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Using Transient Suppression in Blind Multi-Channel Upmix Algorithms
A Novel Approach to Up-Mix Stereo to Surround Based on MPEG Surround Technology
Coding of "2+2+2" Surround Sound Content Using the Mpeg Surround Standard
Quality Taxonomies for Auditory Virtual Environments
Individual Localisation Behaviour for Perception of Virtual Sound Sources
Comparison of Different Sound Capture and Reproduction Techniques in a Virtual Acoustic Window.
Recording of Acoustical Concerts Using a Soundfield Microphone
Ambience Sound Recording Utilizing Dual MS(Mid-Side) Microphone Systems Based Upon Frequency Dependent Spatial Cross Correlation (FSCC)
Enhanced Mpeg-4 Low Delay AAC - Low Bitrate High Quality Communication
On the Design of Low Power MPEG-4 HE-AAC Encoder
High Quality, Low Power QMF Bank Design for SBR, Parametric Coding, and MPEG Surround Decoders
Low Power Stereo Perceptual Audio Coding Based on Adaptive Masking Threshold Reuse
A Hybrid Warped Linear Prediction (WLP) AAC Audio Coding Algorithm
Comparison of Stereo Redundancy Reduction Schemes for an Ultra Low Delay Audio Coder
Speech Codec Enhancements Utilizing Time Compression and Perceptual Coding
Design and Implementation of a Web-Based Software Framework for Real Time Intelligent Audio Coding Based on Speech/Music Discrimination
Quantization of Laguerre-Based Stereo Linear Predictors
150 Years of Time-Base in Acoustic Measurement and 100 Years of Audio's Best Publicity Stunt - 2007 as a Commemorative Year
Knowledge: The Missing Element in Archiving and Restoration?
Non Contact Phonographic Disks Digitisation Using Structured Colour Illumination
Improvement of Cylindrical Record Reduction Utilizing Inharmonic Frequency Analysis GHA
Method Comparison of Pick-Up and Pre-Processing of Bias Signal for Wow and Flutter Correction
Improved Magneto-Optical ¼” Audio Tape Player for Preservation.
Analysis and Restoration of Faulty Audio CDs
Techniques for the Authentication of Digital Audio Recordings
Using Multiple Feature Extraction with Statistical Models to Categorize Music by Genre
On the Application of Sound Source Separation to Wave-Field Synthesis
Reproduction of Arbitrarily Shaped Sound Sources with Wave Field Synthesis - Discretisation and Diffraction Effects
The Effect of Head Diffraction on Stereo Localization in the Mid-Frequency Range
Multiple Exponential Sweep Method for Fast Measurement of Head Related Transfer Functions
A Fast Multipole Boundary Element Method for Calculating HRTFs
A Hybrid Artificial Reverberation Algorithm
On Development of New Audio Codecs
Fixed-Point Processing Optimization of Mpeg Audio Encoder Using Statistical Model
Enhanced Bass Reinforcement Algorithm for Small-Sized Transducer
Subordinate Audio Channels
Room Equalization Based on Acoustic and Human Perceptual Features
Parametric Loudspeaker Equalization. Results and Comparison with Other Methods
A Zero-Pole Vocal Tract Model Estimation Method Accurately Reproducing Spectral Zeros
Artificial Speech Synthesis Using LPC
Some Effects of the Torso on Head-Related Transfer Functions
An Investigation Into Head Movements Made When Evaluating Various Attributes of Sound
Binaural Resynthesis for Comparative Studies of Acoustical Environments
Acoustic Factors of Auditory Distance Perception by the Blind While Walking
Listener Loudspeaker Preference Ratings Obtained In Situ Match those Obtained Via a Binaural Room Scanning Measurement and Playback System
Perceptually-Motivated Audio Morphing: Brightness
5.1 Radio - Too Much Too Soon?
Wide Listening Area with Exceptional Spatial Sound Quality of a 22.2 Multichannel Sound System
Up-Mixing and Localisation - Localisation Performance of Up-Mixed Consumer Multichannel Formats
Intelligent Editing of Studio Recordings with the Help of Automatic Music Structure Extraction
Constant Complexity Reverberation for Any Reverberation Time
Outdoor and Indoor Recording for Motion Picture. A Comparative Approach on Microphone Techniques.
