlooked Sources of Non-Linearity in Analog Amplification Circuits
Moving-Coil Loudspeaker Topology as an Indicator of Linear Excursion Capability
The Design and Integration of a High Performance Voltage Controlled Attenuator
A Microprocessor-Based NAB Tape Cartridge Machine with Open Reel Quality
Extended Application of T.I.M. Test Procedures
General Purpose Time Domain Processor for Audio Applications
Cross Interleave Code for Error Correction of Digital Audio Systems
On Error Correctability of EIAJ-Format of Home Use Digital Tape Recorders
A New PCM Audio Disk Pickup Employing a Laser Diode
The MD (Mini-Disk) System-A Contribution to the Digital Audio Disk Standard
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