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A Selective Sound Receiving Microphone System Using Blind Source Separation
Reducing Relative Inherent Noise of Commercial Condenser Microphones for Adaptation to Specific Applications
Distance Perception Based on the Spectra of the Spoken Voice
Proximity Effect Frequency Characteristics of Directional Microphones
On Developing a Vocalist Condenser Microphone
Experimenting MPEG-2 AAC Inter- and Intraframe Spectral Prediction Tools
Synthetic Audio Tools in MPEG-4 Standard
Real-Time Implementation of the MPEG-4 Low-Delay Advanced Audio Coding Algorithm (AAC-LD) on Motorola's DSP56300
Evaluating Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding for Mini Disc
A Bit-Allocation Scheme for an Embedded and Signal-Adaptive Audio Coder
Quantification of Subwoofer Requirements, Part I: Generation of Stimuli and Listening System Equalization
Multichannel Level Alignment, Part V: The Effects of Reproduction Level, Reproduction Room, Step Size, and Symmetry
Ergonomic Evaluation of Audio Components and Systems
Acoustics of Hearing Aids Employing Non-Linear Signal Filtering and Waveguide Modeling
The Audibility of Time-Shifted Signals with Constant Long-Term Spectral Content
Assessment of the Pertinence of Perceived Attributes for Listening Tests
Perceptual Transfer Function Measurement for Automotive Sound Systems
Measurement of Sound Scattering Properties of Diffusing Panels through the Wave Field Synthesis Approach
Active Control of Noise by Wave Field Synthesis
Simultaneous Measurement of Impulse Response and Distortion with a Swept-Sine Technique
Expert System for Hearing Aids Fitting
Diffusivity Properties of Distributed Mode Loudspeakers
A New Framework for Unified Analysis and Evaluation of Loudspeakers and Listening Rooms
Study and Comparison of Efficient Methods for 3-D Audio Spatialization Based on Linear Decomposition of HRTF Data
Practical Implementation of a Data-Based Wave Field Reproduction System
Implementation of an Auralization Scheme in a Digital Mixing Console Using Perceptual Parameters
Secure Delivery of Compressed Audio by Compatible Bitstream Scrambling
Audio Watermarking of MPEG-2 AAC Bit Streams
Direct Digital Processing of Super Audio CD Signals
Restructured Audio Encoder for Improved Computational Efficiency
Audio Coding Tools for Digital Television Distribution
Methods for Efficient Multiple Program Digital Audio Broadcasting
Loudspeaker Crossovers with Notched Responses
Symmetrical Loudspeaker Band-Pass Systems of Eighth Order with Passive Filter
Directivity and Distortion in Digital Transducer Array Loudspeaker
Distortion Analyzer-A New Tool for Assessing and Improving Electrodynamic Transducer
Current-Controlled Vented-Box Loudspeaker System with Motional Feedback
The Influence of Measurement Accuracy on the NARMAX Model of Dynamic Loudspeaker
Complete Thermal Protection of an Active Loudspeaker
A Reverberation Model for Multiple Scattering
Extraction of Physical and Expressive Parameters for Model-Based Sound Synthesis of the Classical Guitar
Automatic Classification of Musical Sounds
Global Musical Instrument Communication Standard (GMICS): An Integrated Digital Audio and Control Communication Specification for Instruments
The Investigation of Acoustical Characteristic of Russian Bells
AES-24 and MIDINet-A Comparative Study of Their Object Models and Implementations
3-D Reverberation Sound Rendering Based on Random Sound Field Statistics
Real-Time Streaming of Multichannel Audio Data over the Internet
Deployment of Internet Resources for Digital Audio Learning Courses
Identification of Discrete Volterra Series Solving for One Kernel at a Time
On the Nature of Digital Audio PWM Distortions