Semi-Automatic Mono to Stereo Up-Mixing Using Sound Source Formation
Verbal Elicitation and Scale Construction for Evaluating Perceptual Differences between Four Multichannel Microphone Techniques
Broadcast Loudness: Mixing, Monitoring and Control
Sound Levels of TV Advertisements Relative to the Adjacent Programs and Cross-National Comparison of the Way of their Insertion into Programs
Influence of Interaction on Perceived Quality in Audio Visual Applications: Subjective Assessment with n-Back Working Memory Task, II
On the Audibility of Comb Filter Distortions
Virtualphone - A Rapid Virtual Audio Prototyping Environment
Evaluation of HE-AAC, AC-3, and E-AC-3 Codecs
Perceptual Evaluation of Mobile Multimedia Loudspeakers
A Rapid Listening Test Environment - Helping Managers Make Better Decisions
Ebu Tests of Multi-Channel Audio Codecs
The Design and Analysis of First Order Ambisonic Decoders for the ITU Layout
A New Digital Module for Variable Acoustics and Wave Field Synthesis: Design and Applications
Artificial Reverberator with Location Control in Multi-Channel Recording
Spatial Audio Rendering using Sparse and Distributed Arrays
Magic Arrays – Multichannel Microphone Array Design Applied to Microphone Arrays Generating Interformat Compatability
The Relation between Active Radiating Factor and Frequency Responses of Loudspeaker Line Arrays
Alternative Encoding Techniques for Digital Loudspeaker Arrays
Online Identification of Linear Loudspeakers Parameters
Finite Element Analysis of Near Field Beam Forming in Safety Relevant Work Spaces
Creating Directed Microphones from Undirected Microphones
An Improved Electrical Equivalent Circuit Model for Dynamic Moving Coil Transducers
Transducer with the Direct D/A Conversion Optoacoustic Principle
Demystifying the Measurement of Impulse Response in Condenser Microphones – Part I
Towards Multimodal Interfaces for Intrusion Detection
Steganographic Approach to Copyright Protection of Audio
Headphones Technology for Surround Sound Monitoring – A Virtual 5.1 Listening Room
Hybrid Sound Field Processing for Wave Field Synthesis System
Reproduction of Virtual Reality with Multichannel Microphone Techniques
Refinements of Transmission Line Loudspeaker Models
The Use of Negative Source Impedance with Moving Coil Loudspeaker Drive Units: A Review and Analysis
Effects of Acoustic Damping on Current-Driven Loudspeakers
Development of a Highly Directive Endfire Loudspeaker Array
Mass Nonlinearity and Intrinsic Friction of the Loudspeaker Membrane
Modelling of an Electrodynamic Loudspeaker with Runge-Kutta ODE Solver
Chaotic State in an Electrodynamic Loudspeaker
A Biologically-Inspired Low-Bit-Rate Universal Audio Coder
The Relationship between Basic Audio Quality and Selected Artefacts in Perceptual Audio Codecs - Part II: Validation Experiment
New Enhancements to Immersive Sound Field Rendition (ISR) System
Aspects of Scalable Audio Coding
Source-Controlled Variable Bit Rate Extension for the AMR-WB+ Audio Codec
Multiple Description Coding for Audio Transmission Using Conjugate Vector Quantization
MPEG Surround – the ISO/MPEG Standard for Efficient and Compatible Multi-Channel Audio Coding
Adaptive Design of the Preprocessing Stage for Stereo Lossless Audio Compression
Acoustic Treatment of the Regional Flight Control Center Hall in Zagreb, Croatia
Investigating Classroom Acoustics by Means of Advanced Reproduction Techniques
Perception of Concert Hall Acoustics in Seats Where the Reflected Energy Is Stronger than the Direct Energy
Relation between Correlation Characteristics of Sound Field and Width of Listening Location
On the Implementation of a Room Acoustics Modeling Software Using Finite-Differences Time-Domain Method
Sound Source Localization and B-Format Enhancement Using Soundfield Microphone Sets
Research on Widening the Virtual Listening Space in Automotive Environment
Perceptual Distortion Maps for Room Reverberation
A New Structure for Stereo Acoustic Echo Cancellation Based on Binaural Cue Coding
Efficient Binaural Filtering in QMF Domain for BRIR
A Parametric Model of Head-Related Transfer Functions for Sound Source Localization
Binaural Response Synthesis From Center-Of-Head Position Measurements for Stereo Applications
Physical and Filter Pinna Models Based on Anthropometry
A Novel Approach to Robotic Monaural Sound Localization
Optimized Binaural Modeling for Immersive Audio Applications
