SDA Officers

Marija Kovacina

SDA Chair - Europe & International

Born in 1991 in Belgrade, Serbia, Marija found herself comfortably in music from a young age, beginning with violin as a small child. In addition to the violin, she plays trombone, piano and bass guitar and has definite plans to expand her skills to more instruments.

For high school Marija attended two schools, studying music theory and sound design. It was during this time that she realized her rightful place was in the music studio. Since her early teens she has spent her days and nights in studios, first entering the field and learning. In recent years she has been involved in many projects in and out of the studio.

She is credited on several releases as a recording and mixing engineer. She has also composed and produced music for contemporary theatre, which she has found very inspiring and intends to continue with such projects.

Currently, she is a second year student of audio and video technology at the Advanced School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences in Belgrade. In 2011 she was elected chair of the Serbian student AES section and managed to successfully revive it when it was almost defunct.

In her spare time she plays in a Belgrade rock band called Went, sings in a choir and does analogue photography.

Andrea Pepper

SDA Chair - North & Latin America 

Andrea is a recent graduate of Webster University in St. Louis, MO


Simon-Claudius Wystrach

SDA Vice Chair - Europe & International

Simon-Claudius Wystrach was born in Germany in 1990. Although he had his first musical experiences taking violin lessons at a young age he became more serious about this hobby at the age of 15 when he picked up the bass guitar, later expanding his musical abilities to guitar and drums. Simon-Claudius discovered his passion for recording music when he was 17 and began building up a home recording studio. Being a self-taught audio engineer and producer, he recorded numerous local bands, mixed live concerts and worked as a general consultant for music technology.

An interest in developing his skills led Simon-Claudius to the UK in 2010 where he studied ‘Music Technology’ in the Department of Electronics at the University of York. In 2012 he was elected Vice Chair of his university’s AES Student Section. Shortly after finishing his Bachelor of Science degree in June 2013, Simon-Claudius was hired by Revolution Software as the Audio Director for the development of their new multi-platform video game ‘Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse’.

Simon-Claudius has a wide range of professional and research interests, including programming and software design, human-computer interaction, sound design for music and visual media, sound synthesis and of course music production. Outside of his musical career, he enjoys photography and graphic design.


Steven Van Dyne

SDA Vice Chair - North & Latin America

Steven Van Dyne is a Junior at Ohio University's Media Arts & Studies school with a focus in Audio Production. He developed a heavy interest in music and audio in high school. During that time he played guitar with several bands in his town's struggling music scene, took over sound reinforcement at his high school's auditorium, tinkered non-stop with guitar and stereo gear, and began recording his own music. He quickly found that he could focus that passion into a career, and since then has committed to it. 

Just before enrolling at Ohio University, he invested in the beginnings of a mobile recording studio. He started by recording friends, and since then has built up and created a 16 channel mobile rig, with which he regularly produces music for local Ohio talent. He also frequently does location audio, audio post-production and sound design for Ohio filmmakers and OU students. This has given him the opportunity to travel across the US, and even internationally to Malaysia on one occasion for production. 

Steven is also driven to help his fellow students better themselves in their audio careers, and often invites underclassmen to assist him on his own projects. Giving what resources and help he can to his audio peers is an important goal in his life. 

Besides doing audio work, Steven also enjoys his dogs, cooking, playing in his ska-punk band, and Sci-Fi, medieval era, and zombie movies.


Former Officers

Colin Pfund

2013 SDA Chair-North & Latin America


2012 SDA Vice Chair-North & Latin America


Philip Waldenberger

2013 SDA Chair - Europe & International

2011 SDA Vice Chair - Europe & International

Ezequiel Morfi

2012 SDA Chair - North & Latin America
2011 SDA Vice Chair - North & Latin America

Magdalena Plewa

2012 SDA Chair - Europe & International
2011 SDA Vice Chair - Europe & International

Philip Parenteau

2011 SDA Chair - North & Latin America
2010 SDA Vice Chair - North & Latin America

Daniel Deboy

2011 SDA Chair - Europe & International

Veit Winkler

2010 SDA Vice Chair - Europe & International

Mei Ling Loo

2010 SDA Chair - North & Latin America
2009 SDA Vice Chair - North & Latin America

Miroslav Jakovljevic

2010 SDA Chair - Europe & International
2009 SDA Vice Chair - Europe & International


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