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An XML-Based Approach to the Generation and Testing of mLAN Sound Installation Configurations
Plug and Play? An Investigation into Problems and Solutions of Digital Audio Networks
Delivering High-quality Audio over Wireless LANs
Advances in Sinusoidal Analysis/Synthesis-based Error Concealment in Audio Networking
Unidimensional Simulation of the Spatial Attribute ?Ensemble Depth? for Training Purposes ? Part 2: Creation and Validation of Reference Stimuli
Audibility Thresholds of Spatial Variations in a Single Acoustic Reflection
Spatial Perception in Wave Field Synthesis Rendered Sound Fields: Distance of Real and Virtual Nearby Sources
TANDEM Digital Audio Amplifier
Update to Automotive Doors as Loudspeaker Enclosures
Evaluating Different Vehicle Audio Environments Through a Novel Software-based System
Measurement of Active Speech Level Inside Cars using Throat-activated Microphone
The Use of Continuous Phase for Interpolation, Smoothing and Forming Mean Values of Complex Frequency Response Curves
Web Based Acoustic Noise Measurement System
Software Application for Electroacoustic Measurements Using the Time Delay Spectrometry (TDS) Method
Triode Emulator
Taking Care of Tomorrow Before it is Too Late: A Pragmatic Archiving Strategy
Archiving of Radio Broadcast Data using Automatic Metadata Generation Methods within MediaFabric Framework
EBU Tests of Commercial Audio Watermarking Systems
Morphological Sound Description: Computational Model and Usability Evaluation
A Non-linear Rhythm-Based Style Classifciation for Broadcast Speech-Music Discrimination
Audio Patch Method in Audio Decoders -- MP3 and AAC
Motion-Tracked Binaural Sound
IKA-SIM: A System to Generate Auditory Virtual Environments
Further Study of Sound Field Coding with Higher Order Ambisonics
Sound Source Radiation Syntheses: From Performance to Domestic Rendering
Surround-Sound: Relations of Listening and Viewing Configurations
Film Music Recording Using Technology
Development of a Multimedia Learning Module Covering the Field Perceptual Audio Coding
Controlling the Quality of Audio Services in the Internet
Design and Implementation of a Commodity Audio System
Advanced 3D Audio Algorithms by a Flexible, Low Level Application Programming Interface
Real-Time Internet MPEG-4 SA Player and the Streaming Engine
Application Scenarios of Wearable and Mobile Augmented Reality Audio
ITC Clean Audio Project
Audiovisual Virtual Environments: Enabling Realtime Rendering of Early Reflections by Scene Graph Simplification
A Methodology for Detection of Melody in Polyphonic Musical Signals
Octave-Error Proof Timbre-Independent Estimation of Fundamental Frequency of Musical Sounds
Further Steps towards Drum Transcription of Polyphonic Music
Generation of Musical Scores of Percussive Un-Pitched Instruments from Automatically Detected Events
Efficient Arbitrary Sample Rate Conversion Using Zero Phase IIR Filters
A Study on Implementing Switching Transfer Functions Focusing on Wave Discontinuity
Warped DFT Based Perceptual Noise Reduction System
Digital Loudspeaker Arrays Driven by 1-bit Signals
Unsupervised Classification Techniques for Multipitch Estimation
Speaker Array Calibration Using Inter-Speaker Range Measurements
Loudness in TV Sound
Audio Processing for Digital Broadcast Mediums
Some Clues to Build a Sound Analysis Relevant to Hearing
Synthesizing Coupled-String Musical Instruments with a Mulit-Channel Recurrent Network
Non Linearity Modeling for Spectral Pattern Recognition in Piano Chords
Waveform Synthesis using Bezier Curves with Control Point Modulation
A Highly Optimized Nonlinear Least Squares Technique for Sinusoidal Analysis: From (Omega)(K2N) to (Omega)(N log (N))
Partial Tracking Based on Future Trajectories Exploration
MPEG-4 Audio Lossless Coding
A Low Power SBR Algorithm for the MPEG-4 Audio Standard and Its DSP Implementation
MP3 Surround: Efficient and Compatible Coding of Multi-Channel Audio
Reduction of Artifacts in MPEG-AAC with MDCT Spectrum Regularization
The Efficient Temporal Noise Shaping Method
Multi-Actuator Panel (MAP) Loudspeakers: How to Compensate for Their Mutual Reflections?