An Efficient Second-Order Dynamic Element Matching Technique for a 120-dB Multi-Bit Delta-Sigma DAC
Forecasting Sound Impulse Response Using Neural Network
Sound Compression/Interpolation by Granulation
Cancelling Acoustic Feedback with the A.L.M.I. Algorithm
An Educational Software to Evaluate RASTI
Accurate Electroacoustic Prediction Utilizing the Complex Frequency Response of Far-Field Polar Measurements
Prediction of Sound Pressure Fields of Loudspeaker Arrays from Loudspeaker Polar Data with Limited Angular and Frequency Resolution
Acoustical Conditions in Computerized Working Places-Situation, Requirements, and Proposals
Audibility of All-Pass Components in Head-Related Transfer Functions
The Interaural Time Difference in Binaural Synthesis
Direct Comparison of the Impact of Head Tracking, Reverberation, and Individualized Head-Related Transfer Functions on the Spatial Perception of a Virtual Speech Source
Head Tracker-Based Auralization Systems: Additional Consideration of Vertical Head Movements
The Placebo Method, A Comparison of In Situ Subjective Evaluation Methods for Vehicles
An Assessment of the Spatial Performance of Virtual Home Theatre Algorithms by Subjective and Objective Methods
Approximation Functions for Virtual Acoustic Modelling
In Search of the Spatial Dimensions of Reproduced Sound: Verbal Protocol Analysis and Cluster Analysis of Scaled Verbal Descriptors
Sound Lab: A Real-Time, Software-Based System for the Study of Spatial Hearing
Room Acoustics and Sound System Design of a Prototype Teaching Room with Videoconferencing Facilities
Acoustical Adaptation of a Closed Amphitheater Designated for 3-D Sound Reproduction
The Audio and Video Systems for the Casino of Portorose, Slovenia
Sound Localization in a Videoconferencing System Based on Wave Field Synthesis
Introducing the Surface Diffusion and Edge Scattering in a Pyramid Tracing Numerical Model for Room Acoustics
Sound Power Radiated by Sources in Diffuse Field
Spatial Fluctuations of Spaciousness Measures in Auditoria
The Largest Musical Studio in Russia
New Approach to Design Control Rooms and Studios
The Application of Psychoacoustic Criteria to the Restoration of Musical Recordings
Perceiving Low Pitch through Small Loudspeakers
An Improved Balanced, Floating Output Driver IC
Quality Audio Circuits-The Limitations of the Usual Design Methods
An Integrated Multichannel Audio Coding System for Digital Television Distribution and Emission
Enhanced Multi-Channel PCM/Dolby Pro Logic Decoder System Using the Motorola Symphony DSP
Multichannel Natural Recording Based on Psychoacoustic Principles
Multichannel Microphone Array Design
Multi-Channel Coding with HRTF Enhancement for DVD-A and Virtual Sound Systems
Loudspeaker Spider Linearity
A Comparison of Multifunction Device Designs
Amplitude and Phase Synthesis of Loudspeaker Systems
Finite-Element Analysis in the Design of High-Quality Loudspeakers
Diffuse-Field Radiators in Automotive Sound System Design
Distributed Mode Loudspeaker Radiation Mechanisms
On the Applicability of Distributed Mode Loudspeaker Panels for Wave Field Synthesis-Based Sound Reproduction
Towards the Transient Modelling of Loudspeaker Diaphragm/Surround Boundaries
Music-Based Coefficients for Wavelet Transform: A Contribution to Musical Signals Analysis
Localization of Reflections in Auditoriums Using Time Delay Estimation
A Flexible Architecture for Real-Time Sound Synthesis and Digital Signal Processing
Study of Equalization Algorithms on a Fixed-Point DSP: Impact on Audible Quality, Headroom, and SNR
Frequency-Warped Signal Processing for Audio Applications
Design and Evaluation of Digital Filters Applied to Loudspeaker/Room Equalization
PC-Based Equalizer with Variable Gain and Delay in 31 Frequency Bands
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