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Justin Chervony

SDA Chair - North & Latin America

Justin Chervony is the newly appoint Production Engineer and Lecturer at the University of Miami. He recent completed his Masters in Sound Recording from McGill University with his background heavily emphasizing studio and location recording, editing, and mixing, immersive audio, teaching, and further back - performance on the tuba and music education.

He began working in audio and experiencing AES while at Ithaca College. Being a part of their chapter and program, while additionally teaching beginner Sound Recording classes during Ithaca College's Summer Music Academy, provided a meaningful and rewarding foundation in audio. While doing this, he also helped run two regional tuba/euphonium conferences while at Ithaca College which gave him valuable understanding in coordination and communication. These experiences spurred Justin to want to give back to the audio community in any way he could.

Justin enjoys traveling for projects and trying his best to not stare at a computer screen, but has a secret love for editing work. When he has a chance to get away, he likes to read, go hiking or skiing, and stargaze.




Bartłomiej Chojnacki

SDA Chair - Europe & International Regions

BartekBartlomiej Chojnacki is a PhD student  in Acoustics at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland. He recieved bachelor's of science degree in Acoustic engineering in 2017 and master's in on Noise and Vibration Engineering , leading both scientific and industrial career in many student and professional organisations. 

AES Member since 2014. Active member of student societies, awarded three times with awards on Student Design Competitions (Silver in Paris 2016, silver in New York 2017, gold in Milan 2018). Localy member of Scientific Clubs, organizes scientific conferences and professional meetings in whole country with different range. Author of over 20 scientific publications, including 4 from the AES library. From 2017 he is a Sectretary of the Central Board in AES Polish Section.

Professionaly working in music industry for two years as an Acoustic Designer and Operational Director of Mega-Acoustic company, Polish producer of the room acoustic treatment products, develop his skills in working with people, managment and administrations. Former Audio Research Intern in Facebook Reality Labs, Redmond, WA.




Alex Dempsey

SDA Vice-Chair - North & Latin America

Alex Dempsey is from Wantagh, New York where his musical journey began. Starting his musical career as a drummer and guitarist, he spent a lot of his early life taking lessons and training to be a musician before getting involved with audio. After getting invited to attend a recording session at Five Towns College with the professor of Audio Recording Technology, his pursuit of becoming an audio professional began. 

During his time at Ithaca College, Alex's professors and classmates inspired him to work hard and to expand his knowledge. The Audio Engineering Society chapter at Ithaca College exposed him to more opportunities to grow his knowledge. As an engineer at the Aspen Summer Music Festival and school, Alex got valuable exposure to working with engineers from all over the country with many different backgrounds and skills. From all of the generous mentoring he recieved, Alex wants to work with others and give back to the community that he loves.

Whenever he is not doing audio work, Alex enjoys working out, watching movies and hanging out with friends. 






Kamila Pietrusińska

SDA Vice-Chair - Europe & International Regions


Kamila Pietrusińska is a first  year Electronics and Telecomunication student at Gdansk University of Technology. Her specialisation is audio and video engineering. She recieved her BSc degree in 2019 and  holds position of the chair of AES Student Section in Gdansk.

The activities undertaken within AES student section has helped her to develop her skills in audio recording. They were reason for her to get incolved into the new part of the music industry which is sound for visual media. It became a major part of her BSc Thesis which was aimed at creating a base of sound effects and showing its potential by using it for creation of a sound for an animation.

Trying to develop her passion and constantly improve her audio engineer skills she is enganing in audiovisual projects and internships at local radio stations. What is more she is very intrested in the technical and more scientific aspects of audio and that is why she is a part of a various research teams.

Besides audio-related work Kamila is passionete about dogs and films, she also likes to come back to her first audio-related passion which was playing piano.




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