Advanced Multichannel Audio Systems with Superior Impression of Presence and Reality
Visualizing Auditory Spatial Imagery of Multi-channel Audio
Wave Field Synthesis in the Real World: Part 2 - In the Movie Theatre
Wave Field Synthesis 3D Simulator Based on Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method
Reproduction of Reverberation with Spatial Impulse Response Rendering
New and Advanced Features for Audio Presentation in the MPEG-4 Standard
The Quick Reference Guide to Multichannel Microphone Arrays Design - Part II : Using Supercardioid and Hypocardioid Microphones
Audio Coder Enhancement using Scalable Binaural Cue Coding with Equalized Mixing
Spatial Decomposition of Time-frequency Regions: Subbands or Sinusoids
A Guideline to Audio Codec Delay
Parametric Audio Coding Based Wavetable Synthesis
Removal of Birdie Artifact in Perceptual Audio Coders
Objective Measurements of Sound Source Localization in a Multichannel Transmission System for Videoconferencing
Plane Wave Decomposition of Volume Element Mesh Data Simulations
Headphone Processor Based on Individualized Head Related Transfer Functions Measured in Listening Room
A Lateral Angle Tool for Spatial Auditory Analysis
A Layered Data Model for Information Management In Sound Coding Architectures
Real-Time Room Equalization Based on Complex Smoothing: Robustness Results
Personalized Mobile Ring Tone Generator using Madelbrot Music
High-quality Parametric Spatial Audio Coding at Low Bitrates
Low Complexity Parametric Stereo Coding
Synthetic Ambience in Parametric Stereo Coding
Efficient Bit Distribution Strategy for Stereophonic Audio Coders
Backward Linear Prediction for Lossless Coding of Stereo Audio
The Causals of Headphones Tone Coloration Variations Related on the Human Pinna Influence
Auditory Cues in the Perception of Self Motion
A New Mathematical Approach to Describe Localization
Strategies to Increase the Applicability of Methods for Objective Assessment of Audio Quality
Subjective Evaluation of an Equalization Method for Loudspeakers Based on Random Parametric Optimization of IIR Filters
A Composite Physiological Model of the Inner Ear for Audio Coding
Perception of Temporal Decay of Low-frequency Room Modes
Psychoacoustic Cues in Room Size Perception
Proposed Changes to the Methods of Objective, Perceptual Based Evaluation of Compressed Speech and Audio Signals
DVD-Audio versus SACD: Perceptual Discrimination of Digital Audio Coding Formats
Signal Processing Techniques for Robust Multichannel Sound Equalisation
Equalization Methods with True Response using Discrete Filters
Direct Method with Random Optimization for Parametric IIR Audio Equalization - Applications to One Way and Multiway Systems
Performance Improvements for Audio Algorithms that Use Non-sequential Memory Accesses on Digital Signal Processors
Method for Estimating Magnitude and Phase in the MDCT Domain
The Harmonic Content of a Limit Cycle in a DSD Bitstream
Towards a Better Understanding of 1-Bit Sigma-Delta Modulators ? Part 4
Bit Expansion in Digital Loudspeakers with Oversampling and Noise Shaping
Geometrical Stiffness of Loudspeaker Cones
A Circuit Approach to Short Circuit Ring Design for High Power Woofers
On the Velocity Distribution at the Interface of Horn Driver and Horn
Determining Two-Port Parameters of Horn Drivers using only Electrical Measurements
Analysis and Minimization of Unwanted Resonances in Loudspeaker Systems via FEM Techniques
Adaptive Room Equalization in the Frequency Domain
Acoustic Reconstruction of Buildings in the Ancient City of Olympia
A Software Application for Estimation of Room Acoustic Behaviour by Multi Source Excitation
The Acoustics of Ancient Greek Odea
On the Acoustics of Old Berlin Studios for Film and Radio
MPEG-7-based Low-Level Descriptor Effectiveness in the Automatic Musical Sound Classification
Scale Degree Profiles from Audio Investigated with Machine Learning
Automatic Estimation of Reverberation Time
Performance Comparison of Graphic Equalisation and Active Loudspeaker Room Response Controls
Spatially Consistent Reproduction of the Reverberant Sound Field
The Beneficial Coupling of Cardioid Low Frequency Sources to the Acoustics of Small Rooms
Polar Pattern and Energy Response of Transients in Multi-way Loudspeakers
Near Field Beam Forming in Security Relevant Workspaces Using a Set of Linear Loudspeaker Arrays