Head-Related Transfer Function Calculation Using Boundary Element Method
Applications of the Acoustic Centre
Development of a Finite Element Headphone Model
Development of Camera Mountable 5.0 Surround Microphone and Method of 3Ch to 5Ch Signal Re-Composing System
Noise-Robust Recognition System Making Use of Body-Conducted Speech Microphone
Revisiting Proximity Effect Using Broadband Signals
Anechoic Measurements of Particle-Velocity Probes Compared to Pressure Gradient and Pressure Microphones
Idle Tone Behavior in Sigma Delta Modulation
Low Distortion Sound Reproduction Using 8Bit cU and ZePoC-Algorithms
Efficient and High-Quality Equalization Using a Multirate Filterbank and FIR Filters
Correction of Crossover Phase Distortion Using Reversed Time All-Pass IIR Filter
Natural Timbre in Room Correction Systems
Detection and Lateralization of Sinusoidal Signals in Presence of Dichotic Pink Noise
The Practice and Study of Ear Training on Discrimination of Sound Attributes
The Training and Analysis on Listening Discrimination of Pure Tone Frequency
Virtual Hearing Aid – A Computer Application for Simulating Hearing Aids Performance
Training Versus Practice in Spatial Audio Attribute Evaluation Tasks
Subjective Assessment of Quality of Multimedia Signals by Means of A-B Test
Influence of Visual Stimuli on the Sound Quality Evaluation of Loudspeaker Systems
The Study of Audio Equipment Evaluations Using the Sound of Music
Advancements in Impulse Response Measurements by Sine Sweeps
The Challenges of Testing MP3 Players
Tracking Harmonics and Artifacts in Spectra Using Sinusoidal and Spiral Maps
Spatial Distribution Meter: A New Method to Display Spatial Impression Over Time
Low Level Audio Signal Transfer through Transformers Conflicts with Permeabily Behavior Inside their Cores
New Techniques for Measuring Speech Privacy & Efficiency of Sound Masking Systems
Onset Detection Method in Piano Music: Sensibility to Threshold Levels
Benefits of Using SIP for Audio Broadcasting Applications
Managing the Leap From Synchronous to IP for Radio Broadcasters
An XML-Based Approach to Audio Connection Management
Rhythm Based Error Correction Approach for Scalable Audio Streaming Over the Internet
Sound-Transformation and Re-Mixing in Real-Time
Hybrid Time-Scale Modification of Audio
New Audio Editor Functionality Using Harmonic Sinusoids
Measurement and Optimization of Acoustic Feedback of Control Elements in Cars
On the Training of Multilayer Perceptrons for Speech/Non-Speech Classification in Hearing Aids
Production and Live Transmission of 22.2 Multichannel Sound with Ultra-High Definition TV
Automated Audio Detection, Segmentation and Indexing, with Application to Post-Production Editing
A New Method for Measuring Time Code Quality
50 Years of Sound Control Room Design
Acoustics in Rock and Pop Music Halls
The Flexible Bass Absorber
Improvements to Binary Amplitude Diffusers
An MlS Method for Non-Stationary and Outdoor Acoustic Paths
Holographic Sound Field Analysis with a Scalable Spherical Microphone-Array
A Comparison of Modelling Techniques for Small Acoustic Spaces Such as Car Cabins
Acoustical and Musical Design of the Sea Organ in Zadar
A Wireless PDA-Based Acoustics Measurement Platform
Non-Linear Crosstalk in Personal Computer Based Audio Systems
A Low-Distortion Fast-Settling Audio Oscillator: A Tribute to the late Peter J. Baxandall, Audio Analog Expert
Direct Current Offset and Balance for Audio Transformers Used with Paralleled Tubes or Solid State Devices
Acoustical Issues and Proposed Improvements for Nasa Spacesuits
Design, Construction and Qualification of the New Anechoic Chamber at Laboratorio De Sonido, Universidad Politécnica De Madrid
Time Signature Detection by Using a Multi-Resolution Audio Similarity Matrix
Signal Processing Parameters for Tonality Estimation
Audio Effects for Real-Time Performance Using Beat Tracking
Java Library for Automatic Musical Instruments Recognition
Extraction of Long-Term Rhythmic Structures Using the Empirical Mode Decomposition
Multi Core / Multi Thread Processing in Object Based Real Time Audio Rendering: Approaches and Solutions for an Optimization Problem
A Distributed Real-Time Virtual Acoustic Rendering System for Dynamic Geometries
To Create Spatial Auditory Events Via More Channel Headphones Related on Portable 5.1 / 5.0 Surround Reproductions of Sound
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