A Multiple Regression Model for Predicting Loudspeaker Preference Using Objective Measurements: Part I - Listening Test Results
Coding Strategies and Quality Measure for Multichannel Audio
An Improvement in Sound Quality of LFE by Flattening Group Delay
High Spatial Resolution Multichannel Recording
Wave Field Synthesis: Mixing and Mastering Tools for Digital Audio Workstations
Generation of Highly Immersive Atmospheres for Wave Field Synthesis Reproduction
Efficient Active Listening Room Compensation for Wave Field Synthesis
Full-Duplex Systems for Sound Field Recording and Auralization Based on Wave Field Synthesis
Equalization of Wave Field Synthesis Systems
Effects of Jitter on AD/DA Conversion - Clock and Interface Jitter Specifications
Nonuniform Sampling Theory in Audio Signal Processing
Acoustic Positioning and Head Tracking Based on Binaural Signals
Feature Extractors for Music Information Retrieval: Noise Robustness
A System for Multitask Noisy Speech Enhancement
Automatic Extraction of Music Descriptors from Acoustic Signals Using EDS
An Improved Method of Noise Rejection
Close Talking Autodirective Dual Microphone
About A Digital RF-Condenser Microphone
Modern Acoustic and Electronic Design of Studio Condenser Microphones
Fiber-Coupled Optical Microphones
The History of the Tonmeister Recording Technique in Russia
Optimization of Microphone Setup for Symphonic Orchestra Recordings During Rehearsal
3D Audio Acquisition and Reproduction System using Multiple Microphones on a Rigid Sphere
BeatBank ? An MPEG-7 Compliant Query by Tapping System
A Query by Humming System using MPEG-7 Descriptors
Music Archive Metadata Processing Based on Flow Graphs
Nearest-neighbor Generic Sound Classification with a WordNet-based Taxonomy
Quality Adviser ? A Multichannel Audio Quality Expert System
Subjective Evaluation of Virtual Home Theatre Sound Systems for Loudspeakers and Headphones
Elicitation and Grading of Subjective Attributes of 2-Channel Phantom Images
Loudness Assessment of Music and Speech
Imperfections at Low Frequencies - How Much Are They Audible or Annoying?
New Intrusive Method for the Objective Quality Evaluation of Acoustic Noise Suppression in Mobile Communications
Respecting the Sound - From Aural Event to Ear Stimulus
A New Approach to Effective Dither in Delta-Sigma Modulation Systems
Ultra High-Resolution Audio Formats for Mastering Applications
Voided Space-Charge Electrets ? Piezoelectric Transducer Materials for Electro-Acoustic Applications
Wind & Weather
Frequency Domain Experiences in Loudspeaker?s Suspensions
Non-uniform Voice Coil Winding for Electrodynamic Loudspeaker
An Active Biquadratic Filter for Equalizing Overdamped Loudspeakers
Radiation of Enclosed Loudspeaker in a Large Baffle: Speaker Simulation Model
Practical Considerations for Integrating Switch Mode Audio Amplifiers and Loudspeakers for a Higher Power Efficiency
Sound Radiation from a Dual Microflim Piezoelectric Loudspeaker in Free Space
Sound Source Design in the Very Low Frequency Domain
Microphone Response in a Closed-Loop System
Space Characteristics of Directed Single Gradient Mircrophones
Performance Study of a Compact 2-Sensor Noise Cancelling System
Evaluation of Objective Loudness Meters
Simulation of the IEC 60711 Occluded Ear Simulator
High-Performance Wideband Ultrasonic 'Sell'-Transducer
Enhancements for Loose Particle Detection in Loudspeakers
Merging Room-Acoustic and Electro-Acoustic Measurement Methods
Efficient Intraframe Coding of Monophonic Audio
Finite-Difference Time-Domain Acoustic Analysis of Fibrous Sound-Absorbing Materials
Reverberation Control in an Auditorium using Loudspeaker Array
Room Acoustics and Equalisation of Speaker Systems for Multipurpose Theatres
Implementation of a Non-Linear Room Impulse Response Estimation Algorithm
Influence of Ray Angle of Incidence and Complex Reflection Factor on Acoustical Simulation Results
Optimal Bit Allocation Strategy for Perceptual Audio Coders Employing Uniform Quantization Schemes
Embedded Speech Codec Based on Speex
A Memory and Computationally Efficient Synthesis Sub-band Filter for MPEG Audio Decoding
Transient Detection for Transform Domain Coders
Signal-adaptive Parametric Modelling for High Quality Low Bit Rate Audio Coding
Decoder Based Approach to Enhance Low Bit Rate Audio
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